Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Where is your money going this Christmas?

Does anyone except me have a social concious?? sometimes I wonder but this Christmas I just want you to stop and think? where is your money going to?? How do you shop? what's going on in the economy??

I'm going do all my Chrismas shopping with my social concious in mind.So this weekend the Black Box 12 o clock give me an opportunity to buy directly off local creatives and interesting things- it's a little piece of Kensington Market in Belfast.St Georges is on this weekend as well.Fashion Souk is coming up December 12the in the waterfront and by the time I get around all those and buy Out to LUnch tickets for the January blues my Christmas Shopping will be done and who will benifit?

The makers and people who are trying to do something different in this City of ours.. So this Christmas think before you buy , it makes all the difference to the people you are buying from. XXX honest. ;-)

wierd NI

"Special Christmas Events"

Belfast Film Festival in Partnership with Bloomfield Shopping & Retail Park
Are proud to present our annual Christmas Drive-In’s

11th December 2010

BOOK NOW https://kiosk.iristickets.co.uk/k?belfastfilm&muppetchristmas

12th December 2010

BOOK NOW https://kiosk.iristickets.co.uk/k?belfastfilm&whitechristmasbingc

Both Screenings will take place at Bloomfield Retail Park - Car Park
(Bloomfield Road South Entrance) Bangor

Wrap up warm and bring blankets as it can get cold at night.

Now thats what I call a cool. Derry and the Turner prize

Derry to host 2013 Turner Prize
Published:30th Nov 2010
The Tate has announced that the Turner Prize will be held in Londonderry in 2013 to coincide with its City of Culture celebrations.

It will be the first time that the three-month long exhibition of shortlisted works has been held in Northern Ireland.

The move is part of the Tate's wider efforts to reach out to audiences beyond its three bases in London, Liverpool and St Ives.

This year the Baltic centre for contemporary art in Gateshead was the Turner Prize host city.

In a statement the Tate said: 'By showing outside London it will attract new audiences around the country and bring the prize to a wider and more diverse audience outside the capital.'

Between 70,000 and 90,000 people visit the Turner Prize every year, so tourism officials in Londonderry are excited about the impact it could have on their city.

The winner of the 2010 Turner Prize is due to be announced on December 6th at Tate Britain in London.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Impressions in Galway.

Hello some info if your in Galway- I got selected. ;-)

Galway Arts Centre and Galway City Museum are delighted to present ‘Impressions 2010’ and ‘Chris Orr – Social Surrealist’. Both exhibitions are opening on Friday 3rd December 2010 and will run until Saturday 8th January 2011.

'Impressions' is Ireland's longest running open submission print exhibition. It encourages, promotes and exhibits the best of printmaking in Ireland. This year over 400 prints were submitted from artists around the country and over 200 were selected making this the largest impressions exhibition to date. The exhibition is free and all prints are for sale.

On Friday 3rd December at 6pm, many of the country’s established and emerging printmakers will come together for the opening of ‘Impressions 2010’. Awards will be presented to the winners of six categories. The first prize is a €1,000 purchase prize, sponsored by Galway City Council while the second prize is also a purchase prize worth €750. The Norman Ackroyd Etching Award, the Phyllis MacNamara Award and the Impressions Committee Mid Career Award will also be presented to the winners on the night. One successful emerging artist will be awarded the Lorg Printmakers Emerging Artist Award.

This year’s adjudicator John Hewitt had the tough job of selecting all the prints to be included in the exhibition and the overall winners. He described the work as being of an exceptionally high standard this year. John Hewitt is an artist based in the English South Pennines, who works primarily in the media of print and drawing. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art, where he taught printmaking for 18 years.

Renowned printmaker Chris Orr R.A will officially open the exhibition at 6pm.

Later in the evening, an exhibition of Chris’s own work ‘Chris Orr R. A – Social Surrealist’ will open at Galway City Museum at 8pm. This exhibition runs alongside Impressions 2010 and also runs until Saturday 8th January 2011.

Chris Orr, until recently, ran the Royal College of Art Postgraduate Printmaking Department in London and has been making prints for many years in a variety of media. His work has been shown all over the world.

