Thursday, 25 February 2010

2 intern positions

DLR Festival of World Cultures: 2 Intern Positions*

Celebrating its 10-year Anniversary this July, the dlr Festival of World Cultures is Ireland’s largest and most loved intercultural celebration. The Festival attracts over 250,000 people each year with a diverse line-up of acclaimed world music from around the globe, food fairs, art exhibitions, workshops, artistic collaboration, cultural demonstrations family events and a nightly Festival club. The Festival is now looking for a Marketing and Programme Intern.
Deadline: 26/02/2010

late night art next week

Dont forget that diary date next week many interesting things going on.

gender progress

Parents of children due on or after 3 April 2011 will be able to take advantage of new legislation announced recently by the Government. The rights also apply to parents of adopted children matched on or after 3 April 2011.

Under the new rights, mothers will be able to transfer the last six months of their maternity leave to the father if she decides to return to work before the end of her leave. As with current paternity leave (which only lasts for two weeks), additional paternity leave extends to partners and civil partners of mothers.

The Government says that the idea behind the new regulations is to enable parents to share a period of paid leave between them, giving families greater flexibility in how they choose to look after their children. In essence, the regulations state that:

• Fathers who have been continuously employed for at least 26 weeks will be entitled to up to six months extra leave, which can be taken once the mother has returned to work

• Some of the leave may be paid if taken during the mother’s 39 week maternity pay period at the same rate as Statutory Maternity Pay

• Parents will be required to “self certify” by providing details of their eligibility to their employer. Employers and HMRC will both be able to carry out further checks of entitlement if necessary

• The leave can start from 20 weeks after the baby’s birth (or adoption) and must end 12 months after the child is born (or adopted)

• The minimum period of leave is 2 consecutive weeks and a maximum of 26 consecutive weeks

• In order to be entitled to take the leave strict notice provisions will apply

The regulations are due to come into force on 6 April 2010, but will only apply to parents of children due or matched on or after 3 April 2011.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Joanna Karolini

Unprivileged Highs and Lows’- Joanna Karolini
Opening: Monday, 22.February 2010, 6-8pm (with background sound radiation by Christian Cherene)

Refurbishment- what is going on in PS²: the floorboards ripped up, exposed rafters, sawdust, the usual mess if you have builders in.
At a closer look, the destruction happens quite orderly: the floor panels are carefully placed against the white walls, the floor layers are exposed in sections. The work of a specialist firm of building conservationist or archeologists?
Joanna Karolini, who works in film and installation, is the fourth artist in the series ‘sounding out space’, a multidisciplinary exploration of the 23sqm PS² space.
In ‘Unprivileged Highs and Lows’, she investigates with a historic and artistic curiosity, what’s underneath the floor of the art space.
She peels off the layers and uncovers materials placed upon each other, serving different functions and tastes of a building dating back to 1870.
‘I am particularly interested in the floor. It carries the heaviest but silent evidence of weight. Unseen and un-noticed, traces are left by artists, artworks and audiences using the gallery. It’s my canvas... I will re-negotiate the gallery’s own architecture and function, focusing mainly on the architecture of traces left by the cultural activities, on/in/under the floor.’ (J.Karolini)

These traces do not only excite your own imagination of people and the use of the space in the past, this site specific project exposes a material beauty which refers back to the current use of the space for art.
This is the 4th in the series of ‘sounding out space', a series of explorative projects around aspects of space (architectural, emotional, historical, practical…). The 23m² of project space with its public exposure to the street is the object of investigation with a wide range of multidisciplinary approaches; artists, musician, choreographer, a cat, interior designer, spiritualistic medium, refurbishment people, tenants... All projects are recorded and documented by Fiona Larkin.
Projects in the 'sounding out space' series:
(1) Matt Green: 'Present place', 2008
(2) Kathy Graham: 'Portraits', 2009
(3)Tobias Sternberg: 'Yourself from the outside', 2009

