Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Kult Pulp productions,Belfast

So tomorrow night 6.30 at the grand Opera House there is the opening of
LOVE,PASSION and REVOLUTION the exhibition of Art and film Curated by Liam de Frinse
those of you that attend will not be dissapointed by the interesting things that have been going on . They promise a few different things other that your usual Art opening but I cant tell you much because it's all under raps..............................................................................but you have to think that LOVE PASSION and REVOLUTION are very emotive subjects. The film will be showen in the Baby grand and was done at a secret location in Belfast and all I can say is Gravity and liquidity is very important.......................................................................................maybe see you there..............................................xxx

Who is in the KULT I cannot say ;-) and by the way it's not an April fool.;-)

The last couple of days in Belfast

It's interesting to think about what happens over a couple of days in Belfast. Yesterday I was at the launch of the consumer council report on Insurance at Stormont. No surprise here about the fact that NI are paying upteen £ more for every different type of insurance that is possible and the big answer was SHOP around for every different type of insurance there is. Dont just take it as read that your policy that you have been updating is good for another year. Shop around , shop around. When will people in NI realise that they have to take an active part in their existence to get themselves a better deal?
Then today i was at the design conference. Wayne Hemmingway and Sebastian Conran were excellent. I was particularly inspired by Wayne Hemmingway as he used to have a stall in Kensington Market in London off Kensington High street where I used to sell my clothes and jewellery. I asked the question did he have "any advice for the artistic community of Northern Ireland who have international standard talent but because NI has 1.7 million people and a very specific mentality that doesn't appreciate this talent " what should they do and he said that in Stockport where he lives he found that lots of the young people are leaving to go to London because they don't supply the kind of "Arty things that they are looking for to help them stay so got together a creative consultation body of about 300 creative people that are consulted on for all things that are relevant for them "ie 75% of all the council decisions" This has enabled them to make decisions that have helped put things in place that have encouraged people to stay. When I asked the questions there was a big moan in the room- when I spoke of the mentality and he siad " hold on it's very important , if your creative people are not happy to stay here they will leave and you need them around for the next stage of the economic cycle because things are getting tough" So there is a lession in there somewhere lot's of opportunities out there you just have to grab them.
Conran was excellent , what was depressing was the local examples, devised by people who have had to comprimise because of the mentality here. Oh there I go again..................ho hum.
So what about the rest of the week and what about something I taked about a while ago about how people get exhibition opportunities in Northern Ireland. Well let me tell you a story...................................................................................................................the first one I'll tell is of an artist I know who was offered an exhibition when she was just out of college by a very well know gallery in Belfast if she slept with the owner. Now she did'nt do it and left the provience but she has always been aware of the other female artists who have had exhibitions there??? it's all very sad really.............;-( YUK! but more on that another time. I hope those of you that went to gorilla girls took down lots of information....................because you know what it's still needed.

Monday, 30 March 2009

burnt cars but life as usual

So a few burnt cars around Belfast for some co ordinated stuff to get on the TV but life goes on as normal. So frustrating for all of those people in NI who are working at getting the provience back on its feet for things life this to happen..................................but you know what life goes on I still had my tea this evening. Well I suppose we are back in the TV again....................ho hum, ho hum.

Mobile Monday Belfast 6 April

For all you techies out there........................

Dear MobileMonday follower,
We invite you to the “Mobile User Experience” event organised by MobileMonday Belfast on Monday 6 April 2009 from 5:15pm.
User experience: to date, the mobile industry has typically employed it to describe the graphical user interface (UI) of an application or device. However, despite the increasing frequency with which it is cited by the mobile business, user experience is something rather more complex than the way a product looks (more…).

On 18 March the MEX (Mobile User Experience Forum) held a 1-day competition on Twitter challenging industry pioneers to come up with the best definition of ‘mobile user experience’ => The selected entry was: “Mobile user experience: Encompasses every interaction and emotion a person has with their mobile device in their daily lives.” At this latest MoMo Belfast event, you will hear what Mozilla Mobile (Christian Sejersen) and Dublin-based Cibenix (Andrew Robertson) do about this very current topic.
Thanks to our sponsor Invest NI, this event is free to attend, but you must register here today to secure your seat.New Venue! Meet us at the Invest NI Building downstairs at reception at 2 Bedford Square, BT2 7ES (across from the renovated Ulster Hall); Off-street car parking available in adjacent streets.

Please tell your business contacts to come along too and register!
Colm Hayden & Norbert Sagnard
CTO, Anaeko & Managing Consultant, Sagnard Marketing Associates
Co-founders of MobileMonday Belfast

where is your tax going?

On the 17th February 2009 Social Development Minister, Margaret Ritchie announced a multi-million pound funding package for Neighbourhood Renewal projects in some of Northern Ireland’s most disadvantaged communities.“I believe our communities, particularly our most disadvantaged communities, deserve the best possible services to address the inequalities they face. Even in the current recession, it is no longer good enough to talk about protecting jobs in the community and voluntary sector. My focus is squarely on service delivery; people working in community and voluntary organisations need to demonstrate that they also have that sense of purpose.”The Minister concluded: “The approach I am leading is joined up government at the community level and I will be doing all that I can to ensure that every Department and Agency measures up to the challenge.”The ‘Neighbourhood Renewal’ experience has been extremely challenging in respect to delivering change at a local area level. The need for inter-departmental co-operation has resulted in a long drawn out developmental period which appears to be ‘process intense’ as opposed to ‘action focused’. The experience in Northern Ireland is similar to experiences elsewhere in the United Kingdom. This one day conference will help to explore the problems and opportunities associated with delivering neighbourhood area change, to learn from others in respect to different approaches and to begin discussions around what ‘Community Planning’ might look like, if and when local authorities are provided with ‘lead responsibility’Minister Sammy Wilson, Department of the Environment welcomed the conference and its timing. “My department has been working with our local government partners to help ensure a smooth transition of powers and budgets as envisaged under RPA. One critical role which the 11 new local authorities will play will be to produce community plans for each area defining local need and local solutions. This approach requires the full support of government and ultimately will only produce results when government departments, local government and local communities are working together, off the same strategic framework.”The conference format is based upon input from experts and practitioners alike from Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and the Republic of Ireland. Each will bring their own unique understanding of the problems to be addressed and how best to meet local need. Minister Margaret Ritchie, Department for Social Development and Minister Sammy Wilson, Department of Environment will address the Conference on the future of neighbourhood renewal and community planning.
WHO SHOULD ATTENDThe conference is essential for those in the public sector with service delivery responsibilities, local government officials and members who will be taking on ‘Community Planning’ responsibilities under current Review of Public Administration proposals, and key voluntary and community sector organisations with a role in ensuring local needs are met.
HOW TO REGISTERPlease log on to our website at www.cesi.org.uk for full information on how to book on to attend this Conference.


Respect is holding a 2 day conference (31st of March and 1st of April) exploring men’s involvement in children’s lives, child contact and domestic violence. This event aims to bring together a wide range of perspectives, create dialogue and new thinking on promoting responsible fathering and improving outcomes for children.
Speakers include:
Dr Oliver Williams - Director of the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, University of Minnesota
Johnny Rice II - Baltimore, USA - Responsible Fathering Programme
Lisa Nitsch - House of Ruth, Baltimore, USA Domestic Violence Prevention Programme
Anthony Douglas - CEO, Cafcass
Bea Campbell – Journalist
David Bartlet, Fatherhood Institute
To book www.respect.uk.net

quote of the day

As long as you have a cloistered mind and live and think according to social consciousness, you will never venture into the unknown or contemplate the possibility of greater realities for fear that it will mean change.