Chris sees a close affinity between printmaking, drawing and writing. His work teems with allusions, narratives, sub plots and puns. The subjects may range from New York`s Times Square to the life of the visionary artist William Blake but everything is grounded in the observed niceties and nasties of reality. His influences range from film, TV and the novel but there are serious concerns in what at first may be taken as comic. In this upcoming exhibition in Galway, some of the work has been produced from time spent in New York, Japan and China.

Chris Orr has been a frequent visitor to Ireland and has had exhibitions in the Crawford Gallery Cork, Skibereen Arts Centre and the Temple Bar Gallery Dublin. He has published a number of books most recently “The Multitude Diaries” and “Cities of Holy Dreams”. Chris Orr lives and works in London and he is a member of the Royal Academy.

Please come along to GAC's last opening of 2010, which has been an amazing year. The prints are all fantastic and are reasonably priced, with official IMF approval. We might have mulled wine, we'll see. This year we had our first commission (Alice Maher's 'Godchildren of Enantios' video), our second tour to Syracuse, USA and our first academic paper will be presented in Norway next week. The year will be wrapped up with an off site exhibition in the Triskel Arts Centre: ESB Substation in Cork City. The exhibition, "By A Route Obscure and Lonely" features work by Mara Sola Lopez, Jonathan Sammon, John O'Connell and Jan Svenkmajer (yes the Jan Svenkmajer)

Women's Aid Northern Ireland

Friday, 26 November 2010

Women and abuse.

There were over 1 million female victims of
domestic abuse in England and Wales in the last
year1. Over 300,000 women are sexually assaulted
and 60,000 women are raped each year. Overall
in the UK, more than one in four women will
experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, often
with years of psychological abuse1. Worldwide
violence against women and girls can be a problem
of pandemic proportions. This is unacceptable.
The vast majority of these violent acts are
perpetrated by men on women. In 2009/10, women
were the victim of over seven out of ten (73%)
incidents of domestic violence1. More than one
third (36%) of all rapes recorded by the police are
committed against children under 16 years of age2.
This is unacceptable.
Internationally, findings in a number of developing
countries suggest that violence against women
and girls is significant and is often endemic.
Between 40% and 60% of women surveyed in
Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru, Samoa, Thailand and
Tanzania said that they had been physically and/
or sexually abused by their close partners3. This is
Violence against women and girls is a genderbased
crime which requires a focused and robust
cross-government approach underpinned by a
single agreed definition. It is for this reason that
we are using the United Nations (UN) Declaration
(1993) on the elimination of violence against
women to guide our work across all government
departments: ‘Any act of gender-based violence that
results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or
psychological harm or suffering to women, including
threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation
1 Figures derived from 2009/10 British Crime Survey data
2 Walker A, Kershaw C and Nicholas S (2006) Crime in England
and Wales 2005/06, Home Office Statistical Bulletin
3 WHO (2005): Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and
Domestic Violence Against Women
of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private
life’. The declaration enshrines women’s rights
to live without the fear of violence and abuse
and the United Kingdom’s ratification of the UN
Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of
Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) upholds
this principle. This is the first time that government
has agreed to work to a single definition and we
will specifically include girls in our approach.
The gendered pattern of violence against
women and girls need to be understood and
acknowledged. However, we recognise that men
and boys can be victims of violence and that it
can affect whole families, including children. Our
work will include them4. Men also have a key role
in challenging violence and helping to change the
attitudes and actions of their peers. We want to
work with them to achieve this.
Our vision is for a society in which no woman or
girl has to live in fear of violence. To achieve this
vision, society needs to:
• prevent such violence from happening by
challenging the attitudes and behaviours which
foster it and intervening early where possible
to prevent it;
• provide adequate levels of support where
violence does occur;
• work in partnership to obtain the best
outcome for victims and their families; and
• take action to reduce the risk to women
and girls who are victims of these crimes
and ensure that perpetrators are brought to
4 The government is committed to continuing to uphold the
principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights
of the Child. It takes all forms of violence against children
extremely seriously and has in place clear frameworks and
guidance to promote and safeguard the welfare of children. It
has ratified the optional protocol on the sale of children, child
prostitution and child pornography, drawing special attention
to these serious violations of children’s rights and the steps to

my attempt at inventing a video game character at the galatic racer launch

Thursday, 25 November 2010

tonight opening at Belfast Print Workshop

is it really a year?? whats happened in the meantime?? tonight come on down to the BPW gallery where from 7-9pm you can have a look at the frenzy of talent that is working from the Print Workshop over the past year. See some familar names some news names and generally get into the Christmas spirit by supporting some local talent............ see you there.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Interesting exhibitions over the next month