Opening times: Wed- Sat: 1 - 5pm
Late Night Art: 04 March, 6 - 9pm
Special site-entrance accompanied by the artist: Monday 8th and 15th March, 5.30 – 6.30pm
‘Unprivileged Highs and Lows’ continuous till 20 March 2010

PS²is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland; Late Night Art is funded by Belfast City Council.
For more information see or contact 07733457772 /

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

from face book

a submission from a facebook friend

has just seen a candidate for Iris' old seat appeal to her voters by saying "I dont trust people who claim not to have a bigoted bone in their body" we're not expecting genius' but surely we can do better than this.

now there is progress for you.

sun in Barcelona

So I did see a blue sky today as well as some contemporary art at this looked good as did not been in there before beautiful Tapies printed was great as usual just so lovely to have a proper contemporary art museum Rodney Graham had some interesting video pieces and there was an interesting painting from John Baldessari a large canvas called Baldessari

painted on it was
" Tips for artists who want to sell
generally speaking paintings with light colours sell
more quickly than paintings with dark colours.
Subjects that sell well madaonnna and child,landscapes,flower paintings,still lives( free of macabe props and dead birds) pictures in abstract and surrealism.

A subject matter is important it has been said that paintings with cows and hens in them collect dust while the same paintings with bulls and roosters sell well."

So there you go some interesting tips from Baldessari.........................there is an art fair in Barcelona in May if you want to come for a nosey, ole.

Black books at the balck box Sun 21 Feb

Inspired by the crafty resourcefulness of the Black Market and a cult tv-show about a dusty bookshop and a taciturn, alcoholic Irishman, trans in association with the Black Market, present a new, grass-roots book fair.

With a cacophony of stalls manned by book-sellers, zine writers and literary enthusiasts and an afternoon of word-based entertainment, Black Books is a revival and a celebration of the multiplicities of language and printed word.

Stalls will include new and secondhand books, zines, rare books & antiquities, comicbooks, magazines, papers and children’s literature.

Come enjoy a laid-back Sunday afternoon, and have a hoke through some dusty old books sitting side-by- side with cutting edge writing from both the local and international avant-garde.

Tea and tales in the cafe all day: books, bean bags and storytelling.

Tea and Tales brings you stories by some of the best authors of children’s contemporary fiction read on-the-hour by renowned storytellers. Children and parents can choose to listen to the stories read on the hour or simply relax on some bean bags in a quiet comfy area and choose something to read for themselves.

Perhaps most importantly there will be a fine selection of word-based games in the cafe including Scrabble, Boggle and the Black Books favourite, BANANAGRAMS!

If you are interested in taking a stall at Black Books events contact at blackbox

Black books at the balck box Sun 21 Feb

Inspired by the crafty resourcefulness of the Black Market and a cult tv-show about a dusty bookshop and a taciturn, alcoholic Irishman, trans in association with the Black Market, present a new, grass-roots book fair.

With a cacophony of stalls manned by book-sellers, zine writers and literary enthusiasts and an afternoon of word-based entertainment, Black Books is a revival and a celebration of the multiplicities of language and printed word.

Stalls will include new and secondhand books, zines, rare books & antiquities, comicbooks, magazines, papers and children’s literature.

Come enjoy a laid-back Sunday afternoon, and have a hoke through some dusty old books sitting side-by- side with cutting edge writing from both the local and international avant-garde.

Tea and tales in the cafe all day: books, bean bags and storytelling.

Tea and Tales brings you stories by some of the best authors of children’s contemporary fiction read on-the-hour by renowned storytellers. Children and parents can choose to listen to the stories read on the hour or simply relax on some bean bags in a quiet comfy area and choose something to read for themselves.

Perhaps most importantly there will be a fine selection of word-based games in the cafe including Scrabble, Boggle and the Black Books favourite, BANANAGRAMS!