And certainly it will, because there will be more to see, to understand,and to be part of,than there was before in a tidy world that lives and dies. As long as you accept only those limited thoughts that have been bred into you, you will never activate greater portions of your brain to recieve and expereince any thought other than what you have faced every day of your existance.


Friday, 27 March 2009

Built in Belfast exhibition

Titanic: Designed and As part of the Titanic Made in Belfast Festival (11 - 19 April), the Titanic:

Designed and Built in Belfast exhibition will be on display at W5, Odyssey from Saturday 14 March - Sunday 19 April. The exhibition is open daily 10am - 6pm (Sundays 12 - 6pm).

really good opportunity for a couple of people in NI.


Kult Pult Productions

I was allowed into Kult Pulp productions planning meeting for next week you will never guess what they are doing for 1 April in the Grand Opera House.........................?? details next week

Late night Art next week

Don't forget it for Thursday.


FREE tickets

Sounds Classical Live - A BBC Invitation Concert
Wednesday 29 April, Ulster Hall

We'd love to welcome you along to Sounds Classical Live - A BBC Invitation Concert, recording at the newly opened Ulster Hall. Marie-Louise Muir hosts a live orchestral spectacular. The best-loved classical pieces are performed by the Ulster Orchestra on the stage of the gleaming new Ulster Hall. With renowned conductor Proinnsías Ó Duinn and tunes by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Handel and others, this is an unmissable concert for listeners to BBC Radio Ulster's weekly classical music show. Programme includes: Copland: Fanfare for The Common ManTchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers, from The NutcrackerGrieg: Peer Gynt SuiteElgar: Salut D'AmourMendelssohn: Wedding MarchPachelbel: CanonSibelius: FinlandiaHandel arranged by Hamilton Harty: Music for the Royal FireworksMozart: Eine Kleine NachtmusikSchubert: Unfinished SymphonyStrauss: Blue Danube Waltz Recording on Wednesday 29 April at the Ulster Hall, Adelaide Exchange, 24-26 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GD. Doors open: 7.00pmConcert starts: 7.45pm To apply for tickets, call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227* or visit the BBC Tickets website. We look forward to seeing you in our audience very soon.
Kind regards
BBC Studio Audienceswww.bbc.co.uk/tickets

PLace on the web

PLACE on the Web

PLACE Homepage

Visit our blog for regular updates on architecture and built environment issues for NI and further afield.

Join our Facebook Group!

One year on

Today I have been writing my blog for exactly one year . Wierd how life changes ! in that period of time. I was preparing for my trip to China. I was thinking back to why I started the blog and really it was because

  • I felt that people did not understand the different things I was envolved in.

  • I have been involved in so many different things I get access to lots of different information . Information that other people could benifit from if only they knew about it.

  • I was noticing and observing things that were going on in Northern Ireland that I didnt see commented on in the mainstream media.

  • I get inspired by different things that make me think, quotes etc

  • When I was running my development programmes people always changed for the better around me because I was encouraged them to be themselves and seek their own answers to the insurmountable isssues they seemed to be dealing with.

  • There are lots of interesting things to do and see in NI but for some reason alot of people are on a downer about living here.

  • I just wanted to share observations and I suppose a sense of hope ;-)

I think it's interesting how things have changed in a year and I suppose thats good in many ways but a little bit scarry in others. I was going to China when the West was making it rich from buying cheap goods from it. One year on the economy of many countries is collapsing some parts of China are in turmoil because the West have falled to pay for goods ordered, make etc. Why? because we are expereincing a shift in the economy. Why are we experiencing a shift in the economy ? Was it really sustainable to take, take ,take from mother earth. Plunder her for profit and spuew out the left overs and cry everything is well because I bought a new pair of earrings/jumper/coat/banana/ whatever it takes to give you that comsumerism fix. Why do you need that fix? what is lacking in your life that cheering you up by buying more "stuff" more " stuff" do we really need more stuff? It's something I've been thinking about alot lately. I always try to consider everthing I am buying where it comes from? who is making money out of it? has it been traded fairly? Do you really need it?

I try to live a considered life, it's not always easy. Sometimes the restrictions I impose on myself do my head in but you sort of get in the hang of it. I was telling a group of women the other day that in China there is a one child policy. Although not in the rural areas- they were shocked and confused how could someone do such a thing? I explained about population control we simple do not have enough resourses in the world to sustain the type of lifestyles we in the west have become accustomed to. Not for the whole world. So maybe that is part of the global readjustment that is going on. A really wierd thing occured to be last night. Do you remember when I was going to life drawing classes? from September? well I was taking out some of the drawings and taking a look. I was showing them to me sister who is an Artist and she said they were very Chinese looking , strange how I had not noticed it. The other thing was that there were drips everywhere. So this might be a little far fetched but going back to previous concepts of drips, well do they represent the dripping away of China? Of their "order" as they had it.

There certainly seems to be something going on and I think we are going to see more of it over the next two to three years. In the meantime do we just try and live by the same old habits or try and think differently?? Himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm me thinks we are going to have to think differently to get over this next few years. Do you think it's overdue? Yes, actually I do.

I really do, I keep hearing about redundancys ! how about everyone in the company takes a 20% pay cut instead just to keep everyone in the food chain ?Be a bit more benovelent toward each other. Anyway. Life is certainly interesting that's for sure. So how is your,

Mind,body and spirit today?

Mind 10

Body 8 ( still got a soar throat)

Spirit 10 (despite everything it feels good to be alive)

Have a good weekend dont forget Botanic Art fair tomorrow and http://www.belfastfilmfestival.org/ and St Georges market and and and and be considerate in your purchases if you make any............................and dont forget next week it's LOVE, PASSION and REVOLUTION. Cool. ........three of my favourite things.

Fiona Joyce until 25 March

If you have not already seen it dont forget about calling in.....................


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thursday night opening 6pm and Friday Talk

By Donovan Wylie
27 March – 2 May 2009
In conversation: Donovan Wylie and John Burke - 26 March, 6pm

Exhibition opening 26 March, 7-9 pm
Following his widely acclaimed 2004 photo essay The Maze, Magnum photographer Donovan Wylie was the only photographer granted official and unlimited access to the Maze/Long Kesh prison site during its demolition. Executed over 2 years and counting, with the demolition dates being continually changed, Wylie’s new work focuses on the empty landscape that surfaces in the aftermath of the demolition process, showing how this once-enclosed space is eventually reintegrated with the outside world. The exhibition combines photographs and film footage of the prison complex, including helicopter shots, which fully appreciate the architectural destruction of the massive compound whilst at the same time reflecting on the destruction of the prison system.

Artist’s talk and book launch, Fri 27 March 12pm Free event
Join artist Donovan Wylie on an informal talk, with insights on the making and critical positioning of the work. Followed by launch & signing of Wylie’s new publications Maze and Scrapbook.

At Belfast exposed.

