Friday, 29 May 2009

2nd quote of the day

I do not expect anything from others,
so their actions
cannot be in opposition
to wishes of mine.

swami Sri Yukteswar
Antobiography of a yogi

protest rally- we dont want this happening any more

Protest Rally Against Sectarian Murder of Kevin McDaid

1pm, Friday 29 May 2009 – Waterloo Place, Derry~Londonderry

Derry Trades Union Council invites the people of the city and further afield to join a short (15 minute) protest to show revulsion at this week’s horrific, sectarian murder in Coleraine.

Please come along and help demonstrate our shared rejection of this kind of activity.

quote of the day

ideas by themselves
cannot produce change of being;
your effort must go in the
right direction,
and one must correspond
to the other.

P.D Ouspensky
G.I Gurdjieff

..................oh I know, oh I know

Thursday, 28 May 2009

I missed this but it's worth it

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New studios and gallery opening Monday

Platform Arts are opening their studio space and gallery on Monday 1 June

The programme starts with University of Ulster MFA show.

Address No 1 Queen street(opposite end to Queen street studios), Belfast (up above Pound stretchers)

Large door with grafitti on it.

It's it nice to see a group of artists get together and put this together rather than sit about complaining. Hurrah for self motivation....................they have been working really hard getting the space organised so well done to all the project team.

Castleward opera is fantastic

I would highly recommend this years Castleward opera Die fledermaus (the bat) it's in English, a comedy, set in contemporary times and as well as fantastic singing you get to see a few things that I've never seen in an opera before. A dyson vacume cleaner (they have taste) and a few other surprises that it would be a shame to list as it would spoil the fun. They are only running one opera this year due to funding cuts and what with the economic situation their coperate ticket buying has depleted so there are tickets left particularly for mid week. If you have never been before go for the first time, if it's been a while get some tickets and reconnect with it.

An easy one for anyone do thinks they dont like opera. I notice on their website it says -other concessions maybe available if I were you I'd get a group together and negociate.

Its it's 25 year anniversary and it's strange to think being from Strangford I remember when it started the first Opera was Cost fan tutti, and all the locals thought "opera" what knd of rubbish is that all about( well maybe not all the locals) the first year i went I was'nt sure what to expect, they were having cheep seats for the locals but I was absolutely blown away with what you could do in such a small space and what beauty could be found. Over the years i have been to many of their productions and it would be a great pity if it was not able to continue due to funding cuts. It really brought lots of business to the loacl area and helped keep us all on the map.I remember the night John Major turned up before the peace process started and it was great to see Castleward on the national news not just bad news about NI.

So anyway have I sold it yet? I really would highly recommend it.

A real sparkling

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

still some places left

place still available on some of the BPW courses coming up

quote of the day

Dont refuse
to go on a wild goose chase.
That's what wild geese are for.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Part 8 Life after art college

So I was back on home turf, now what. After the initial shock I decided to try and set up some kind of business, I mean after all there I was with all those awards and all that talent surely a business would be possible. Same as I was doing in London and New York. It was lovely to be home. If your from a rural area in Northern Ireland or anywhere you know how bad the transport is. Many artists dont drive so getting around was a problem. Who do I contact to see about setting up a business?? was'nt there somewhere called LEDU? no one I know had ever been in contact with it so I looked it up in the phone book and tried to arrange a meeting. I was to go to the enterprise centre in Downpatrick the only time they wanted to give me was impossible to get to because of the bus schedual from Strangford and the lack of local buses in Downpatrick after much discussion I asked to go to Newtownards instead. The meeting was schedualed, one morning off I went on the boat to Portaferry to get the bus to Newtownards waited 45 mins and then had my meeting.

I kept asking them how could they help me, showed what I was doing and what I wanted to do. I kept on getting negative answers, no we dont help people doing what you are doing, no, no,no,no,no,no. How's that for support.

Needless to say I went home a bit depressed back on the bus and boat and thought what on earth am I going to do now?

It is an experience that rolled back in my head over and over on different occassions and the experience was to effect a number of things I got involved in at a future date.I still had contacts in London but Belfast did'nt really hold much promise as far as opportunitys went. After some time I got contacted by Caroline Salem who I had done the cosutmes in New York for offering me the opportunity to go to Spain, Zaragoza to design costumes for a Ballet she was working on. Needless to say I did'nt need much more to tempt me. After all there was not much holding me in Northern Ireland.

