Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pocket prints hotting up @ BPW

I know, I know I always say it but there really are some very interesting prints being made even as we speak in the workshop for the exhibition opening tomorrow night and for once they are all under the £50 mark very interesting indeed.Mine are all to do with sex and politics, but hay dont hold that against me.....Maybe see you there tomorrow night....???Its nice around the catherdral quarter this time of the year.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Engine Room Gallery Summer show opening 8th July

Engine Room Gallery Summer Show
08 – 31 July 2010
The Ebb and Flow of East Belfast
Bronagh Lawson
Opening on Thursday 8th July 2010 at 7pm.

As the artist-in-residence in a building on the peace line at the junction of the Newtownards Road and the Short Strand, artist Bronagh Lawson has interpreted the many changes happening in this notorious cross-community area in the form of broadsheet inspired prints, called “The Ebb and Flow of East Belfast”. One of these will be shown in the Engine Room Gallery summer exhibition this month.
Bronagh went to the newsagents on both sides of the peace line once every three months over the past year and purchased all the newspapers that inform the two local communities. Random text and images were torn from the newspapers: headlines, local grievances, some extreme, some personal. These fragments, echoing the historical broadsheet, were then intuitively used as Chine Collé on an etching plate, as a limited varied edition of 10.
The term ‘Broadsheet’ derives from types of popular prints hundred years ago, usually just of a single sheet, sold on the streets and containing various types of material, from ballads to political satire. First published in 1618, they would talk about the life and energy of a specific place.
‘Chine Collé’, translated as Chinese collage, is a technique the Chinese invented for bringing areas of colour into a print. The printmaker collages while printing, using a special rice paste to keep the fragments in place.
Bronagh says about her new artwork: “Nothing exists independent of its own surroundings, including language. Newspapers in Northern Ireland inform the population of events, feeding stereotypes and slanting news to different political persuasions. The chosen texts totally change the feel of each varied edition, just like one’s view of the world is rightly or wrongly changed or confirmed depending on what newspaper one reads.”

Monday, 28 June 2010

Pocket prints opens this Thursday 7-9

Every artist approaches things differently and working to a brief about pocket size prints is no different. Of the 50+ artists working at Belfast print Workshop a number have risen to the challenge of producing postcard sized prints.
Among them are:

Coby Moore
Georgia McBride
Oralaith Cullinane
Colin Davis
Michael Hart
Peter Hutchinson
Sarah Majury
Sarah Thompson
Bronagh Lawson
Brigid Donelly
Karen Day-Hutchinson
Declan Byrne

Prints have been prices from £5-£50 and run over a number of prints disciplines and styles including:

Photo Intaglio
Mono prints
Screen prints
Digital Prints

All prints are origianl artworks and are ready to take away starting from the opening evening this Thursday 7-9pm .

Exhibition runs until 31 July 2010

YOur place or mine?

out of PLACE opens its doors
Summer highlights in the “out of PLACE” venue at 9 Castle Lane will include an interactive Paint by Numbers exhibition, a marching rock band, architecture tours and children’s gardening workshops - all a stone’s throw from Victoria Square.

Shop units have been left empty across Northern Ireland in recent years, a trend exacerbated by the recession. With a focus on animating streets and bringing life to the urban environment, “out of PLACE” uses these vacant units as a catalyst for vibrant urban cultural activities.

Click here to visit the PLACE website and find out more about Paint by Numbers (5th-25th July), Escape Act's city centre performance (17th-18th July), the Reconnecting the City panel discussion (4th August), Architecture Tours, Lunchbox Talks and more!

Most events are free but booking in advance is recommended. Contact PLACE on 028 9023 2524 or email

PLACE Architecture Tours: Art Deco 3rd July, Belfast Churches 24th July

Belfast Art Deco: 3rd July 2010, 11am
This city centre walking tour, approx. one hour in length, takes in the well-known twin art deco buildings at the bottom of Royal Avenue but also uncovers some of Belfast's hidden and lesser-known examples from this stylish and elegant era in architecture.

Belfast Churches: 24th July, 11am
Discover the stories and architectural develpoment of Belfast's varied collection of city centre churches.

Strictly limited places available. To book: email or phone 028 9023 2524.

Adults: £5
Concessions: £3
Under-12s: free!