Belfast film festival starts

Don't forget www.belfastfilmfestival.org lots of interesting things to see.

creative clusters open for registration

Creative Clusters SummerSchool: 6-9th July 2009 Open for registration Entrepreneurship, Workspace and the Local Creative Economy

Guerilla Girls in Belfast, Portadown, Dublin, Klkenny


all Ireland Guerilla girls tour

31 March Belfast York street 1-2pm
31 March Portadown MCAC 7-8-30pm
1 April Glucksman gallery Cork
2 April national College of Art and design Dublin
3 April Butler gallery, Kilkenny castle

limited numbers so you need to RSVP.......if you dont know who they are you need to have a look. They were hitting NewYork when I was over there and you know what the same concept still holds true.

quote of the day

a thing is complete when you can let it be.
Gita Bellin

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Botanic Art festival Belfast

This Saturday 28th March 11-6 www.botanicartfestival.org

music, art what more could you want for??????

Whats really going on inGaza?

Trocaire the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland,
In association with The School of Law at Queens University Belfast
Cordially invites you to

Trócaire’s 2009 Annual Lecture will be presented by John Ging, Head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza on the theme of:

“The Responsibility to Protect Civilians in Times of Conflict – What can we do?”

In Belfast Wednesday 25 th March 1-2pm Elmwood Teaching & Learning Centre, Queen’s University (Pre-reception @ 12 noon in the lobby of the Institute of Governance, QUB)
Chaired By Seamus McKee (BBC)

With contributions from Dr Jean Allain (The School of Law at Queens University Belfast), Susan McKay (Freelance Journalist), Eithne McNulty (Trocaire)

RSVP to Emma Steele esteele@trocaire.ie TEL: 028 9080 8030


You will know John Ging from TV and Radio. He was very vocal as the UN Rep on the Ground in Gaza during the recent violence there. John is renowned for speaking his mind and for being totally dedicated to the people he is tasked to help.

He is from Co. Loaise and is director of the UN Relief and Works Agency in the Gaza Strip. He manages a humanitarian programme for one million people valued at more that £363 million and a staff of 10,000.He started his career in the Irish Defence Forces in 1983 and has served in Kosovo, Rwanda and Lebanon.The Panellists are also interesting. Susan McKay for example, has written extensively about the NI Troubles and has recently been overseas on Behalf of Trocarie visiting refugees on the Thai Burmese Border.........................................

Lough lively

Lough lively

Lots of events and happenings around Strangford Lough late April-May watch this space for further details, after all you know that fresh air is good for you.............................................

Mobile Monday Belfast

So for those of you that attended last night and for those of you that did'nt Mobile Monday got the Wow factor for me . It's really quite amazing what is going with technology these days. There is a company in Derry that has devised a CCTV application that you can download onto you I phone and look through various CCTV cameras so big brother could be really watching you. A GAA application developed by a guy who has standing at the side of a pitch collecting GAA statistics at the same time working as a softwear developer thinking -there must be a better way to do this. Hay presto! GAA tech. A way of collecting all your stats and publishing a report on the game afterwards.

It still got me thinking about mobile Art what would an artist do with the technology if they had the technology back up??? Digital circle were announcing a number of things that were going to come up and that not enough people were focusing for a design point of view on the mobile interface. Ie everyone does websites but who is focusing on the mobile as a design tool??? www.mobilemondaybelfast.org for up dates.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Watford gap?

Do you know anyone in Watford apart for the gap?

Discovering Music: Mendelssohn
23 April, the Colosseum, Watford

We'd love to welcome you along to a special evening surrounding the music and life of Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn's music contains some of the most well known tunes in classical music, and the Italian Symphony and overture to Die Erste Walpurgisnacht are no exception. Inspired by sunny skies, beautiful scenery and rich cultural life Mendelssohn experienced on his travels, the 'Italian' symphony is a whirlwind tour through religious processions and classic Italian dance figurations. Discover more with Discovering Music. Featuring:Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 in A Major, 'Italian'Mendelssohn Die Erste Walpurgisnacht - OvertureCharles Hazlewood conductor Recording on Thursday 23 April at the Colosseum, Watford. Doors open at 6.30pm. To apply for tickets, call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227* or visit the BBC Tickets website

Do you care?

How do you feel about the EU Israel trade agreement?
They're looking for 25,000 signatures by 31 March. Petition can be found at :


Earth hour approaches

A global call to turn of your electricity for one hour ,
do we really need to use as much electricity ?


Banbridge Enterprise Centre has a number of IT and Photography courses starting this week. All courses are being held at Banbridge Enterprise Centre, Scarva Road Industrial Estate, Banbridge. Classes are suitable for individuals, groups and businesses.
Contact Rhonda on 028 40662260 for further information.
Click on http://groups.google.com/group/pathclearing/web/courses-starting-this-week-at-banbridge-enterprise-centre

Tonight at Peter Frogatt centre Queens

Still a few places left for the mobile Monday Belfast

Mobile Apt "you show me your apt and I'll show you mine" demos.

If your not sure what a mobile Apt is it's the cool things that your i phone or mobile phones do that you can download from the i phone website http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/and maybe soon lots of other places.

At Mobile world congress Barcelona they were saying it's going to revolutionise the way we get creativity on our mobile phones because you will not longer have to go through a mobile phone operator to get one. Just up load it on your phone from the iPhone Apt site.

If you want to start getting your head around it http://www.mobilemondaybelfast.apt/ register before 3 and we will see you there tonight. We have an number of artists registering but we would love more as it's so cool.................................is'nt Northern Ireland Interesting.



Catalist Arts fundraiser www.catalystarts.org.uk

Ballymena hay!

Title: Increase Profit through Customer Care
Date: 26th March 2009
Venue: Leighinmohr Hotel, Ballymena
Time: 7pm - 8pm followed by light supper
Speaker: Neil Holland, Firmus Energy
Sponsors: Ballymena Borough Council, Firmus Energy
Supporters: Invest Northern Ireland
Web: www.womenonthemove.org.uk.
Email: joanne@womenonthemove.org.uk

Neighbourhood renewal and community planning

Maybe you might be interested? or know of someone who is?

Margarte Richie on Neighbourhood renewal and community planning conferance.
HOW TO REGISTER Please log on to the website at www.cesi.org.uk for full information on how to book on to attend this Conference.

beautuful day yesterday

Was'nt it beautiful yesterday? a bit windy today but still nice to see the sun shining for mothers day. I hope you showed her your appreciation.I called in at the Art yard in Castleward and had a lovely walk to see spring in all her glory.

With watching no TV and listening to no radio you become more and more aware of the seasonal changes going on about us. I noticed on my walk and you can see it in the photo below that there is a little bit of flooding happening, that was never there a few years ago. Are the tides turning? is the sea level rising ??

So Ireland won the rugby and it is all Ireland not North or South but all. Strange how sport is politicised. But hay it would not be Ireland if it was'nt. Hope you all have a good week and remember it's good to live in Northern Ireland. Honestly but we could do with a few more people who think differently to join us? any takers?

Castleward textures

Beautuful day yesterday

Strangford walk

quote of the day

The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the now.

Gita Bellin

Saturday, 21 March 2009

B4B Dundalk

Book Your Place For The BIGGEST B4B Event Ever!
Crowne Plaza Dundalk - Wednesday 8th April 10.00 - 15.30
Don't forget B4B members can bring a pop-up to promote their business. Just email Kellie at kellie.shields@beanstalk-events.com
If you don't have a pop-up - Sign and Print Solutions are kindly offering B4B members a 15% discount - just contact Jancie on 07727256141
Padraig O'Ceidigh, founder and CEO of Aer Aran will be telling his story of success
Speed Networking - where you will be guaranteed to meet new faces
Your choice of seminar topics
A chance to put questions to a panel of experts
All this for only £20
Click here to book your place!

quote of the day

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses you understanding.