Art is many things to many people. So Christmas is the time of Christmas shows , a time to give every artist an opportunity to sell their wares in the rush into Christmas future. Or a time to see what Art does for social cohesion or to make you think. But you have to remember that Art is not just for Christmas it's for life.............so if you want to get a mixed view of Art and what is going on in Belfast at the moment I thought I'd give you a list of interesting shows running in the run up to Christmas. If you want the concept but not the product go for William McKeown at the Ormeau Baths Gallery until 6th Jan.Where you can see dawn and tomorrow and 5 days all togtether. A witty way to fill a large gallery with the waiting room...worth a chuckle. Belfast's new turbine hall and the new Catalyst space shows another chuckle with Levan Lahart and guenine Irish Mug Gives a new perspective to a Chill factor.

If you want to see how Art can challenge social stereo types tomorrow night at the Golden thread Ardoyne young women's group show an exhibition for their photos developed with Zoe Murdoch based on how some people treat them like animals. Also worth remembering is that The Golden thread represent a large selection of excellent local artists in it's sales room also run on a social economy basis.

So other shows are opening over the next couple of weeks this Thursday Belfast print Workshop open their annual Christmas show where members get an opportunity to show just what they have been up to this year opens from 7pm wine and mince pies included. As a number of members have had breakthroughs this year I think it's really worth supporting them and to remember also that BPW Gallery is a gallery run on a social economy basis so all profit goes to the running of the gallery and the workshop.In the enviornment of cuts it's important to remember that.Exhibition runs until 24th Dec.

Opening next Thursday late night art day is The Engine Room gallery 7pm where a good eclectic range of painters and printmaking show their wares. 6 o'clock Creative Exchange in portview trade centre shows 50/50 a selection of small works from their artists. Also opening that night is a selection of artists chosen by Carrie Neely at the waterfront and Fashion Souk shows Art as illustration also at the waterfront with Trisha McNally.Creative exchange open their small works exhibition and coming up 11 Dec postcard from an unknowen artist but there is a catch, you can't read their names it's on the back where for the large sum of £50 you can purchase Art from a selection of artists are they all artists?? are they not? Not one electrician among them?

Shan Maxwell focuses on Angels on Friday 3 Dec at Strawberry fair in Strangford and Platform Arts (above poundstreachers) Opens Saturday 4th Dec evening(7 would be a good guess) with a selection of their own artists..................So this Christmas remember art can be many things to many people, so why not it mean something to you..................;-)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

lunch time talk Friday 26th at GT Gallery

Lunch Time Talk with Margaret Harrison

Golden Thread Gallery,

Friday 26th November 2010,


Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to host a lunchtime talk by Margaret Harrison, renowned artist and pioneer of feminist art. As a prelude to In View, a major group exhibition exploring the theme of the gaze, Harrison will discuss her artistic practice, focusing on the body of work to be exhibited at Golden Thread Gallery throughout December and January 2011.

Themes of Harrison’s very early work exploring notions of the human body as an object of sexuality, consumption, and gaze. In 1971, Harrison's work was instantly met with controversy and antagonism (the London police shut down her first solo exhibition the day after it opened, feeling that its contents were too controversial). This controversy caused Harrison to abandon the issues and themes of this series. Now an established artist with work in the permanent collections of major international institutions, she is critically re-engaging with this body of work, continuing the dialogue that she began four decades ago.


Admission is free, however a limited number of seats are available.

Please e-mail to reserve a seat to info@gtgallery.co.uk

A light lunch will be provided.

Margaret Harrison studied at the Carlisle College of Art, England (1957-61), Royal Academy Schools, London (1961-64), and the Academy of Art in Perugia, Italy (1965). Until recently, she was a Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University and The Summer Arts Institute of California, held at U.C. Davis. In 1970, she was one of the founders of the first London Women’s Liberation Art Group. Harrison developed artist during the years of pop, minimal and conceptual work. She has produced bodies of work dealing with homeworkers, rape, domestic abuse, the impact of war upon women, fame and celebrity status, and beauty as depicted by the cosmetics industry. She has been an Artist in Residence at the New Museum for Contemporary Art in New York and a Fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University.