Not much opportunity for me here, even with all that talent and willingness to stay.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Opening to the public from 11:30am this Friday 22nd May, PLACE presents a new exhibition on the lesser-known works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The exhibition runs from Friday 22nd May – Saturday 27th June 2009.

A special launch event will be held at PLACE for Late Night Art on Thursday 4th June, from 6 – 9pm.

Meanwhile, in weePLACE, DSD presents its plans for Donegall Place in the Streets Ahead programme.

More info on the PLACE website:

european elections

So I got in the post today the election cards for the european elections as I hope many of you have. As it's me that is writing this I can't help recall the time I took a group of Women to the European parliment in Belguim. What on earth was I doing that for you ask? well is was part of a programme I ran taking women from Garvagh, Inishowen and Claudy who were looking at moving forwards with their lives and helping them work with the personal linking it to the political. In the political part we took them to the Dail, Assembly and European Parliment. Explained the different political structures and encouraged them to participating in using them to highlight issues that they or their community were facing.

The trip to the European parliment was intersting, for example did you know that there were actually 3 parliments built while only 2 are used one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg. Every (i think it's month) the whole administration move from one city to the next (who pays for that ?)We were to see the Sinn Fein advisers and Unionist ones.One from the South as well cant remember who it was (cant be bothered to look in the diary) We were to visit the parliment sitting listen to a debate. Ask questions.

A few things that struck me
1. it actually has a very small adminsitration
2. all the MEP post boxes are in alphabetical order so it makes for interesting linkages.
3. The different political partys are connected to different blocks of similar political thinking.
4. Mep's only get to speak via a very tight schedual which is constantly negociated.
5. if you do not sit on a commitee for a particular issue you often will not get to speak about it as an MEP,
6. if you are on a commitee but dont attend it you will go to the bottom of the speaking list.
7. as MEP need to be seen to be asking questions what they often do is when a debate is over and eveyone is leaving they will satnd up and ask a question (even though it has no influence and no one is listening and the debate is over) This way the MEP can "honestly" get reported in their home country newspaper the fact that they have asked a question in the EU parliment.
8. all the advisers of the NI and Irish political partys were very good friends there were lots of bar b ques and socialising among them.

At the time we went there was a debate on the cost of returning asalym seekers to their country of origin. One of the women who was with us worked in a hostel with alot of asylum seekers.She was interested to find out a man had been deported from Dublin to Africa at a cost of Euro's 90,000 as they had to charter a plane for him to go there as there were no direct flights. Do you ever think the world has gone mad?

So when you are looking at those smiling faces on the glossy brouchures pushed through your letter box remember to use your democratic right. I like the way some of them actually have different languages on them, have they really cottoned on to the fact that everyone does not have English as a first. I also not some have flicker ,twitter ( not twit) accounts, maybe they are linking into the 21st century after all.

Sunday art gallery free walking tours

Sunday Art Gallery Walking Tours

Sunday 3rd May saw the launch of the Sunday Art Gallery walking tours. Tours will take place every Sunday and meet at 11am at Belfast Exposed.

The tour is free and includes the Golden Thread Gallery, PS2, Red Barn Photographic Gallery and the Belfast Print Workshop Gallery

e marketing in tough times workshop on 28th Belfast

Institute of Marketing Belfast, breakfast this Thursday

e marketing for tough times, online registration

buy make sell global

Register for our Global Sourcing Workshop
Date: Tuesday 30th June 2009
Time: 9.30 – 16.00
Presidents’ Club, Midtown Center, 25 Talbot, Belfast

WTC Belfast will run this Global Sourcing workshop as part of a series of 'BUY-MAKE-SELL Global' workshops. For companies to be globally competitive they need to offer customers the best products at the best prices. Sourcing is an essential element of this. Whether you are sourcing raw materials or finished products this workshop will equip you or your staff with the right knowledge and skills.


£75 per person (inclusive of VAT)

Refreshments and light lunch provided on the day.

To register:

This workshop is for Belfast based companies. However there are a limited number of places for companies outside Belfast. Registrations will be based on first some first served basis.

Online: To read more on this workshop and to register please click here.