Kahlil Gibran
The prophet.

Violence against women and girls online survey

Complete the following online survey on what should be done to end violence against women and girls - http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/keepwomensafe/survey/
The Consultation Document - 'Together We can End Violence Against Women and Girls' - is available - http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/documents/cons-2009-vaw/
Further details about where the Home Office and the VAW Bus will be going is available here - http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/documents/violence-against-women-bua

Why go to Art college part 2

The thing about going to Art college is as I said before it gives you an opportunity to explore yourself, now you might fail miserably at that but at least you get the opportunity. I had a great time there and left with a 1st class hons in Textiles and Fashion. I was the only one in my year to get it and that was quite an interesting experience because you are never quite sure of how you are going to do. I remember going into the bank manager the week before graduating asking for an extension of my overdraft but he wasn't very forth coming. I went back after getting my result and he was falling over backwards to accommodate me, "are you sure that's enough"he said.

In my mind I was just thinking, if you think that because I got a first it means I will actually be able to make a living from Art your nuts. The thing I think they don't tell you at college is that, really you are in a bubble, a hot house bubble with rareified air that will help you grow and develop. Once you leave you breath the same air as everyone else and that's not always conjucive to artistic expression. Or at least making a living out of artistic expression.................because in reality no one really cares that you have this talent, not really they oh and ah over it but does that help you survive in the real world?

Hard really because all you want to do at least all I wanted to do was do my own work because it's fantastic, it's frustrating and interesting and better than any feeling you can get anywhere...............it's a kind of relationship you build up with your soul that needs nurtured all the time. You build up this interest in yourself and it's hard to let that go. The difficulty is working out how to function in the real world. Not easy.

I remember meeting an Art collage tutor about six months after graduating and I was asking him what he was up to. He said the most difficult part of leaving Art college is the first 2 years when you are getting over the shock of being in the real world. I did'nt know what he meant at the time but the realisation slowly dawned on me and it's something I always tell people when they just graduate. It's a shock to your system the real world does'nt want you not really. They think your mad.......................................but more on that another time.

quote of the day

Seek always for the answer within.
Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words.

Eileen Caddy

There are a few people out there at the moment that could do with thinking about this.

Belfast textures 2

yesterday in belfast

Belfast textures 1

Yesterdays textures in Belfast

Spring fair Holywood

The Rudolp Stiener school in Holywood are having their spring fair Sat today 11-4.30 love the concept. There is a big banner up if you dont know where it is......................

Did you wake up with the birds this morning? 5 o clock for the dawn chorus thats the thing about the Spring equinox everything starts to get brighter and lighter you can see the change in the weather in the Northern hemipshere. Misty up in Belfast but in a nice way. Fresh. Have you been out in the garden yet? Have you organised what you are doing for mothers day? She's important you know....................you would'nt be here if she did'nt exist.

Diary date for May

The 10th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival programme will launch on Friday 1st May at noon in the Black Box.

This years Festival will take place from Thurs 30th April – Sun 10th May, check out http://www.cqaf.com/ for further details.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Invite for 3 April


series of new etching by Ivan Armstrong

Opening Friday 3rd @ 8pm
exhbition continues until 29th April.

The higher bridges gallery www.fermangh.gov.uk

Ivan reconnected to printing a couple of years ago after leaving the Arts council he has an obcession with viscocity etching. I remember the day he said, can you not get any colour in these etchings and so the frustration and discoverery unfolded.

quote of the day

Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


someone sent me that and I thought it was lovely..................;-) dont forget about mothers day.

call for artwork

www.angryartworks.com love the title

got the details on www.variant.org.uk

fancy a flutter?

Have you ever been to Downapatrick races? quite an experience I think it's the only race course in Ireland with a farm in the middle of it so you can not see the horses all the way around the track as they dip behind the hill. Great fun for a bit of crack.................even to people watch.

29 March 2009 You can bus it from Belfast www.translink.co.uk

Tel 028 44612233 info@downpatrickracecourse.co.uk

online resource for contemporary art


looks good.

One Thursday 3 openings

So what happens when you do not watch TV you go out and about to see whats going on in the world. Last night I went to 3 openings.

1. Golden Thread-the Art of regeneration I love the little books they do they have a ladybird feel to them. Ursual Burke took some pictures of the children on the estate in Bangor with a back ground, they remind me of the photos my grandmother has of "natives" when she went on her travels. On the left hand side of the book are little quotes for the kids, they could almost be poems, captured in time. Telling more about life in NI than you might think.

To give you an example I like this one.

"What job would you like to do when you get older?

'I wouldn't like to do a policeman......but I would like to be a normal person' "

Does the PSNI need to do a bit more PR? me thinks so.

2. Was Fiona Joyle at BPW I'm always amazed by the BPW gallery. Even though the space is small it just goes to show the power of Art when you get such a different feel in the gallery depending on the Art shown. This time Fiona's Art evokes clear architectural lines beautifully printed and its really nice to see them all together. You just do not get it when you just see one of them on their own. Tone on tone. Upstairs there are some more students work which helps you see what's coming out of the Art collage next.

3. Last but not least it was safe house gallery www.safehousearts.org Shankill meets the Falls a community photograph exhibition. What you are really struck by is that its very much the recent past. Gerry Adams has not gone into his Armani stage, the holiday home in Donegal is but a dream away, lots of bad hair cuts.Photos are from 1994 so its not that long ago so its good to see that things have changed. Yet so my things have not? Or is that only me thinking that?

I was talking with the guy from the Shankill who were involved in it, they wanted to know if we thought that they should do it again. I thought that Shankill meets Falls 2 would be a good name for an exhibition. Or a film for that matter and (as long as it was not advertised in the news) it might be a good idea ;-) They could go back to the same places and photo whats there now. If anything, certainly the murals have changed . Who get to decide what goes up next? Whos responsible for the next cultural stererotype to be painted on instead? That muttering is for another time.

Dont forget the GT have another opening tonight and the black box have their Black market on Sunday and the Artzyard gallery still have their exhibition on in Castleward if your in the need for a bit of fresh air. Remember it's good to live in NI. To get really local if your anywhere near Gilnahirk, the primary school has a fair 11-3pm organic strawberry plants catch my eye........yum, yum now is the time to plant them..

Ideal boyfriend for my girlfriend

A year of contemporary everything from Poland 2009-20010

Belfast Polish week 7-13 May
part of www.polskayear.pl

What jumps out at me is "Ideal boyfriend for my girlfriend" great title its a film on at QFT.

Polish are now the biggest non indigenous population in NI and its great to see that with European enlargement that the opportunity for economic recovery has been spread around a bit. The first Polish person in NI I spoke to was at a bus stop I asked her how she was getting on. She was a trained primary school teacher. She was working as a kitchen porter in a Restrurant. She said that she earned in a month in the Kitchen what she would earn in 4 months in Poland as a teacher. Not much of a contest there.

I mean the Irish have been going it for decades going to other countrys in order to find work and money for mouths to feed. Now we are a bit better off it's our turn to share things a bit. Something I think people loose sight of that. So polish week is your opportunity to find out a little bit more about these people who have been doing the jobs in NI that we don't want to do anymore..................... the other thing I noticed was alot of the polish women here are very small boned but would'nt you be if you didnt get enough to eat when you were growing up?