Please wear comfortable footwear, and bring an umbrella in case of rain. Payment by cash or cheque (made payable to PLACE), preferably in advance of the day. Please arrive in good time - tour departs out of PLACE, 9 Castle Lane, at 11am sharp!

All tours will now depart out of PLACE, which is located at 9 Castle Lane (beside Cornmarket and opposite Lush & Starbucks - see a Google map).

Community Project in Bangor

PLACE has begun a new community participation project in Bangor, working with developers Karl Greenfarm, DSD and the local community to allow community participation in the development of the Queen's Parade, one of the biggest urban transformations in Northern Ireland over the next few years.

Late night art Thursday

Don't forget all the Art out and about this Thursday around Belfast Print Workshop we are opening a new exhibition called pocket prints 7-9

Screen prints

From a selection of fifty of our artists /printmakers. All Art made in Belfast at this particular point in time. I'm getting more and more political as we speak. All those years working in cross community projects are finally coming out in my art. Oh what a strange world we live in........................

At the golden thread this Thursday 6-8

Northern Ireland Press Photographers Association Awards Exhibition

Golden Thread Gallery

Project Space

1st – 20th July 2010.

The Golden Thread Gallery presents the Northern Ireland Press Photographers Association Annual Awards Exhibition. Every year NIPPA launches its search for the best photo journalists in the province. Through the BT Northern Ireland Press Photographer of the Year competition the outstanding work of Northern Ireland’s press photographers is duly recognised and rewarded. Not to be missed.

Friday, 25 June 2010

St georges Market opens this Sunday

This weekend St georges Market opens on a Sunday- and about time too celebrating 10 years renovated on Sunday.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Panel debate on shared space around South Belfast

Northern Visions Media Centre:

Panel debate exploring the issues of Shared Space in South Belfast and how resources and services for the future could be supported

Wednesday 30th June 2010

11.30 am-1.30 pm at

Northern Visions Studio,

23 Donegall Street, Belfast BT1 2FF

This filmed debate is part of a documentary project which focussed on three areas of the city - Lower Ormeau, Donegall Pass and the Village - and representatives from LORAG, Donegall Pass Community Forum and Windsor Women’s Centre will form the panel. A representative of Belfast City Council and the PSNI officer in charge of policing the area, Chief Inspector Robert Murdie, have agreed to attend.

Snapshot clips of the documentary series will be shown. Lunch will be served and proceedings should draw to a close by 2pm latest.

All welcome.

Please RSVP to or phone 028 9024 5495 ext 207

The city is our factory

The city is our factory
TODAY, 6pm - Black Box

talk by Christoph Schaefer- artist and urban activist.
-the right to the city

-Lefebvre for kids

-self organized urbanism

The City is our Factory:

Politics of desire and the production of urban spaces.

Christoph Schaefer / Park Fiction, Hamburg, Germany.

Wednesday 23rd June 2010, 6pm: Black Box Café, Belfast.

After the industrial age, the city has become the central point of production. In the new urban fabric, subcultures, cultural workers, musicians and artists play a significant role as producers of collective spaces, of places shaped by desires, as inventors of new perspectives and lifestyles. Christoph Schaefer will introduce his practice as one of the leading figures of ‘Park Fiction’, a collective, self-organised project of residents, activists and artists. Together they managed to claim and convert a prime investment site at the prestigious river bank of Hamburg into a public park.
In the current debate of Belfast’s regeneration and top down planning decisions, Christoph Schaefer asks, how more social alternatives could work? What role can cultural workers play in this scenario? In a society, where passion and work, privacy and professionalism are increasingly hard to tell apart - the struggle for urban spaces is the struggle for the means of production: the city is our factory.

Entrance £3.00: at door

PS² / Forum for Alternative Belfast

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

TP Flanagan - a still exhibition

Had a look in the Ormeau Baths gallery and there is a beautiful still exhibition on of TP Flanagan. Not being familar with his work I found it to be a quite still exhibition. There is a gentleness about it that I dont see in any other exhibition on at the moment.

They have a number of events running while the exhibition is on. See below. Go and be quiet.....................

Correspondences Events at OBG

There are still some remaining events which coincide with our current exhibition, ‘Correspondences’ by T.P Flanagan.

Walk Around Tour

Saturday 26th June, 2pm/ Free

Curator Professor Liam Kelly will lead a tour of the exhibition.