If you are interested in taking a stall at Black Books events contact at blackbox

2 quotes today

‘In the end,’ said Auden, ‘art is small beer. The really serious things in life are earning one’s living and loving one’s neighbour.’

comments please

quote of the day

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” — Albert Einstein


It's still raining, but still lots of life in the streets,came across some artists collectives yesterday some good art some bad but I suppose that's the way it goes. Wierd that people still smoke inside, how did I forget about that? Went to a great Jazz club last night the energy was great. Going to the contemporary art museum today for a look...........................

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

mobile world congress

what is social media?

Marketing Your Business with Social Media
Wednesday, 24 Mar (17:30 - 21:00)

SIGNAL Centre of Business Excellence, Bangor



Speaker: Dawn Baird

We have all heard of social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc, but just what can it do for you and your business?

Should you be “tweeting” or engaging with others through the internet? By attending this session you will learn how social media can be used to promote you and your business. This “jargon free” module will introduce you to social media tools and illustrate ways you can use these tools to your advantage, as well as overcoming the pitfalls along the way.

This event costs just £25.00. Places are strictly limited, so early booking is recommended.

Book your place by contacting SIGNAL on 028 9147 3788 or

what is power?

As i ramble along the ramblas many things come into my head. Power what is it? Well I was a participant on a programme in Dublin a number of years ago called. POlicy Position and Power. It look at all three aspects of the decision making process and what it the difference between the three different areas.

Take power for instance, some people use it for power over it's the you do as I say kind of power,its very selfish kind of power. on a boardWhere others take the power with kind of power. The kind of power where you activate the inner desire in everyone to work alongside each other and work with each other. I know of an instance were someone was on a board, they used the power to bully and manipulate things for their own advantage. Once of the board and out of power they started to stir things up beacuse they felt powerless!!! even though there were still structures in place to be heard. Because they themselves had used their power to manipulate they though the next people on the board would be doing the same. So they started to spread rumours and tittle tattle. The funny thing is its just this sort of middle class rubbish that stops people sticking up for things in the first place.

Gossip, gossip, people who gossip usually do so as a way of trying to control information and other people. Out of a sence of person frustration of their own inability to feel that they have achieved the kind of standing they belive to be theres. However there is a wider issue at large. Scarce resources if there are few opportunities around the bullys always try and get there first. I'm thinking of writing a book called Karma business, go out and do good into the world see positives in all things and get the opportunities back tenfold.

Ive noticed someone else whos business is not going too well so they have started to bitch about other people because they cant see how that person could possibly be doing ok . There is a gender issue in it as well. Something about a women ?? when I have come across men who have issues with sucessful women it's usually because the models of women hood in their lives are not very balanced, the women in their lives have taken on a more worthy supportive role to the men around but this means when a strong women appears it doesnt quite fit with their sexist view of how the world should run. I should know as for many years I ran gender programmes and was named as a European gender specialist on behave of the Equal programme for my work with WINS or women into non traditional careers ran by Belfast City Council.I particularly liked to do the gender awareness training taking on both men and women and their views of what each sex should do. Great to tap away at the old stereotyping.

So anyone out there abusing their power? take a look at what is really behind it in your little head???A feeling of hurt perhaps? a kind of powerlessness? a feeling that life has passed you buy? NO time like the present!! to work on your karma.;-)

Funny what comes into your head when walking around Barcelona. Do something nice today and see the ripple effect.

ion and

Barcelona Hoy!

Raining in Barcelona, that's not happened before when I've been here at this time of the year, so that's climate change for you. I first notice all the shops have sales on that's not happened before at this time of the year so there is a recession on here as well. The people are happy enough eating and drinking. I just had a dander around yesterday funny how a city is. Nice to see some proper sculpture.