Funny how we loose sight of that in our benifit culture.

faith and imagination in Portstewart?

Faith and imagination in Portstewart is it possible ??

Salley Vickers writer
Faith and imagination Ulster Museum talk
Wed 8 April 2009
Flowerfield Arts centre Portstewart 7.30pm deatils www.flowerfield.org

shooting people ?

OK not a great blog title for Belfast but its only the independant filmakers community largest network of Independant filmmakers www.shootingpeople.org pass it on if you know anyone whos interested. You know its good to network.

Call for submissions

National Craft Competition 2009

apply onlinewww.rds.ie/crafts
30,000 Euro prize fund 20 categories
!st round photo May 18th ( it will come earlier than you think)

Thursday, 19 March 2009


I caught a glimpse of the "battle of the holylands" last night on someones TV. Someone was telling me that their son was there and everything was quite quiet until the police started to go done the street and push everyone back into the wee houses. he said suddenly you were in some strangers house their were 27 in the terraced house he got put into. Were they using "troubles" tactics on student revelry? Not sure. Anyone any thoughts?

quote of the day

one cannot conquer the evil in himself by resisting it...
but by transmuting its energies into other forms.

the energy that expresses itself in the form of evil is the same
enery which expersses itself in the form of good;
and thus the one may be transmutted into the other.

Charles Henry Mackintosh
I looked on ife

At least 13 ways of looking at a blackbird

Tuesday 31 March 2009 7-9
The Naughton Gallery at Queens
Artists celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry.


gALLERY open MOn to sat 11-4
open until 9pm first Thrusday of every month


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

need to get your head around equality ?



It's interesting to see what those in power who have shouted about discrimination for years do once they get into power. A bit like calling the kettle black???

Did I speak too soon?

Wee bit of rioting in the Holy lands did I speak too soon? Was it the students?

Friday opening @ GT gallery

The Munter Hitch

Dan Shipsides and Seamus Harahan.
Opening Friday 20th March 2009 @ 6pm until 9pm
and runs until Saturday 18th April 2009.

Dan Shipsides and Seamus Harahan, two of Northern Ireland’s finest contemporary artists, come together in The Munter Hitch, showing video works that blur the lines between documentary film making and visual art. Shipsides and Harahan share a unique relationship with the environment that they occupy and offer the viewer an opportunity to walk/climb into their shoes.

If you were blind would you consider rock climbing? Dan Shipside’s work Echo Valley documents his venture of guiding a blind man through one of Spain’s toughest climbs. “I have no sight at all - so I didn’t have any fear climbing – it probably helps not to have any idea of what 20metres looks like from above.”

Before Sunrise, by Seamus Harahan, leads viewers through Alexandra Park in North Belfast, following the peace line and its division of neighbourhoods. His second work, Splitting in Two, continues the theme of the separation of communities in Belfast .

“If it’s a question of me or you, I never, ever know quite what to do because I’m always too late, I’m biting my nails, I’m splitting in two.”
“If it’s a question of loving you, there’s a barrier that I can’t break through, because I’m lonely and sad, I’m biting my nails, I’m splitting in two.”

Mark Perry, Alternative TV

This exhibition is in collaboration with the Belfast Film Festival.

Gallery open
Tuesday – Friday 10.30am – 5.30pm & Saturday 1pm – 4pm
Golden Thread Gallery, 84 -94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, BT12LU
T: 02890330920, E: info@gtgallery.co.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St Patricks day in Belfast

So down we went on the comber greenway cycle path into the city centre, cycling down past the Odessey we got stopped by the police with the speed radar. Laughingly he said we were doing 9 miles an hour. Missing the parade the event at customs house square was full of familys happily listening to the music, lots of teenagers in crazy hats. I forgot the battery for my camera but witnessed some youth with the police, they were getting their photos taken with them and a tri colour draped in front of them. All in good humour. The town was not massively busy some tourists about lots of young people with carry outs.
Lunch at fountain tavern in fountain street upstairs (big food lots of people) left us feeling contented. There was a police presence but it seemed low key we were comparing it to Bastile day in France were everyone would be out dancing in the streets and the army parade their weaponery in the centre of Paris and you can climb over the tanks in the park afterwards> Himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do not think that will happen any time soon in Belfast.
You certainly would not see lots of young people out drinking in the streets not in Paris. The evening was taken up with Bill Welan and the Ulster Orchestra at the water front, thanks to Belfast City Council sponsoring it. I have to say it really was fantastic the music and dancing superb. At one point there was a flamenco and an Irish dancer dancing at the same time to the orchestra, one of the Corrs was playing the violin and all free. We left feeling Belfast had come of age the Lord Major congratulated us on the way out for cycling and we told him he should "get on his bike as well" he was happy that Belfast did not have any negative images to beam around the world on St Pats day. I believe those of you that went down to castleward enjoyed the fresh air as well.

So it looks like the jolly that the politicians went on to the US brought in a few million, at least on paper we shall see what hits the ground if it does................................................ and I have a confession to make, I saw a girl with a I love Belfast t shirt on I wondered when that was going to happen. It's good to see......................

Tullymore textures

Tullymore textures

Monday, 16 March 2009

Saturday in Newcastle

Up in Tullymore forest Park in Newcastle on Saturday a great feeling of having some fresh air around you. Lots of memories of being at tollymore camping, walking around the trails eating pancakes in the cafe. (not yet opened for the season) climbing trees, eating picnics, singing as we go through the woods. It was much the same this time ...... Lot's of beautiful textures with the mournes in the background. It reminds you why its great to have all the fresh air we have in dear old NI.

Afterwards we went for afternoon tea in the lighthouse in the Slieve Donard Hotel a newish part they added I think last year overlooking the sea. The thing about it is that it has been designed for adults, lots of hard surfaces and shiney tables but it has become popular with people with kids so the noise just echo's around the place like nothing you can imagine. All they need is a big textile wall hanging on the wall to help absorb the sound. But the tea was nice and the company good. Good to blow away the cobwebs a bit of Newcastle wind.......................................

recent events

I've been thinking about this over the weekend, I've decided not to watch local TV or listen to the radio about recent events just to comment on what I hear and see living in Belfast. "How are you supposed to make a living" with the current economic climate it's difficult enough to make a living for people and then a handful of people try and kick this off again. "I'm thinking about the security forces again" worry over people out and about again doing their daily business a lot of it is under the surface hidden a touch of fear over St Patricks day mostly people are around and about doing their daily business eating and drinking. The lord Mayor of Belfast was over in East Belfast shaking hands with church goers mostly people don't want this to kick off again, a few people are bewildered. On TFI french TV( watched over the internet) there was a reporter stationed in Belfast ( good for the hotels again) reporting he interviewed some students in front of Queens the students were saying "I don't ever remember this happening in my lifetime and I'm just not interested" Don't we all have to be interested?? do we all not have to take a look at what part we play in this wee country of ours? Understand the complexities and layers think about the institutions we set up to govern the place, look at who we are voting in to run the place.Understand that by doing nothing, thinking that it is someone else's problem that this is how the hatred continues. This is how a few men (usually) take up arms and terrorise the rest of us.

Later. I'm in town now everything is going on as normal but I notice in the sony centre window a news bulletin being flashed across the world of rioting..........................................now isn't that just great ;-(

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Belfast's underbelly (copyrighted)

Hello, just a word about Belfast underbelly ( you heard it here first) it's a term that came into my head when working down at the print workshops and you come out late at night and see all the revelers on their merry way. There is a whole strata of Belfast that no one ever gets to see or observe and I think it gives more of a clearer picture of what is really going on. So I'm going to have that theme running through my blog as well. Anyone want to do a documentary???