The return of the women who never was opens Tuesday

The Return of the Women Who Never Left explores the ways that young women in Ardoyne are judged and stereotyped and works out ways to challenge this by using photography and humour.

Zoe Murdoch (artist) worked closely with the YEHA project and a core group of 11 young women to find creative ways of changing people’s perceptions of young women from Ardoyne. Many topics were addressed in depth including teenage pregnancy, drug & alcohol abuse and different perceptions of what beauty is. The young women soon discovered that messages can be made more powerful by using humour and irony as an antidote to the, often cruel, stereotypes and clich├ęs that are directed towards young people in general and young women from Ardoyne in particular.

Young people from working class areas are very often the victims of class and gender stereotyping.

Projects like The Return of the Women Who Never Left give the young women an opportunity to redefine themselves as multi-dimensional, unpredictable and untypical girls!

Ruth Graham
Development Officer
Golden Thread Gallery


The YEHA project is based in Ardoyne Flax Healthcare centre. It works under the umbrella project of Ardoyne and Shankill Healthcare Partnership. We are a small team of highly skilled youth workers working with young people aged between 0-25 on a range of issues with the goal of enhancing their personal development.

The project worked with a group of young women aged between 13 -16 all from Ardoyne. The girls decided that they would like to cover the issue of ´stereotypes` as they often suffer from generalisations that others can make about young girls from the Ardoyne area. Ardoyne is a highly deprived area with a strong sense of political and national identity. We asked the girls to explore their own identity and how coming from this community has affected them.

The girls are were highly motivated over the twelve week project and lead the majority of discussions and activities themselves themselves. We offered them a range of mediums to use throughout the project. They chose to work with Zoe an artist from the Golden Thread gallery to carry out a photography project. Sick of being perceived as `animals` the girls used the photgraphs as a way to express this.

I am extremely proud to have worked with this group of young women and wish them every success in the future. They achieved an awesome amount of perspective from working together and a good understanding of who they are and what they desire to become.

Lara Thompson
Youth Worker
YEHA Project

Friday, 19 November 2010

Wolfgang Buttress in conversation

Wolfgang Buttress in Conversation
Wed 24th Nov, 1pm

Apologies for another email in your inbox - one of our Twitter followers pointed out that we forgot to mention the time and date of the Wolfgang Buttress event in the previous email.

You can see Wolfgang discussing his RISE sculpture next Wednesday, 24th November at 1pm in the Reception Room at City Hall!

Light refreshments served. The event is free, but places are limited. To reserve your place, please call 028 9050 0512 or email culture@belfastcity.gov.uk

This is a joint event between PLACE and Belfast City Council. Please note booking is not available via PLACE.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Congratulations to Fidelma Carolan

Secretary of State Owen Paterson MP announced the appointment of Fidelma Carolan, Milton Kerr, Stephen McIlveen and Liam Maskey as new Commissioners to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

Owen Paterson said: “ The Equality Commission under the leadership of Chief Commissioner Bob Collins plays a vital role in protecting and promoting equality for everyone in Northern Ireland’s diverse society.

“The four new Commissioners bring with them skills, understanding and a wealth of knowledge that will contribute greatly to the Commission’s work.

“Eleven years after its establishment, the Commission continues to meet new challenges in the increasingly diverse, multicultural society in a testing economic environment. I am confident that the new Commissioners will help the Commission to meet these challenges and build on its considerable achievements so far.”

The Secretary of State also thanked the three outgoing Commissioners, Bryan Johnston, James Knox, Elaine Waterson and paid tribute to David Stevens, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

He said: “The outgoing Commissioners have made a valuable contribution to the promotion of the equality agenda in Northern Ireland.

“Their dedication to the work of the Commission has been invaluable and I am extremely grateful to them for their commitment over the last five years.”

strategy on violence against black and minority ethnic women and girls

Consultation Seminar


16th November 2010

12.30 pm – 5pm


Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission,

Temple Court

39 North Street,

Belfast BT1 1NA

Do historians help or hinder?

Do Historians Help or Hinder?

Preparing for a decade of commemorations

An opportunity for discussion

Friday November 26th 2010

10.30am – 12 noon

HTR Office, Alexander House, 17a Ormeau Avenue, Belfast

Registration 10:00am

Light lunch from 12 noon

Please register for this event by emailing claire@healingthroughremembering.org or by phoning the HTR office on 9023 8844.