Post-Work Painting

30th June and 14th July, 6.30pm-8.30pm/ £5 per class

For beginners or those who would like to improve their skills. Artist Susan Hughes will hold two painting sessions at OBG. The class will look closely at the work on display and then explore some of the techniques used by T.P Flanagan. OBG will provide all the materials but please remember to wear old clothes.

To support the exhibition OBG has a selection of texts and books based on TP Flanagan’s work and fellow artists’ which have emerged from his generation. Have a seat and study in your own time in our education zone.

To book a place at either of these events please contact us on 02890 321 402 or

Monday, 21 June 2010

sun in Belfast

Doesnt life look different with the sunshine? Its been very hot over the last few days and everything looks different with the lights on.Down in beautiful Stranford lough over the weekend and didnt feel the need to be anywhere else. The mood is optimistic and everyone is looking forward to having a few days off soon. Friday evening down in the catherdral quarter is starting to be that friday feeling kind of place especially in the Sunshine. Nice to see Belfast moving on. You do notice alot of tourists around the place and generally is interesting to be about the city.

So hope you had a nice summer solstice the onlt thing is the light changes again from now on...........but dont lets think of that yet. Just enjoy the sun and enjoy the change in mood.

What I have noticed about Belfast is that alot of people seem to be staying around for July, another change in the normalisation of the provience.

Friday, 18 June 2010

last chance for art college

Art college York street opens until 6 tonight then closes at one tomorrow. Go and support the creatives. 300 hundred of them graduating.Lots of talent.

Saturday at Ps2 dont forget the drawing workshop

Saturday 12 oclcok at Ps2 do a drawing and get a plant how bequtiful just go in and do it.

Art fund prize ofr the Ulster museum, get voting

Ulster Museum is up for an an art fund prize get voting r its neck and neck at the momentand every vote counts.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Midsummer approaches

AS mid summer approaches what is going on around and about? Well there is a body and soul gathering this weekend in Westmeath Saturday and Sunday it's called a festival full of surprises. Event and bus tickets combined if you have no transport.Down in Strangford at the Wild Strawberry gallery Ruth Hartwell is having an exhibition for midsummer wrapped in gold wheich is experiments with paper plants pebbles and poetry, the invite looks lush its only on from 21st June to 9th July 1-5pm as it uses lots of living platns it cant be on any longer.I like the way it says its an expereince with poetry, you don,t often get people stating that in an exhibition.

This Thursday Jill at Refound is opening her pop up shop 94 Castlereagh road 12-6pm Thursday to saturday Sunday 11-2pm Jill has got alot of artists to unleash their inspiration onto pieces of furniture giving them a new least of life and I think its a must for anyone looking for something just that little bit different as you get so fed up with the same old stuff. It's about time we all supported local talent a bit more. Speaking of which the art college degree shows are still on I went over again this morning to have a look and think there is alot of talent lets hope they all get to do something with it.

I see the John Hewitt summer school brouchure is out as well lots of creative writing workshops daily rates from £35.

Friday, 11 June 2010

it's Friday again

It's Friday again somehow the shifts and shapes of decisions that have been made this week have got settled into another week of work. What has your week consisted off?? how many TV programmes have you watched? how many new thoughts have you had, how many decisions have you made this week? I've had an interesting week. Frustrating ,exciting,tiring,relaxing all in one but what I am very concious of is there seems to be alot of shifts going on. The economy is changing the world is changing systems are expanding and other are subsiding and all in all life is going on and on around us. In that chaos of life the question is are you any closer to contentment? are you seeking it? do you know what it is? in all the aspects of the week what are you pursuing ? is it monetary gain? is it health and happinesss ? is it pleasure seeking? stress relief? what exactly is it that is going on in your head! what's the goal? another drink? another smile what exactly is it. Me I wish to be content and in my contentment I wish to inspire others to look for contentment as well. Because life is a journey...........................and with all the ebbs and flows at the end we leave with nothing just as we started. So what's the rush.??