..........it's a lovely windy day today. To blow away your cobwebs if your up and about in NI.

Cathrine Davison exhibition

Opening reception 26.3.2009 18-21 Hrs

Artist talk 8.4.2009 14.00hrs

Queens street studios
37-39 Queens street
(find it on googlemaps)



lots of vibrating lines...................in the invite

call for submissions

22 May- 31 May
Call for submissions from schools and groups across NI

More of it than we think 3

Exhibition of artwork by children and young people

A selection of the highest quality and most original will be displayed at venues throughout the Belfast childrens festival.


Thanks Ivan

Just a thnaks to Ivan for sending me the Clogh Mills stripper It did make me laugh ;-)

Friday, 13 March 2009

quote of the day

Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what the hell happened.
- Cora Harvey Armstrong

someone sent me this it made me laugh................................;-)

Marty the Clough Mills stripper??

he getting quite popular?????? strange but it does make you laugh.

refer to early post on you tube. Would you rather go to Clough Mills or Ballygally ???? answers on a postcard please ;-)

Hope the fire at Crumlin Road Gaol had nothing to do with the Golden thread opening there the other night??????????

Craft and technology


– learn about new and exciting opportunities for both personal and product development!

You are cordially invited to a free seminar exploring how ambitious collaborations between craft and technology can be managed successfully with advice and insight from experienced designer-makers and guidance from a legal expert on how to protect your intellectual property rights and avoid pitfalls when collaborating with others.
Creative collaborations - craft and technology
Thursday, 19 March 09
6pm to 8pm with drinks/networking until 9pm
Rootstein Hopkins Space - West
London College of Fashion
20 John Princes Street
Admission free.

To book please visit our website: http://www.own-it.org/events/details/?eventId=305
The event will be chaired by Jane Harris, Reader at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Speakers include: Olivier Geoffroy (Unto This Last), Kate Goldsworthy (textiles) and Lynne Murray (jewellery).
The panel will also be joined by Robert Lands, Head of IP & Media at Finers Stephens Innocent, to provide guidance and advice on intellectual property rights related to collaborations between craft and technology.
The event is organised by Own-it in partnership with Cockpit Arts.

Donal Maclntyre fatherhood and forgiveness

Donal you know the reporter and athlete,

Lecture on :

Fatherhood and forgiveness (quite a popular title in some parts of NI)

Thursday 26th March 2009

w5 Odyssey Belfast

ticket hotline 0289042 8428
£7, £4.50 student or discount for group of 6 or more.

for more info
Ulster Museum lecture series................nice to see they are out and about while it's being refurbished. But dont talk to me about the Ulster Museum or I might have to tell you a few stories ;-(..............it's for another time.

Good to see the hard work in Kilcooley is starting to pay off

North Down Borough Council Art of Regeneration Photographic Exhibition
Thursday 19th March 6pm –8pm,

Golden Thread Gallery,
84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast

On Thursday the 19th of March, at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Mayor of North Down, Alderman Leslie Cree M.B.E, will open the North Down Art of Regeneration Photographic exhibition, as part of the successful Art of Regeneration Public Art Project in the Kilcooley and Loughview/Redburn estates.

North Down Borough Council’s 4-year Art of Regeneration Project, set out to address aggressive paramilitary murals and anti social graffiti through the medium of public art. The project culminates in August 2009 and this exhibition documents how the project has achieved its main aims and objectives.

Documentation of the project was an extremely important aspect of the process. The images range from before and after shots of potential sites, removing murals, workshops, site visits and the overall involvement and commitment of the communities involved. This exhibition images are also being collated into a publication, which will be launched in June 2009.

The project has created 9 artworks to date, with 2 more being launched in March 2009. 2 have replaced paramilitary murals, a paramilitary memorial has been removed and a contentious area has been regenerated. No artworks created in either area have been vandalised.

The North Down Art of Regeneration Project is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Department of Social Development, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, North Down Local Strategy Partnership through Peace II and North Down Borough Council.

For more information on the project contact Lesley Cherry, Art of Regeneration Officer on 028 91 270371 extension 8027 or email lesley.cherry@northdown.gov.uk.

The exhibition continues until the 28th March 2009

The Golden Thread Gallery, 84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, BT1 2LU.Tel: [028] 9033 0920 Email: info@gtgallery.org.uk Web: http://www.gtgallery.org.uk/OPENING TIMES of Golden Thread - Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm. Saturday 1pm-4pm.
Admission Free.
The Munter Hitch Friday 20th March – 18th April 2009
Dan Shipsides – Gallery 1
Seamus Harahan – Gallery 2

St Patricks day at Castleward

Castleward textures,
I know, I know I'm trying to get you out of your armchair again and over to somewhere else. But have you ever been to Castleward?? It is one of my favourite places in the world. As a teenager I used to work in the tea rooms as my weekend and Holiday job, I'd cycle or walk from Strangford and spend the day serving tea and scones to all the day trippers. I used to assist at the evening do's as well very entertaining seeing everyone in there seventies evening dress swanning around. There I go giving you an idea of my age away again........
Eventually I had my wedding reception there in the theatre after champagne up at Audleys castle after a boat trip up the lough. Oh there I go digressing again. Why I'm talking about Castleward is that on St Patricks day
Artzyard gallery are having an exhibition there 17th March to 22 March located in theatre, stable yard Access through the tea rooms. Opening hours 12-4pm
other artist showing
Bronagh Lawson
Alison Shaw
Andrew Coombes
John McSorley
Cecillia Stephens
Brian Trainor
Jim Manley
Ivan Frew
other ( but the others are important too ;-)
If you do go down and the weather is nice go up to Audleys castle you can drive or walk. If you get to the top you can see the view of where I did the "ebb and flow of Strangford lough print from" there is just something so fantastic about that view.
When I had the print in the Double elephant exhibition at the Ormeau Baths gallery someone came in and told me they had been proposed to on the very spot that I did the etching from. So it is special to other people as well. How nice.........................................I got my wedding photos taken up there as well in the wind and rain. Memories, memories. .................................it is what makes you who you are. So If you need to get out of the city and remember why Northern Ireland is a very beautiful place. Head for Killyleagh then Downpatrick but turn off to Strangford before you hit Downpatrick and keep doing until to see the signs for Castleward. If you do have tea and scones there and a nice day. Go on down into the village and try out the Spinnaker for your dinner.....................or the Hole in the wall for some liquid refreshment but remember do not drink and drive. ;-)The Cuan is good and Harty too. It will be good to get the lobster pot open again.................do any of you remember it in it's hay day? I do and can honestly say I've spent some of the best new years eve's there. To say nothing of the Karaoke ;-) you did'nt know I could sing did you? dont usually tell people that.
I had some good reports on the Portafery hotel for lunch big portions not like you'd get in some places in Belfast. We know how to have harty food in Strangford and Portaferry otherwise the hostelies would not survive. Some of those who went down said they had their best nights sleep for years. I'm telling you it's something in the sea air that just relaxes you. ........................................something to do with the ozone??? not sure but what ever it is it works. Bon apetite. Remember it's good to be in NI. ....................http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-castleward
I'd also link to give amention to castleward opera. If you have never been to an opera this is the place to see it for the first time there is something magical about it. Last year David Craig who I was on foundation with did the set. I was just sitting down and opened the brouchure and there he was, funny. Anyway it's fantastic http://www.castlewardopera.com/home.html and great that it's happening in NI. Why because it's good to live in NI you know. X bye for now.

coherant overview of the techie side of NI


You show me your app and I'll show you mine.