Catalyst uses gravity.....

All new Catalytst Arts Gallery presents;
Nevan Lahart’s ‘Genuine Irish Mug’

Since 2004 Catalyst Arts Gallery has been situated on the second floor of 5 College Court
in Belfast. In a bid to increase access and heighten our visibility and presence Catalyst
has undertaken the task of relocating.

Over the past month a crack team of volunteers alongside the Catalyst staff have been
transforming a new space which will now become the next home for the organisation.
Which, in a canny ploy to utilise gravity in the moving process, is situated two floors
below the previous location, essentially at the same address; 5 College Court but this
time on the ground floor of the building.

The new Catalyst gallery will open this Thursday 18th November with a solo exhibition
by Irish artist Nevan Lahart. For this exhibition ‘Genuine Irish Mug’ Lahart has
developed a new work in response to the city of Belfast and in a broader sense,
Northern Ireland itself.

The subject matter of Lahart’s work encompasses television, the media, social and
political perceptions and the history of art and life.

Interested in the role of the Museum and institution, Lahart often employs humour and
irony to negate cultural and artistic boundaries, using humble, cheap materials to create
expansive installations.

The preview of the exhibition will open with a wine reception on Thursday 18th
November 6pm – 9pm with the exhibition then running until the 11th December,
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm.

You may unsubscribe from this list at any time by visiting the following URL:


Monday, 15 November 2010

artist talk this Thursday at Ps2


Thursday, 18 November 2010, 6pm @PS²:
art and therapy-
talk and discussion with Dr Caryl Sibbett, Eleen McCourt, Lizzie Devlin, Beth Frazer.
> free

Art and therapy can be traced back at least to Aristotle and his theory of catharsis, the cleansing of the soul through a theatre play.
The same might be true for the visual arts, especially when it centres around self expression.
Art therapy as an academic and professional subject had its beginnings in post-war USA and is now widely established and practised.
Broadly described as a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication, art therapy finds its practical use in hospitals, prisons, social welfare institutions and in psychiatry.
Northern Ireland seemed to be slow in adapting art therapy and only in 2002, a three year course at Queen’s University was established, which subsequently created awareness and new posts in institutions and organisations employing methods of psychotherapy.
With the current project ‘Drawing on Illness’ as the backdrop, this talk by art therapists, artists and academics will highlight different aspects of art therapy, its theory, practice and study possibilities and employment specifically in Northern Ireland.

Friday, 12 November 2010

South by SouthWest Music 2011

As you are aware South by Southwest Music 2011 is fast approaching and once again Belfast City Council, in partnership with FFWDNI and the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure will be supporting the event through a main music showcase, presence at the conference and exhibition and business to business networking events between the 14 and 20 March 2011.

As per previous years, it is imperative that business development is the key focus of our attendance and once again, we are keen to help provide some support for music businesses from Belfast to attend.

The SXSW® Music and Media Conference celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2011. Reaching a quarter of a century of being the biggest and most anticipated convergence of all things music, SXSW is ready to keep the reputation alive by programming the best event yet.

By day, thousands of conference registrants network in the halls of the Austin Convention Center on their way to do business in the SXSW® Trade Show, sit in on informative panel discussions featuring some of the industry's key players, gain insight from legendary keynote speakers or plan out their abundant party schedules.

At night, SXSW showcases hundreds upon hundreds of musical acts from around the globe on over eighty stages in downtown Austin. All this and so much more, combine to make SXSW one of the most revered music events, year after year.

We are working alongside FFWDNI this year to help support businesses attend and the total number of places available will be limited to a maximum of 15 delegates. Six of these will be supported directly through FFWDNI and details can be found at http://www.ffwdni.com/marketing. Belfast City Council will be supporting an additional nine companies to attend pending the confirmation of additional funding.

If you are interested in attending, you can download an application form from www.belfastcity.gov.uk/sxsw. Please return completed forms by no later than 12.00noon on Friday, 19 November 2010.

We will confirm whether financial support will be available to your company by 30th November 2010.