I was wondering something else about Belfast and N Ireland how would you make an impact on society in general ?? what small think would help really bring about change and what I can think off is for all those people who are pretending to help people as part of there job, if they actually helped people. Instead of pretending. Let me give you a for instance. You get money to develop an idea and help people moving on in their lives, you only pretend to do it, but still get the money.What if you really did it properly??? what then!what would NI actually look like? It's all about attitude. Be live that the people can change, believe that there are possibilities help them see a future and slowly at there own pace they will transform.
On another track
I was talking to someone about Karma the other week they said why was it that so many people came up to them and were nasty or wanted something of them? I commented that people were always giving me things, it happened last night as well. I was waiting in a q to go and eat someone asked if it was a nice restaurant, I commented that It was a nice place to stay, but hadn't eaten there as it was always booked and in Barcelona that's a good sign. At the end of the mans meal he came over and gave me half a bottle of wine as he said it was a good recommendation and he was never going to drink it all. Things like this happen all the time to me, random strangers give me things...............................I was thinking also about learning some people are trapped in a cycle of the same thing happening over and over and over again. Do they ever stop to think?I know I've had difficulties with it in the past why do I seem to be having the same relationship over and over and over again? (its been a long time since I sorted that one out) Why is it that people keep taking advantage of me? why do people steal from me? why do people make things up about me?I particularly like that last one it ties in with something else I was talking to someone about.

Who are you asking for advice?????? lets say your a man trying to figure out how to have a balanced relationship with someone, you want a balanced relationship you think you may have found someone you can finally be honest with. But you cant quite figure her out, you never tell her how you feel because you don't know how. So you ask other men for advice. You ask a married man who has been married for years and was thinking of divorcing his own wife because he married his wife loving her then she settled into wife-hood and became a shadow. You ask a man who has only ever loved one women, you ask other men , one who treats women like something he wants to scrape off his shoe. Disposable. Only good for 2 things , and one of them is administration. You quite like that idea because it means you can get the nice bits from a women and ignore the rest. Now who else do you ask??? you ask everyone except for the women herself and other men who have balanced relationships.You take solace in other peoples negative views of balanced relationships and continue on in the same cycle..............................................never letting on how you really feel. Never taking the risk, because of who you asked for advice. Easier to continue on with the same cycle............................................
Life is interesting is it not? now I'm away out into the world to try and give good Karma. ;-) What about you? Be still, think.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dublin today.-truth and reconciliation

I was down in Dublin today at a conference about truth and reconciliation from a feminist perspective, it was excellent really excellent a number of the speakers were totally world class. A funny thing happened on arrival at Connolly station there were a group of girls down from the north on a school trip, we were waiting on the LUAS trying to figure out how to get from A to B when we got on the tram in the doors the writing is all in Irish, totally confused I tried to work out where I was going, I eventually found the legend in English , just to over hear one of the girls say " do you know any Irish" to which the other one said" no I'm not a catholic, oops did I say that" and all the girls giggled................

I retold the story at the conference to a women and she stopped dead in silence, later on she came up to me and said she had told loads of people because she was quite shocked I had said it but I said but it's normal if you go to a Protestant school you don't get taught Irish that just how it is in the North. Until anyone now knows otherwise...................

Dawn Pervis was speaking about her concept of truth, she broke down crying at different points in her talk and of particular poinence was her memory of going to visit her friend who's mother had been shot dead in the local UDA club...............................but really was the truth. IN the book lost lives it read -acidential killing and the man was fined £50 but what was the truth???

I had a great day at the hannas house conferance it was held in the Guiness hop store, interesting to have a conferance inside a pint of Guiness, free pint included.

Hannas house is have a summer school at the end of August and It would be well worth visiting it what I really liked about the audiance was it was intergenerational, lots of women from different backgrounds and different expereinces of feminism sharing a space to talk about interesting things. Wonderful. I think the conclusions were that it was only the beginning of the discussion. Strong

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Financial capability in Enniskillen

The Financial Capability Partnership NI, in association with Fermanagh District Council, invites you to
the launch of Money Week (6-12 March 2010). The Financial Capability Partnership NI is led by the
Consumer Council and funded by the Financial Services Authority.

The Clinton Centre, Belmore Street, Enniskillen BT74 6AA

Friday 5 March, 12noon

A light lunch will be served.