Some of you may have been looking at the Mobile Monday event I went to in Barcelona there is a Mobile Monday Belfast and we are having a demonstration of the different NEW mobile applications for i phones etc everyone is welcome................................you just have to have an open mind. It's an interesting network of people. It would be nice to mix a few more artists with the techies. But thats just my opinion.

MobileMonday Belfast “You show me your App and I’ll show you mine” demo night on Monday 23 March 2009.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the really hot topic was Apps, Apps and more Apps, with announcement of App store me-too from Nokia, Orange, etc. So after some valuable networking time, we’ll kick off an evening of mobile apps demos at 6pm inside the amphitheatre (no PPT slides!) by Ammeon, EyeSpyFX, Filmtrip, TotalMobile, Truphone and plenty of iphone wizardry.

Thanks to Invest NI, this event is again free to attend, but you must register by Sunday 22 March @ 5pm to secure your seat.New Venue! The Peter Froggatt Centre at Queen’s University (thanks to Dr. David Newman) inside courtyard of QUB. Off-street car parking available in adjacent streets.

Please tell your business contacts to come along too and register!
Colm Hayden & Norbert Sagnard
CTO, Anaeko & Managing Consultant, Sagnard Marketing Associates Co-founders of MobileMonday Belfast

Marty the clogh Mills stripper ?

More on what is really going on in Northern Ireland.



You must wonder why I have Ballygally on my video bar this morning? I just thought I'd show you a few things about what is going on around NI in your village on you tube.................

If your getting this blog post later just do a you tube search www.youtube.com for Ballygally it's for my viewer up there ? He's trying to put it on the map. It looks nice..................he says the best thing about living beside the sea is that you can always figure out your way home from the pub by if the sea is on the left or right. Cool ;-)

good morning

Hello it's Friday is'nt it good to be alive? The birds are singing it is light outside and you know that spring is around the corner well officially it is March 21 which is only a wee week away. I'd like to congratulate again those of you that have disconnected from your traditional media and have reconnected to yourself. Much more interesting I assure you. ........................and as you reconnect to yourself what do you find? Do you like what you feel? what you see? Can you say that every action you take is the right action?

So why is it that we humans still try and keep the anger in NI alive? I have thought about it a lot recently? What with recent developments and incidents all I know is that doing the work I have been doing in the communities I have been doing it, there is still a lot of begrudgery around. Some people have been holding onto it all their lives and as a result to let it go means they would have lost their identity. What do you have without begrudgery? a bit of bitterness perhaps? with a soupson of evil ? Funny how all these things go back to the good old good over evil debate. The classic themes resonate..............................................................Someone was commenting that it's been over 10 years since a police man has been murdered it is nice to see there were so many people out at the peace rally.

Will all the politicians still go off to the US for their annual St Patricks day Jolly?? Is NI back on the global political radar again? wouldn't it be nice to slip of it......still going back to earlier themes and climate change if the water level rises will we be arguing about if we have an Irish Atlantis or a British Atlantis ?

I know if it was down to Sammy Wilson our environment minister which one he would be picking...........................I notice there is a campaign to try and get rid of him. Must pass on the details.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

quote of the day

Experience helps build momentum.
Build momentum rather than problem solving in going after goals.

Look for new ways to build momentum-experiment and seek out challenges.

Challenge helps build momentum, but not
reaching too far at first.

Robert Fritz

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Exploring Enterprise Programme Antrim, Ballymena

If you have never thought of have a thought about exploring a business idea and live in the following Council areas of Antrim, Ballymena and Newtownabbey.

Eligibility criteria is as follows:
over 16
economically inactive/unemployed
individuals on incapacity benefit or severe disablement allowance working less than 16 hours per week Key target groups:
lone parents, women, the over 50’s,
young people (16-19) not in education, employment or training, areas suffering from economic downturn as a result of the business closures

The Programme will enable individuals to develop skills to enhance their individual chances of securing employment or entering self employment through tailored training and support as well as achieving a VRQ in Business Enterprise.

If you know anyone who may be interested please get them to contact Kerry on 028 9446 7774

Get down to GLYNI.

for your information from GLYNI.....................................................................passing it on if anyone out there needs this information or knows of anyone who does.

CALLING all lesbian and bisexual women 16-25 GLYNI Young Women is a NEW group for all young lesbian & bisexual women 16-25, who are questioning their sexuality or who are perfectly comfortable with their sexuality. The group can offer much support for those of all levels of 'coming out'. The group's first meeting is this Monday 16th March at 6.30pm til 8.30pm. The group provides a safe and friendly venue where you can meet other young women and the opportunity to get involved in activities, try new things and residentials.

Our staff are also able to offer one-to-one information, advice and support around issues affecting young lesbian and bisexual women such as relationships, sexual health and bullying and they recognise that your sexuality is just one part of who you are. You don't have to come along every week, or stay for the whole of each session if you don't want to, but we hope you will If you are interested in attending please email details to cazza@glyni.org.uk or phone 02890890202 (speak to Liam or Caroline) for information.

Equality or discrimination ?

Need advice or guidance about equality or discrimination?
The Commission provides free and confidential advice to individuals, employers and service providers on all aspects of equality. We also provide a range of training services. Contact our Enquiry line on 028 90 890 890 or view our advisory publications here.

new works by lmop

no idea what this is like but
it says on the flyer new works by lmop @ skullduggery Tatu
75 Dublin Road Tuesday -sat 12-6pm
until March 22nd.........................................again no idea but hay if your in the area.

something for the Derry "hay" listeners

I really like Derry I did a project up there in Inishowen Derry, Limavady, Garvagh and Claudy and really loved the people. I always though if I was ever I a position to help them in some why I would but who knows when I might get the opportunity...................so if you want a change try Derry. The cheapest city parking in Ireland.

Thurday 12 March
the music of South America

or St Pat eve
an evening of local food and traditional music.


Wayne Hemingway and Conran

A couple of speakers have been announced for the design conferance go to www.investni.com to register .............did you have a part of red or dead shoes??? I did.

930am – 1230pm – Designing Your Business Message – Graphic Design, Literature, Packaging and Brand
Wayne Hemingway - Founder of fashion company Red or Dead and now director of Hemingway Design, Wayne will discuss how design is an integral part of your business model.

Dan Germain - Head of Creative at Innocent Smoothies, Dan will tell the story of how innovative and cost effective design led to Innocent becoming the fastest-growing food and drinks business in the UK.Case Studies - Local companies will discuss how the Invest NI Design Service helped integrate design into their company and the benefits they have seen since.
130 – 340pm – Designing Products for your Business – Product, Industrial and Technical Design

Sebastian Conran - Managing Director of Studio Conran, Sebastian is a trained Industrial Design Engineer and will discuss his experience of product design, commercial applications of design and how technical innovations and design go hand in hand

Case Studies - Local companies will discuss how the Invest NI Design Service helped improve or redesign products or processes in their company to produce business benefits.

do you live a meaningful life?


Quote of the day

All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
and one man in his time plays many parts.