Contact us:

Tel: Valerie Brown on 028 9050 0518


Monday, 25 May 2009

I didnt get to the memorial

I didnt get to the memorial of my grandfather but I got photos sent.

Public meeting for local artists Portaferry


A Public Meeting for Artists will take place at Barholm in Portaferry, Co. Down, at 7.45pm on 28 May 2009. Portaferry Regeneration Limited

(PRL) are embarking on new regeneration projects in Portaferry over the coming months and years, and wish to meet with local artists to hear their ideas on how the large local artistic community can be utilised with regards to this. The meeting marks the beginning of a consultation process with local artists that will lead to the development of a new strategy and business plan to assist future fund-raising activities and bring cultural prosperity to the region.

Writers, musicians, painters, craftspeople, etc. living and working in the Portaferry area are encouraged by PRL to attend the meeting. Please RSVP to:
T: 0044 (0)28 42729598

Catalyst Arts is absolutely fabulous 2

Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak

Absolutely Fabulous 2

29 May – 4 July
Special Preview Event 28th May 6 – 8 pm

Catalyst Arts presents the first solo show in the UK or Ireland for the internationally exhibited Slovenian artist cooperative of Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak.

Oblak and Novak’s practise spans film, photographic manipulations and installations and their pastiches of popular films like Pulp Fiction and Taxi Driver and the feats shown in the Guinness Book of World Records are characteristic of their light hearted approach.

Their work investigates the influence of mass media on the individual living in a consumerist, gobalised society. Using the idiosyncracities of social interaction Oblak and Novak explore the issues with sensitivity and humour.

For Absolutely Fabulous, Oblak and Novak will be presenting their photographic and video series We Did This And That, reconstructing absurd Guinness World Records. They aim to examine the obsession with success and fame in contemporary society, influenced by the mass communication media. In carefully constructed photographs and videos they appear to be record holders and confront the viewer with constructed categories of fiction and reality.

Alongside this will be Shund and Cab Driver, frame by frame recreations of the trailers for Pulp Fiction and Taxi Driver, with all parts played by the artists. In this way they subject themselves to the influence of mass media, exploring the position of an individual as a passive consumer of monopolized, one way communicated media content, and materialize a common fascination with celebrities.

women and trades

TRADESWOMEN NI one day training workshops are a fun and enjoyable way to learn new skills in a friendly atmosphere

Wonderful Wallpapering Hanging

Pleasant Plumbing

Exciting Electrics

Terrific Tiling

Dynamic DIY

Are you interested?
Contact Kim - Courses cost £25 per person and run from 10.00am - 2.30pm

161-163 Duncairn Gardens
BT15 2GE
Tel: (028) 9074 9810

you know your from Belfast when

bizarre but interesting

quote of the day- or statement

two dejected assistants of Thomas edison said:
"we've just completed our seven hundredth experiment and we still dont have the answer. We have failed.
" No my friends, you haven't failed" replied Mr Edison. "it's just that we know more about this subject than anyone else alive. And we're closer to finding the answer,because now we know seven hundred things not to do. Dont call it a mistake. Call it an education.

quote of the day

Dont be afraid to take a big step
if one is indicated.

You can't cross a chasm
in two small jumps.

David lloyd George

random acts of kindness

Have you completed a random act of kindness?

Lover, comedian, actor

I thought that would get your attention. Tony Curtis is coming to the waterfront hall, what a great way to be billed.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Free Belfast tonight

GOlden thread gallery a migrant workers food and culture event
6-8 come and sample the food and drink, have good conversation and if you have not seen it already have a look at the Polish contemporary Art. Well worth the visit and dont forget all the gallerys are open on Sunday. Hay we have a real city at last.

free walking tours- playground city

Free walking tour for children 4-10 on MOnday 25 May starting at Ps2 lead by artists Lisa Malone and Sinead Bhreathnach Cashell.

I called in to Ps2 last night to see there new exhibition city supplements. I really like the craziness that it has inspired with a number of young artists taking on the challenge to look a new at the Cathedral quarter. The videos and maps have a different take on the area and it's really nice to see the artists challanged to look at the area in a different way. As someone who is around the area quite alot I particularly liked the videos of the shop keepers telling little stories about how they came to be there I think it gives a very contemporary slant on Belfast and captures something about the shifting face of the city in a time of change. It would be great to see it as a longer documentary. Interesting to see inside the "Buffs" building was never quite sure what was going on in there.