For further information on SXSW 2011, please visit: http://sxsw.com/music or contact Brendan McGoran, Creative Industries Officer, Belfast City Council at mcgoranb@belfastcity.gov.uk

This is a competitive process and all applications received will be scored based on the information provided, following our procurement procedures.

I hope you find this of use to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Talks at Digital arts studios

Talks at Digital Art Studios, Belfast

*Danielle Adair?International Artist in Residence?Thursday 25th November 1.15pm -2.15pm?University of Ulster Lecture Theatre

*Michael Ball?MFA Award Artist in Residence?Thursday 25th November 6.30pm?Digital Arts Studios

*David Scott & Matthew Birch?Artists in Residence?Thursday 1st December 6.00pm?Digital Arts Studios

*David Scott & Matthew Birch?Artists in Residence?Thursday 2nd December 6.00pm?Digital Arts Studios

*Conor Flanagan?BA Award Artist in Residence?Thursday 9th December 6.00pm?Digital Arts Studios

Digital Arts Studios, 37-39 Queen Street, Belfast BT1 6EA?www.digitalartsstudios.com

Interested in Film or TV?

Is your business interested in gaining access to and awareness of opportunities in the Film &TV industry?

If so, we are inviting businesses from the Belfast City Council area to register for the opportunity to participate in the REEL Business progamme to be held in the Europa Hotel, Belfast on 24 and 25 November 2010.

The Reel Business programme is aimed at providing creative companies with the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the world of film and television production, with a focus on children’s television, animation, visual FX and music licensing and production.

Key speakers will include, Brian Freisinger, Device FX, Maggie Rodford, Air-Edel, Phil McNally, Dreamworks, Gary Knell, Sesame Street and Greg Maguire, Technical Director on Avatar.

The participating companies will receive:

Advice from decision makers on emerging opportunities;
Exclusive time to pitch individually throughout the day; and
Participant to participant networking.

Workshops are only open to Belfast-based creative companies and places are being limited to approximately thirty to enable participants to obtain the greatest benefit from the event.

A full schedule and speaker biogs are attached.

If you are interested in attending, please rsvp by no later than 4.00pm on Friday, 19 November 2010.

Event Details:

Venue: Europa Hotel

Great Victoria Street



Date: 24 November – 25 November 2010

RSVP: Brendan McGoran at mcgoranb@belfastcity.gov.uk or on 02890 270453

If you plan to attend all workshops please state all.

If you plan to attend specific workshops only, please specify.

This project is funded by Belfast City Council and the European Union Regional Development Fund through the Northern Ireland Sustainable Competitiveness Programme

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards


Brendan McGoran

Creative Industries Officer

Belfast City Council

Cecil Ward Building

4-10 Linenhall Street



Tel: 02890 270453

Internal Ext: 3562

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sue Morris on Thursday at Queens Street studios

The Obsessive Compulsive drawings

Review Thursday 11 NOvember 6-9

exhibition runs to 11 Dec
Artist talk
9th DEcember.

Queens Street studios Gallery
3rd Floor
37-39 Queen Street
Belfast Bt1 6EA

Monday, 8 November 2010

Fact Liverpool opportunity

Price: Free

Location: Screen 1

Location: Screen 1

FACT is pleased to announce the return of the ArteFACT series of exhibitions in its public spaces. Through link-ups with artist groups and studios in the city, alongside open submission exhibitions and connections with annual arts festivals in the city, ArteFACT will enliven the building by providing a stimulating counterpoint to exhibitions in the main galleries and a platform for local artists to reach the wide audience that FACT attracts.

FACT is inviting submissions for the first ArteFACT exhibition – scheduled to take place in late November 2010. For this exhibition we’re interested in artists working primarily in 2D whose work explores the relationship between art and technology, either in the production of the work or in the themes and ideas it addresses. Work submitted can be in any medium, with particular interest given to pieces that broaden FACT’s main themes and ideas, taking on board new perspectives.


The theme for the first exhibition of the re launched ArteFACT is ‘Begin’. If you think your work is suitable please send

• 5 images (jpeg) to artefact@fact.co.uk

• Titles of work(s) and short descriptions

• A brief statement about yourself and your practice.

• Your contact details.

Primary focus will be given to wall based work that is ready to hang, but we are able to offer a small printing budget courtesy of Hobs Reprographics for works that have not yet been printed, framed or mounted.