By 26 February to Louise McGovern
t: 028 9043 4320 f: 028 9043 4321 e:

On entering Enniskillen from the A4, keep in the left hand lane (TP Topping's garage and McDonald's will

be on your right). At the junction, follow the signs for Dublin/The West (A4), turning left onto Frith's Pass
leading onto Wellington Road. There are public Pay and Display car parks on either side of the road.

It is a short walk to the Clinton Centre on Belmore Street.

Click here for a map to the venue

Click here for information on public transport

For further information on Money Week and the event programme, click here.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bill of rights

Over the last 10 years the Human Rights Commission have been consulting with voluntary and community groups to establish the bases for an inclusive Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

This document was presented to the Northern Ireland Office on the 10th December 2008.

In November 2009 the Northern Ireland Office released a paper for consultation, with a deadline of 1st March 2010, this document dismisses the rights of children and many other rights for people living here.

We are asking NIO to review the proposed document in order to have an inclusive and equitable bill of rights. To make your voice heard, please go to this link and sign the petition.

Please distribute widely among your contacts.

Israel Hontavilla

do you feel spring? and Michael Longley

I actually saw a blue sky today, now how did that happen?? I was down at the writing festival in Strangford at the weekend and it was really interesting, lovely to be there and great excitement was had by all when all the literature was read out. I went to a really interesting workshop about memoirs followed by a magical evening in the Church at old court where there were readings and music. Oh just how wonderful when all this comes together, A group of people to write and sing ,swap stories and generally get on with life. Great for a FEb evening. This Friday evening Michael Longley is doing a reading in Portaferry at Bar home.
No time but if you contact Bar home they will tell you. the lough will be beautiful if you go done earlier.

I've been thinking about power recently, it's it great that Margarte Richie has become leader of the SDLP!! there were a few sour faces in the photos from some of the men to that one and she wants to become First Minister, good on her. Who says Northern Ireland is not changing and we have actually agreed on a policong and Justice minister post are we all growning up at last. Elections again next year, lets see what happens then??

Meanwhile back on earth people are doing deals and swapping funds, each interaction you have makes a difference, so lets say you spread gossip about someone in order to make yourself feel better it has a knock on effect, it hurts the person you gossip about but then is'nt that the reason you gossip in the first place?? In order to control a flow of information that makes you look positive??? even if the whole thing is a misunderstanding. Much better to jump to conclusions and spread them rather that getting the facts straight. At least thats what seems to be happening in my life.

It's hurtful, sad and hurtful yet some people feel that this is the way for them to live their lives.

Anyway the sun is out the sky is blue I'm busy working on a number of things and know that I am alive living an interesting life...................................

Monday, 8 February 2010

every sunday at 3

Outside In

A spring season of street theatre shows

Every Sunday at 3pm

February 7th – April 25th

Great street shows – indoors - in Belfast Circus School

We present some of our favourite stars from Festival of Fools past and future.

It's funny, it's family friendly and best of all it's FREE!!

Limited seating, so come along early to avoid disappointment.

At the end of this mini season, you are invited to attend the Festival of Fools proper for five days of top quality international street theatre from 29th April to 3rd May.

7th February at 3pm:

Goronwy Thom…street theatre with oodles of skill, mugfuls of mirth and bucketloads of charm.

Goronwy Thom is a hugely versatile clown, juggler, unicyclist and comedian, and is one of the most popular street artists working the circuit today with infectious energy and humour guarantee a good time for any audience.

performance week in Belfast starts today

Bbeyond Belfast 2010 CHAOS
CHAOS: the complexity of causality or relationships between events. Any 'seemingly' insignificant event in the universe has the potential to trigger a chain reaction that will change the whole system.


The PS² SPACE: our pro ject base for the week 8th to 13th, will have daily window screenings, actions and encounters.

Wednesday February 10th PS² SPACE @ 1pm– Screening of filmed performances from guest international artist Poshya Kakl, Kurdistan, Iraq.