The thing about the gallery is that your never really sure if its open or not but times are:

Mon to Sat 12-6 Sun 10-4 just knock on the window to get in. Then put in your diary 5 June for the walking tour of Kieth Winter- 6pm title future city he of megawab it will be well worth the time spent having a dander with him.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Solidarity and the Polish path to freedom

Exhibition on until 3 June in the linenhall Library.

There is an interesting selection of posters exhibited in the Linenhall Library at the moment as part of polish cultural week. There are not many surviving because when they first came out they were illegal and when pasted up in the night were often stripped down by early morning. But it's interesting to see that the messages and the symbols were so important.There is ione in particular that stands out it's of the initials for Litz Waleza. I heard him speak once, he was over for a conferance in the waterfront hall . I think it was the state of the world forum, there were lots of high level speakers and a informal interview with Leit Walsza I rememeber he talked about how he never expected to be in the position that he came but it was a series of thoughts,convictions and circumstances that brought him to the position that he found himself in.He kept on speaking right through the interval because everyone just found him so interesting.

The other two things I remember about the conferance was,
1. a man from America stated that everyone was now agreeing that there should be some sort of global police? (did I vote for that?)

2. the other was a women from a community organisation in Belfast, she jumped up with her fist in the air and stated that the conferance had inspired her to keep talking out in her community even though many people wanted her to keep silent and only go with the "agreeded community line".

So it's interesting to see how politics can inspire posters great that Krzysztof Dydo decided to keep and collect these posters and all these years on from the Polish revolution it's nice to see that Northern Ireland is benifiting from the wider benifits that European enlargement has produced.

free ballet in Belfast

Royal Opera House London will beam via satellite the love story of Ondine onto a large screen in Botanic Gardens on 3 June I've been to the opera in the park and it's great if it does nt rain. But you need to get there early enough to get a good view

odd things on tonight in Belfast

So if you don't feel the need to go home and watch TV tonight or can sneak out of the house for a while. Why not go to The golden thread gallery for a discussion on the absurdity of the global economy at 5 o'clock, at 6 o'clock there is also on at Ps2 gallery city supplements an exhibition/walk/launch of book based on the Cathedral quarter. All good fun and important to look and think in different ways.

Another diary date is 11 June when Belfast Print Workshop gallery has some performance art at the opening of their exhibition on predominately blue...........7-9. Is'nt it good to be in Belfast.

Location check out websites on side of blogg if you dont know where these places are.

quote of the day

Learn to be silent
let your
quiet mind
and absorb.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Finance for Women Ballymena

Title: Finance for Women
Speaker: Grainne O'Malley
Date: Thursday 28th May 2009
Time: 7pm - 8.15pm
Venue: Leighinmohr Hotel, Ballymena
Cost: Free to members, £10 non-members

Will be a great, informative event with a very highly regarded speaker. Suitable for any female thinking about or running their own business.

If you need any further information about this event don't hesitate to get in touch or view website -

opera fringe

In conjunction with Castleward Opera there is Opera fringe at different locations across Co Down. I like the sound of the opera in the catherdral followed by opera in the church in Downpatrick. Another wee step into seeing things in a different way. why not try some out.

quote of the day

often people attempt to live
their lives backwards;they try to
have more things, or more money,
in order to do more of what they want,so they will be happier.
the way it actually works is the reverse.

You must first be who you really are,
then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.

Margaret Young

Monday, 18 May 2009

Help your business survive the recession

As a response to the current economic climate Belfast City Council has organised a series of practical workshops aimed at tackling the most prevalent issues and facing businesses. These events are free and are open to businesses based in the Belfast City Council area. Participants attending the workshops can also avail of up to two days of one-to-one mentoring with a relevant expert to review the current situation and implement strategies for survival and growth.

Wednesday 27th May 2009, 9.30am-1.00pm – Venue: Argyle Business Centre

Design a sales and marketing strategy for your business – The recession has had dramatic implications on small business proving a need to review and implement new methods of reaching your customers. This workshop will allow you to analyse your current sales and marketing strategies and develop a plan to take your business through this period.