Something that came back into my head again this week with the opening of the degree shows was that no matter what anyone says about an art school education what it gives you is a rare opportunity to start of a journey of self realisation. Realising who you are your self- who are you??? what's inside that body of yours, what's going on in the inner reaches of your persona? I've recently come across a number of older people who were pulled away from pursuing a career in Art from their parents because they did'nt think it fitted with what they wanted their children to do. I am delighted to say that I was always allowed to choose for myself and always encouraged to ask myself what is it that I wanted to do. The people who I have come across have gone into other more "normal" professions but now are trying to renter the creative fields pursuing their creative selves. While this is not an easy route it's good thinking for anyone trying to move their children away from Art. If you have to do it you have to do it .....just let them get on with it. It will frustrate them and break their hearts at some stage but they will have an interesting journey in life and will always know that if they decide to give it up on a pratice basis they still bring all that lovely creativity into what ever else they decide to do.Its how you think that matters.
Anyway gotta go now have a good weekend. Life is for living after all. Might cycle down to Lisburn to have another look at the exhibition. It's well crazy....................................important to get people to think differently after all is that not what art is about?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Banff residency- Philip Hession

I see Philip Hession has suscessfully been chosen for the Banff residency well done we look forward to seeing what you bring back with you Philip.............

saving money on a low income

Workshop invite: Saving money on a low income

Friday, 2 July 2010
10.00 – 12.00

Do you work with young people, families, adult learners or advise people on their benefit entitlements? Are you interested in finding out more about resources and information that will help you with your day to day work?

Advice NI, Citizens Advice and the Consumer Council are running a free savings workshop. Come along to hear more about;
• Saving Gateway – The Government’s plans to give you 50 pence for every £1 saved into an account - £600 over two years you will get £900. (Conditions apply);
• Budgeting and saving tips for young people (aged 14-25); and
• Helping your clients learn about saving for unexpected bills and Christmas.

You will also receive free resources on Christmas spending and home budgeting.

For more information, please contact Nóra Quigley at the Consumer Council on 028 9067 4803 or e-mail

Ormeau baths opening to night

OBG is pleased to invite you to

the opening of a new exhibition


Selected works by T.P. Flanagan

Thursday 10th June 2010

7pm – 9pm

T.P. Flanagan, who has been exhibiting now for over five decades, is largely recognised as an important landscape artist of his generation and particularly counties Sligo, Donegal and his native Fermanagh have drawn him in. While his paintings often celebrate the formal features and natural elements at work in a landscape, some also embrace and rinse up social and political undercurrents invested in a terrain. Still life and figurative works also feature in his work and this exhibition, curated by Liam Kelly, sets out to bring together and explore sub- themes in Flanagan’s paintings and drawings which relate inter alia, to nostalgia, loss and the dignity of silence. Correspondences is a touching and sensitive look at aspects of Flanagan’s career.

Last night at the Island Art Centre Lisburn

Just a big thank you to everyone who came out to the Island Art centre last night to see the Belfast print Workshop exhibition curated by Peter Mutscheler. I think we caused quite a stir. Staff at the center said that with all the exhibitions that they had ever had it has already caused the most conversatuion and debate during the 3 days that it has taken to install than any other exhibition they have ever had. Part of the questions were why have someone like a curator? Peter for us in the workshop it is about getting diferent eyes to look at work. Peter came into BPW and wanted to take the space and recreate it in Lisburn as this was not possible as much of the equiptment came in via cranes, hes done the next best thing and taken elements of things he has found around the workshop and spread them in between artwork from some of the artists that work at BPW showing ideas and different parts of the processes.Something that its hard for someone who doen not understand the printmaking process to get their heads around. All the blood sweat and tears that goes into the process as well as often a lifetime of developing the skills required. I think it's particularly interesting to see the number of members who work in video but who have found printmaking as a way of producing a complimentary piece.

All of the work has been produced in the workshop and includes the following artists

Elaine Majury
Coby Moore
Ben Allen
Phil Hession
Tonya McMullan
Lisa Malone
Ngaire Jackson
Karen Day Hutchinson
Michael Hart

and for the first time I'm showing some of my ebb and flow of East Belfast, work.POlitics is coming into it, oh but it's important!!!!!

I think that's everyone but you would need to have a look yourself.Anyway the Art Centre said it was nice to see different work and to get a taste of the energy that is going on in Belfast at the moment in the art scene. And there really is energy you just have to go out and see what's going on. So why not take a trip to Lisburn!!!!

Thanks again to Peter from Ps2 he got a great way of dealing with people.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Belfast Print Workshop-Cutting Stories, Engraving Lines

Opening tomorrow night at Island Art centre Lisburn 7.30-9pm on to the 3 July.