Thursday February 11th @ 2pm, UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER - Tanya Mars Lecture, room 82D23.

Thursday February 11th BLACKBOX @ 8pm: An evening of cutting edge performance from Irene Loughlin, Rachel Echenberg, Poshya Kakl and Johanna Householder. CHAOS: A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.

Friday February 12th CATALYST ARTS GALLERY @ 8pm: N.Ireland's longest established alternative space hosts Shannon Cochrane, John G Boehme, Ed Johnson and Tanya Mars. CHAOS: A disorderly mass; a jumble.

Saturday the 13th PS² SPACE @ 12pm: more performances by Judith Price, Paul Couillard, and Sylvette Babin, followed by a public discussion with the invited artists. CHAOS: the disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space In some cosmogonic views, chaos was supposed to have existed before the ordered universe.

This series of Bbeyond performances has been curated by Sinead O’Donnell (Ireland) in collaboration with John G. Boehme and Judith Price (Canada)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January is over!!!!!!!!

How did that happen? January is over Feb is apon us and life goes on. I have been asked by someone recently why I didnt add some wee notes to my blogg like I used to ? I suppose life has been busy. I have missed pouring my heart out online. I'm so please that January is over again as its just such a nasty month over all. You can almost smell the night getting lighter. So what of life?

Well I visited the Andre Stitt exhibition on in the golden thread last week and I had an interesting art expereince. There were two pieces in paarticular that struck me. One was a video piece of the Europa being blown up and general mayhem in belfast. Funny how quickly that goes from our memories!!!! While watching it I got a text from an ex prisioner and for one moment my heart just crumbled. Was he involved? had he ever been involved? whats going on!!
The other one was the blood splattered typed last message of someone who had been involved in terrorism and had killed himself after leaving prision for 15 years, he said dont let the next generation get involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It felt particularly strong as I am artist in residence at City East and there are lots of memorials around of things that have previously happened and I hope that there is a generation that is not going down the same road as their ansestords around. Certainily there is alot of heart on the road. Heart and Hope and thats where real change really starts. So anyway thats my wee art moment last week.

I also love Lisa Malones exhibition in GT, Lisa has a great spirit and professionalism towards her art and she kinda goes inot a very human questioning with her series of prints. Are you sitting? flying through the air? waiting, watching, going to slide through life where are you now??????? its all a roller coaster you know.

So now that Jan is over the tax return is out of the way, remember its good to be alive and go out to late night art this Thursday and support all the wonderfukl talent that there is in

at the weekend why not head to Strangford where there is the wild geese writing festival interesting exhibition in Strawberry fair including the work of Jill Evans, her beautiful screenprints are a delight to behold and always make me smilewith a sure kind heart. Remember its good to be alive. XXXX

ever wanted to get inot the police station at Queen street?


A presentation of installation and performance

4 February 2010

Thursday 4 February 6-9pm

Platform, 1 Queen’s Street, Belfast

Platform presents Station, a unique event featuring installation by Belfast-based artists. The event will take place in a fascinating unusual space: the former Police Station in Queen Street.

This is the first in a series of residency based presentations. Platform worked in collaboration with the University of Ulster and offered five artists studying for their Master of Fine Art degree short-term residencies in the Police Station.

Alice Clark, Laura O’Connor, Lynn Cromie, Nadine Stewart and Niamh O'Beirne produced a body of work inspired by the atmosphere and the history of this old building. They will present their installations to the general public on one day only – this Thursday between 6-9pm.

Fiona Goggin, Platform Co-director explained:

Station is an experimental curatorial project organised by Platform. The premise of the project is to invite artists to come and make work in or in response to the building. The project will run until 2012 and we are planning to invite local and international artists to produce a variety of art pieces exploring this amazing space.

Further information from Fiona Goggin, Station Project Manager / Mobile 07979 752279

Grants now open

David Ervine Foundation is now open for grants. Details can be found here:§ion=RECEIVE