Thursday, 31 July 2008

No homefinder

You know when the tide has definitely turned when there is no home finder supplement in the Belfast Telegraph. It's been slowly getting smaller over the last few months until last week it totally disappeared and the only house info left were a couple of houses in Donegal in the classified.

Compare that to a year ago when it was praticialy a book of housing opportunities in the homefinder . So whats going to happen ? how many years is it going to take to get things back on track ? 1 or 2 you home it's not three. I bet the belly telly are loosing alot of their advertising.

However I can't say I'm worried for them. I think they get away with too much.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Quiet in July?

Isn't Belfast nice when there is hardly any traffic. I went into the city centre yesterday and there were lots of people from all over the world speaking lots of different languages. I hardly believed I was in Belfast. It is interesting to see that at least people are not as worried about coming here, I wonder when the novelty will stop ? or if it will ?

I still did not see be many people in the big wheel at the side of the city hall. I wonder how long it will stay there. I noticed there was a planning application for it to continue there but you have to wonder how much money it's making.

I notice alot of For sale signs around where I like have changed to "to let" signs. One thing about the property prices going down is that different housing developments are no longer going ahead. I believe Pats bar is no longer going to be demolished so anyone who used it as a local must be happy. It's strange what the economy does to a place it's all swings and roundabouts. I have to say what I find the most depressing is reading any newspaper it is as if they cannot work out what doom and gloom to write about next, it's starting to get repetitive.

Anyway life goes on. Today the sun is out and it is 20 degrees so what more could you want.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Belfast in July

Some years ago they are enough words to send a chill down every ones back now there are lots of reasons why this is no longer the case.Will we ever see a kind of normality in Belfast in July? does Belfast know what that means? In the mean time here are 10 good reasons to enjoy Belfast in July.
1.Traffic -while the schools off Belfast is like driving through a village.
2.Opera in the Park- 16th July in Botanic free culture
3.Deserted streets- easy to walk anywhere
4.Sales- everyone saving for holidays so big bargains in shops.
5.Street entertainment- free in Cathedral quarter every Sunday.
6.Rose week-lady Dixon park
7.No q's- so few people around so little waiting time.
8.Less stress-the people left in Belfast are less stressed.
9.Interesting exhibition-
10.Traffic did I mention the lack of it?

So while everyone else is sweating away in an airport or the beach or a caravan in Donegal there is plenty of reasons to stay in Belfast.