Wednesday 3rd June 2009, 9.30am-1.00pm – Venue: Malone Lodge

Keep your customers! Customer Care Tips and Techniques – Good customer care is essential for the success of any business. Gain practical advice to help implement new customer care techniques to ensure continued development of your business especially at this time of economic uncertainty.

Wednesday 10th June 2009, 9.30am-1.00pm – Venue: City East

Financing your business: financial planning in the recession – This workshop will allow you to analyse your current financial situation, explore funding opportunities and look at practical methods to organise your systems and take control of your cash flow.

Wednesday 17th June 2009, 9.30am-1.00pm – Venue: Ormeau Business Park

Selling online: using the internet to expand and develop your business - This practical workshop provides an introduction to selling on-line and the opportunities for your business in the world wide marketplace.

Tuesday 23rd June 2009, 9.30am-1.00pm – Venue: West Belfast Partnership

An introduction to VAT – Businesses will be able brush develop their knowledge of VAT in this workshop facilitated by HM revenue and Customs.

These workshops are provided free by Belfast City Council and the European Regional Development Fund. However you must register as places are limited.

To register please contact:

Rhonda Lynn (028) 9027 0229/

intertradeireland conferance

Innovation conferance 9 and 10th June

The Refresh Belfast Front Takeover

presented by Paul May, Paul McKeever & Jamie Neely (Front)

Front is one of Ireland’s leading web development agencies with a diverse client base including BBC, O2, Independent News & Media, Carte Blanche Greetings – and lots of exciting new work they’re not yet able to speak about! Front will present two talk/workshops on Monday, and have kindly offered to sponsor one free drink for each attendee – that’s right – free beer *and* web design. Awesome. Here’s what they’ll be talking about on the night!

Designing With Visual Language
Jamie Neely will give a talk and workshop on building visual interfaces from the ground up – from analysing what the client needs, through wireframing, development of visual languages, layout and completed design. Using recent projects, Jamie will talk through the Front design process and answer any questions from designer or developer alike.

Be Where People Are
Paul McKeever will talk about Front’s approach to developing great content alongside clients, and how this content is increasingly being consumed, mixed up, redistributed away from traditional destination websites. Using a recent project as an example, Paul will talk about how we’re encouraging clients to think about being where people are – everywhere – at the same time.

They’ll also be covering a lot of content and themes their trip to the Web 2.0 Expo, answering questions and getting to know as many people as possible.

Bring your friends, bring anybody interested in the web – it’s free, and it’s going to be awesome!
Monday 18th May — 7pm —
The Black Box, Hill Street
Reserve your place (Free)

Refresh Belfast is a monthly event for designers interested in refreshing the creative, technical, and professional culture in the Belfast area. Promoting design, technology, usability, and standards, Refresh Belfast is a part of the Refreshing Cities movement.

Refresh takes place every third Monday of the month in The Black Box on Hill Street

refresh Belfast tonight

who says Ireland's not changing?

Galway's African Film Festival (May 31)*

Galway's African Film Festival is taking place on May 31st 2009 in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway.

The second annual Galway African Film Festival will showcase films from all regions of Africa.

Whats going on for families in Belfast

castleward opera

castleward opera time again

Part 7 life after art college

At the moment the art students of Belfast are putting up their end of year exhibitions. Filled with doubt, dispare, confusion, excitment ,love hate and every other emotion they are putting their work for open examination. For many of them it will be the last time they actively pursue their artistic goals. For others they will continue at this point it's HARD to figure out which ones will be which.

Back to me, I left the story in New York being oferd a job at Calvin Klien.I did'nt take up the offer I could have stayed for another year and 6 months but the old elastic band of Northern Ireland kept tugging on me. So there I found myself back in Strangford, lots of talent a desire to contribute to Northern Ireland in some way but no obvious way of doing it.For many people who have been brought up in Northern ireland and go away to study or live, the feeling on coming back is >"what on earth is going on here?" you know that there are different ways of living and being because you have experienced them. So on arrival back I personally think it takes a good two years before you get over the shock of rentering the NI system.

Those of you that have not had this experince are surprised when I talk about it, trying to figure out why I've come to realise it's because many people are not aware that there are different ways of living, society can be structured in different ways cultures are different, schools are different,Not all are as inward looking as NI. So it's hard to renter NI society orbit.You look for where you fit and although you fit in some respects you dont in others. You have a common past but there are pieces of experince and thinking that you have had that many cannot even imagine.So you are identified as "other".Not quite fitting.