As you like it

Word of mouth poetry collective

Word of Mouth Poetry collective

invites you
to a
Celebratory Reading

No Alibis Bookshop,
Botanic Avenue, Belfast

Friday, 20th March

hear fine poetry, music and song

from the following:

Eilis Rooney, Ann Zell, Kathleen McCracken,
Geraldine Bradley, Sally Wheeler, Shirley McMillan,
Heather Newcombe, Jean Bleakney, Eilish Martin,
Yolande Carter, Gráinne Tobin, Pat Turner, Kate Newmann,
Geraldine Telford, Maureen Boyle, Pamela Greene,
Claire Hackett, Lindsay Hodges, Natasha Cuddington,
Myra Vennard, Moyra Donaldson and more…

Wine and a Raffle of Rare Prizes!

All welcome!.....................note from me dont you just love the creativity out there? Bubbling under the surface.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

silent protest for weekend murders

silent protests on Wednesday, 11 March 2009 at 1pm:

Belfast City Hall

L’Derry Guildhall Square

Newry Town Hall

By your presence show your support for peace and your rejection of those seeking to destroy that peace

Monday, 9 March 2009

Part 1 why go to Art college?

I thought I'd write a bit about all of the things I have been involved with but first thought I'd start with why I went to art college. All I knew was that as soon as a knew there was a place where you could do Art all day I wanted to go there. I have drawn and made things from a very early age, always making and drawing and looking and making and drawing and looking. It was encouraged in our family from an early age and my three other sisters have all gone into Art careers. I'll not get into the nature ,nurture debate but suffice to say that whatever creativity is, it's in my family in abundance in fact be have begun to see it as a bit of a curse. You have this "thing" called creativity but what do you do with it????????

While at school I had a wonderful Art teacher Ruth Alexander, I was often found hiding in the Art room drawing,looking and thinking. She encouraged all of her students to find their own voice. We were told to work really hard as getting into Art collage was really difficult. I really wanted to get out of Northern Ireland and could not think of anything more depressing than going to college in Belfast. This was my chance to escape and hay if someone was going to pay for me to live in another country I was outta here.Oh the joy of grants.

Going to the UK for interviews, I though there must be some sort of con on as at each interview for Middlesex,Manchester and Bristol I was told I had a place. Did not seem that difficult I thought. I decided on Bristol as I kinda knew it from visiting my grandmother who used to live nearby. Funny how you choose these things and interesting how they pan out to effect the rest of your life.

While there I enjoyed the delights of being away from home, halls of residence,shared houses and I suppose what all good foundations do, they take you out of your past experience and get you to try something different. We had trips to London and St Ives.There were five of us from Northern Ireland and I have recently identified what happened to everyone. Interesting that many have returned to settle back here. A ceramicist, theatre designer, printmaker,product designer and me ???

I really got into textiles and I had been making my own clothes for years so fashion seemed a natural choice, yet I felt the pure fashion students seemed a bit pretentious. My work and attitude was very fine art based and I thought textiles would give me an opportunity to explore it more. This meant a move but before the move I met my future husband ( but that's another story) for the summer I went to the US and explored life from Virginia beach, Chicago, New York.

Then in was back to Winchester Collage of Art, I really wanted to go to a bigger place but the course was perfect for me. Textile based with lots of travel. It was here that I started to explore the many different facets of my creativity. As I loved making things adding Fashion to everything else seemed perfect and I was one of five who took the extra specialisation. Meaning we learnt how to pattern cut and put together a collection. Not just make the fabric. I used to get really annoyed at the other students in the Winchester who were doing teacher training saying the Art students did not do anything. I was in the collage 9 in the morning to 9 at night enjoying every minute. I would often work at lunch time in a pub but kept the Art obsession together.

I suppose that's why I say Art college is an opportunity for self actualisation, you think , you work you discover in a very free way. An opportunity to discover yourself that you rarely get in so many other occupational choices. The international travel was year one Barcelona, year two Italy, year three France. Another opportunity to go to Russia with Fine Art. All good learning. In the holidays I'd visit NI, went inter railing around Europe. I cycled around Ireland in my second year and this is what gave me the inspiration for my final collection as I kinda fell in love with it again. I had put it out of my mind before but was ready to explore it deeper. Now when I look at what I produced I think it was my kind of therapy a way to try and understand the country I had been brought up in. I also think if I had of went to college here in Belfast I never would have done the work. It needed the distance. I'm going to dig out some pictures to put on the blog.

So I'm not sure if that answers the question why go to Art college? All I knew was I just had to I just could not think of doing anything else. Twenty years on I'd still do the same thing, funny. It is a frustrating choice but interesting all the same.

Fiona Joyce Solo Exhibition at BPWG

Private View: Thursday March 19th 7-9pm


Exhibition runs until April 25th

What is there to say about Fiona Joyce ? I've been a member of BPW for 3 and a half years and how a came to know Fiona was that every time I saw her she was smiling ;-) but she has been trapped in the screen room with her oblongs for a long time an she has decided that it's time for the world to see them. I confess that she has been obcessed with them and how the different colours resinate. When I look at them in my head I hear a xylophone because the different colours sing out differently depending on where they are placed. Interesting to watch. Ding dong.

They would look excellent in a very modern building Architects would love them........................great for a lobby...................................................................................a beautiful print on silk. Oh theres me getting carried away again. ...............................

Living in an interface community

Ardoyne marrowbone Community Forum
invites you to the launch of
"living in an interface community"

Wed 11 March
6.30- 8pm

Crumlin Road Gaol Belfast

RSVP and enquires Breandan Clarke Tel 02890757525

The project has been a partnership with AMCEP ,the North Belfast Interface Network and GT gallery funded by the NBCAU. The images and editorial decisions were made by the young people with the simple brief that they had to represent how they felt life in an interface community affected them.

..........note from me the images on the invite are great. I heard that the Simon Community are also doing a fund raiser in the Gaol they are getting local MP's and MLA's locked in l and they will only be left with a mobile phone and will have to raise £XX of money before they get out. Many will tell you for some of them it's not the first time they have been in Gaol..............................................................................................................................however do not be scared its not happening on the same night.

a few places still available

BPW Print Making Classes 2009March 2009
Weekend CoursesIntroduction

Photo Etching
Price £60
Sat & Sun 10am-3pm 14th & 15th March 2009
Price £60
Sat & Sun 10am-3pm 21st & 22nd March 2009
Mono Printing
Price £60
Sat & Sun 10am-3pm 28th & 29th March 2009

IntroductionEvening Courses

March 2009
Screen Printing
Price £70
Mondays 2nd - 23rd March 2009 7-9pm
Photo Etching
Price £60
Tuesdays 3rd - 24th March 2009 7-9pm
Price £60
Wednesdays 4th - 25th March 7-9pm

Printmaking TechniquesPhoto etchingTransfer of drawn or photographic imagery onto the etching plate.Screen-printingHand made and photographic stencils combine to dramatic effectMono PrintingMark making in ink to produce unique results.EtchingProbably the most recognized traditional technique. A needle, plate and acid.Relief PrintingThis course will concentrate on lino cutting and the different techniques involved.Collagraph A traditional approach to Collagraph using a wide variety of materials to produce different marks.
HOW TO BOOK.To make a booking please contact Workshop Manager - Struan Hamilton & forward payment to the Workshop.struan@belfastprintworkshop.org.uk
WHAT TO BRING: Apron/old shirt, Image/ideas for visuals. For Photo-Intaglio course please bring a photographic image.