Belfast Print Workshop
Cutting stories , Engraving Lines

Curated by Peter Mutschler of Ps2

In times of digital imagaing and photoshop,is traditional printmaking out of date? To cut lines in wood or lino,use a needle or nail to scratch lines in metal,pull ink across a screen, to stain the plates and roll them through a heavy press-all to get one image? Isn't it old fashioned and complicated? See for yourself with an exhibition of new prints from BPW.

Touch the metal plates,feel the lines and compare it with the print. Get Black hands,turn the big wheel of the press and observe the changes artsist made form onr print to the next.

Cutting stories engraving lines is selected by Peter Mutschler,artist and curator of Ps2 in Belfast. Normally an organiser of experimental urban arts projects, Peter still prefers the result from a printing press.

This Saturday free drawing workshop

At Ps2 3pm drawing workshop with Beverley Cleland 18 Donegall Street, leave your drawing and take a plant home. You can draw as many plants as you want but you can only take one home.

Lovely idea support the innovators-

Art College Degree Shows Belfast

At last it has happened, York steet is finally seeing the changes that have been implimented in the last while in the students work. No longer do you have to go around and search for any good work, which to be honest was the feeling in the last few years that I have looked is the feeling that I left with. You really get the feeling that there is a generation that are coming to their Art graduation with a professional manner and a strong body of work. It was so nice to go out and see the level of work on display. Painters that can paint, printmakers that can print, photographers under Paul Seawright that are excellent. It's a real breath of fresh air. 300 students out into the art/design market where is the market to sustain them ??? who is supporting them ??? creative industries is supposed to be saving the NI economy are you supporting it??

Shows on until 19th June go and have a look, even better go and support the local talent. Well done art college. Keep up the momentum. Go and see it

Thursday, 3 June 2010

late night art tonight

dont forget all your galleries are open tonight many from 5 oclock go on support your local creativity.....................

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Word and Text At Belfast print Workshop

As part of the conferance starting tomorrow at the University of Ulster the Belfast print workshops has an opening exhibition were members who use Words and Text show their recent work on the subject . Opening 7pm Cotton Court Building -as part of late night art

Belfast Friendship Club monoprint exhibition

‘a social peg to hang a conversation on’

Original monoprints: fundraising launch

What? An exhibiting of unique monoprints by members of the Friendship Club
When? 7-9 pm Thursday 3rd June 2010
Where? Common Grounds Café, 12-24 University Avenue, BT7 1GY
Including? Free refreshments
For? Anyone – all welcome!

As part of the programme of activities, Michael Hart (Belfast Print Workshops) has led two very successful printmaking sessions with members of the Club. The resulting exhibition will remain on show at Common Grounds throughout June. All proceeds from sales go to the Club so that we can continue to offer a warm welcome to all.

Belfast Friendship Club runs a drop-in at Common Grounds Café on Thursdays every week from 7-9 pm. All are welcome, whether you are new to Belfast or would simply like to meet some new people and join in a friendly conversation. People come along to share their experiences from many different backgrounds and walks of life. It’s a good place to practice English – although conversations often happen in other languages too!
For more information contact Stephanie Mitchell tel: 07548 938508 or email:

Golden thread opening tomorrow night

Small Wonder is a collaboration between JEMA (The John Erickson Museum of Art) and the Golden Thread Gallery and explores the space between the realm of the imaginary and the miniature. The exhibition combines work produced for JEMA’s Next Chapter, paper works based on the miniature Museum’s plans that will eventually combine to form a book, and two new works by Fiona Larkin, developed directly from her JEMA Next Chapter project. Curated by Brendan Jamison, Sarah McAvera and Eleanor Phillips, the exhibition presents an alternative viewing of JEMA’s paper works alongside Fiona Larkin’s sound work The Listeners (Museum Whisperers) and performance The Woman Flag. A New work by Fluxus artist Ben Patterson Bollywood Love: Object of Desire will also be on display in the JEMA gallery.

Next Chapter

The JEMA Next Chapter spaces re-envision a page as a site for a museum project space. Artists were invited to produce work for the space provided, free of a specific theme. The notion that 'hypothetical thinking is still a form of reality' was a guiding force in the operation and conception of this project. The project includes 28 artists, of which 16 are Belfast-based and another set of the works produced will be on show at the Raccolte Frugone museum in Genoa, Italy. JEMA Director Sean Miller will be in Belfast on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th June to present performances and collage projects with JEMA's giant rubber stamp and the JEMA walking stick galleries that will be toured throughout the streets of Belfast. The walking tour will depart from the gallery at 12pm on Tuesday 8th June.