Submission deadline: 20 November (2010)

The exhibition will be on display from 29 November, until 15 December 2010

Unfortunately we are unable to offer feedback to applicants, if you have not received a confirmation e-mail from us then you have been unsuccessful with your submission, but you may enter as many times as you like. We look forward to seeing your work!

not far to Christmas now

Someone told me its only 6 weeks to Christmas. HOw did that happen? It seems like only yesterday that it was Christmas last year. What has changed for you this year? anything? A few things have changed in my existance. I'm one year older and with it comes supposedly wiser? Maybe ?? who knows. Achievements this year? Settling into artists lifestyle rightly. Enjoying working on my new body of work for an exhibition next year. I've enjoyed sharing my skills in a voluntary capacity with the Belfast Print workshop and now have handed on the mantel to Jill O Neill four years is enough ,two as the chair. Jill will build on existing work and take the organisation to the next stage. Nice Paul Seawright exhibition on at the moment. He's been a pleasure to have around as artist in residence.

The wierd thing about being an artist is peoples attitude towards you. Suspicion and wonder. Sometimes on it's own sometimes in isolation.The most difficult part is identifying opportunites to go for. Which one to go for at what stage of existance. Especially when you are deep in an artistic trance. But thats all part of the fun of the fair. I'm looking forward to the run up to Christmas now then a bit of calm before the storm. Storm well there was one down in Strangford at the weekend. I went to see the Mitchen Bradey exhibition on at Strawberry Fair - beautiful pots . Only ever saw one of her pieces at a time anywhere so it's nice to see them all together. The craftmanship is amazing.All thoses frogs and snakes can give you the creeps, if your squeemish.

Noticed a beautiful Owen Crawford head in the gallery, so gorgious you just want to touch it. Kiss it even. Wierd but beautiful. The gallery is only open on Saturday's in November but Christmas opening hours will start soon.

Free Web Polls - Online Polls - Free Online Poll - MicroPoll

Free Web Polls - Online Polls - Free Online Poll - MicroPoll

REd barn gallery

43b Rosemary Street
Red Barn Gallery exhibition
Pure White
images by John White
on until 25th NOv

Thursday, 4 November 2010

late night art tonight

dont forget its late night art tonight.Or "Art in the dark" as its sometimes called this time of the year.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ps2 portrait of an illness

Drawing on Illness’- Beth Frazer, self portraits.
Opening: Thursday 04 November 2010, 6-9pm

Beth Frazer's self portraits are frank investigations of her body and personality. The images are strong personal explorations, triggered through an undiagnosed illness. With her ‘portraits of an illness’, she researched
her physical pain through the medium of art- photography as a medium of double exposure.
For this project, Beth Frazer recreates the physical and mental space, illness, medical diagnosis, treatment and healing occupies.
As the artist explicitly expresses and investigates the link of art and art therapy, a talk about this subject will accompany the project.

‘Drawing on Illness’ continues until 27 November 2010.
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 1-5pm, Sat 11am- 3pm

Thursday, 18 November, 6pm: art and therapy//art as therapy. Talk with Dr Caryl Sibbett and others, tbc.

For more information see: www.pssquared.org/DrawingonIllness.php
Contact:pssquared@btconnect.com or 07733457772

Monday, 1 November 2010

Red Barn exhibition

Pure White - Selected images by John White

Opens 4th November 2010 at 8pm

Red Barn Gallery, Rosemary Street, Belfast.

Belfast Independent Photographer John White was probably one of the best local social documentary photographers of recent times.

Before his death he left an important archive of images from Belfast's war torn street.

The Red Barn Gallery is very pleased to make a selection of his historically important images available for public view.

Everyone is welcome
Refreshments will be available

Master classes at Ulster Museum

THURSDAY 18TH NOV 2010 / 1pm - 2pm
THURSDAY 2ND DEC 2010 / 1pm - 2pm
THURSDAY 3RD FEB 2011 / 1pm - 2pm
THURSDAY 24TH FEB 2011 / 1pm - 2pm
THURSDAY 3RD MAR 2011 / 1pm - 2pm
THURSDAY 7TH APR 2011 / 1pm - 2pm
Masterclass lectures are free but booking
is advised to avoid disappointment.
To reserve tickets contact the
Ulster Museum on,
02890 440 051
For all other enquiries call,
02890 267 220 In association with