Fiona Larkin: The Listeners (Museum Whisperers) / The Woman Flag

For The Listeners (Museum Whisperers) Larkin has recorded the internal musings of the gallery audience. They don’t tell you what to think but offer you an insight into the musings of others as they peruse the museums cultural offerings. These audio guides turn the voice of knowledge and authority on its head. This voice is internal, honest, not always comprehensive. The gaps leave a space for us to explore our own thoughts and musings in response to what we see.

The Woman Flag subverts our pre-conceived notions of a flag as a banner for advertising, identity, a way or raising awareness of the museum. As an emblem it bears little relationship to museum audience and stands towering above. For the purpose of the exhibition it will be brought down to earth and made human, animated beyond its usual function. This performance will take place on Friday 4th June between 10.30am and 14.30pm.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10.30am - & Saturday 10.30am – 4.00pm

Admission: Free of Charge.

Gallery Tours can be arranged please call the Gallery for further details.

The Gallery is suitable for wheelchair users

Address: 84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast. BT1 2LU

Tel: ++44(0)28 90330920

E. W.www.goldenthreadgallery.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

go to the cinema for a jam jar?

Did your granny ever tell you that she used to go to the cinema for a jam jar? Mine did nows your chance to do it for yourself..........

Special Belfast film screening to promote recycling

Belfast will play host to a special screening of a film often cited as the funniest of all time next week, with tickets to the event completely free.

Dublin Road Movie House will screen the Billy Wilder classic “Some Like It Hot” on Friday June 4th at 2pm, with attendees only required to bring an empty glass jar with them as payment – the aim being to promote recycling across the city as part of the annual Waste Week.

This special event, part of Belfast City Council’s Waste Week celebrations, draws on an old tradition of swapping glass jars for cinema tickets. Councillor Pat McCarthy, chairman of Belfast City Council's health and environmental services committee, said the Movies with Glass event has become a popular annual tradition and audiences will be able to sit back and enjoy Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon in their heyday while doing their bit for the environment.

"This year we're encouraging people to take a trip down memory lane with this classic comedy caper, and also to find out how they can recycle at home and help drive up Belfast's recycling rates," he said.

Please note that there is a limit of 260 seats so admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Jars will be collected outside the cinema and hands stamped as proof of admission. One glass jar per person.

The cinema screen is on the ground floor and has disabled access.

Seniors groups can pre-book by calling the Council’s Wasteline on 0800 032 8100.

Ben event

Business Champions Tackle World Cup Challenge

Wednesday 9th June 2010

Belfast Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) brings businesses together to make new contacts, create business opportunities and share ideas, all in an informal environment.

Belfast Entrepreneurs Network has paired up with MLN (Management Leadership Network) to kick off the World Cup celebrations with a series of ‘need to know’ team talks on key business matters. Attendees will hear from a line-up of business champions who will be challenged to present their “top tips to….” in 5 minutes. Topics include ‘Managing the Media’ ‘Digital Networking, ‘Credit Crunch Tax Savings’ ‘Strategy & Marketing’ and ‘Managing Talent’.

Following the ‘whistle-stop’ presentations delegates will have the opportunity to quiz champions during a networking session.

When: Wednesday 9th June 2010

Where: Belfast City Hall

Time: Registration 5.30pm, event starts at 6pm sharp

Cost: FREE

If you are interested in attending this event you must register in advance.

Please contact Rhonda Lynn on 028 9027 0229 or email: This event is provided free by Belfast City Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

Check out our Belfast Entrepreneurs Network webpage for future events or become a fan of our Facebook page

Forum for an alternative belfast is one.


The Forum for Alternative Belfast was launched on 4th June 2009. One year and one day

later we invite all our friends to party.

Our first year has included the Missing City Map, Red Balloons, the Barber Shop Quintet,

proposals for the best Square in Belfast, ongoing real projects, conference addresses,

films and discussions at Festivals, building Sandcastles and endless meetings……

Over the past year we have made many new friends in the community, council and

government sectors. We invite everyone along.

Music by DJ.s Stephen Hackett and Stuart Watson

8.00pm Door ( a modest contribution of £5 for venue and music))

9.00pm Mark Hackett and Declan Hill will present a short (we do mean short...) overview of the year and the launch of this years summer school.

11.30pm “Drink up now”