What struck me at first was just how beautiful Northern Ireland is around where i was brought up the nature is so unspoilt. In one way we have benifited from the troubles because it has meant that tourism has not developed in the same way that has happened in the South. People have been scared to come so life has gone on as before, less development,less neon signs, less of everything.But without opportunities there are less reasons for people to stay. To begin with it was just so nice to be home where people could understand your sense of humour, your accent, your past, your understanding of the wind,rain and weather. But how long was that going to last?

Mobile Monday Belfast

It's that time again tonight networking from 5

Mobile marketing and advertsing @ the Golden thread gallery

there is still time to register

Giving is good


As part of a two person exhibition I Spy, to beheld in the “Golden Thread Gallery” project space between 2-19th July, Miguel Martin invites you to donate a small (hand held) personal object of sentimental importance for the duration of the exhibition. If you would like to take part please leave objects into the gallery by Friday 22nd May 2009. These objects will be available for collection after the end of the show.

info from GT bulletin

Friday, 15 May 2009

Creativity thirst

Information about the next run of the “Creativity Thirst” project which is due to start in September. Delivered by the WEA, this programme targets those who are considering setting up their own businesses or making some extra income using skills in the Creative Industries. The project looks at issues such as how this decision impacts your life, if you are ready, if your business idea is ready, what you need to do to get going etc. It is sector specific to the Creative Industries and uses a creative approach in its delivery.

This project is funded by Belfast City Council and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment’s Building Sustainable Prosperity Program and is offered FREE to the learner. Participants must live in the Belfast City Council area, hold qualifications in their particular skills area at Level 2 or above and want to explore income generation or self employment in the Creative Industries.

The programme, follows on from the very successful pilot which took place last year and is included in the “Blueprint for Northern Ireland”, issued by the Creative and Culture Skill Sector. Content is accredited by CCEA and the Open College Network Northern Ireland.

Further information is available on the WEA website about this programme as well as details of the pilot which took place last year.

Creative Industries and the Recession

info from creative industries.
It's the Creative Economy, Stupid!

I wish we'd thought up this slogan for our Summer School, but Nova Scotia's economic development people got there first.

Creative industries agencies and pundits around the world are positioning them as a solution to the economic crisis, and not part of the bubble.

After predicting that the creative industries will be a key driver for the UK's recovery (32,000 new businesses by 2013), NESTA now calls on government to end their attachment to the 'London Model' of financial services and property development, and base their plans developing local strengths and clusters.

Over at Creative & Cultural Skills, an impressive team of commentators characterise the creative industries as 'a paradigm for a new networked future in which quality rather than quantity will become the ultimate arbiter of success in a world whose population is growing but whose resources are diminishing'.

Arts Council staff wondering if they are among the 24% being made redundant can take heart that thousands of new jobs will be created in the music industry, thanks to Culture Secretary Andy Burnham's £26m injection. Not that the games industry or childrens' television are happy about this.

Perhaps the most telling sign of the times in the UK is that Greg Dyke, who fell out with New Labour after being ousted from the BBC's top job, has teamed up with Elisabeth Murdoch to lead the Conservative party's review of the creative industries. Will they agree with London Mayor Boris Johnson, that 'there has never been a better time to support London’s thriving creative industries'? Or with the Daily Mail's call to abolish not only the Regional Development Agencies but the 'Orwellian' Department for Culture Media and Sport as well?

But there is comfort in the USA, where CNBC Business reports that 'creative clusters are the new economic drivers of Europe', and creativity guru Richard Florida is predicting 'the crash will reshape America'. Creative economy initiatives are spreading across the USA faster than swine flu. Take a look at Maine, Montana, Piedmont, Savannah, Charleston, Vermont, Fairfax, New England, Iowa and Minnesota. (Thanks to EDProWeblog for these links).

if you dont know this man now you will soon

Creative industries to receive a ‘Business Blitz’

A new training programme, aimed specifically at small companies working in the creative industries, is being launched next week. ‘Business Blitz’ is a mix of evening workshops and clinic days to inspire creative start-ups and equip them to trade in an increasingly competitive market at home and abroad.

Operated by Blick Studios on the Malone Road, and funded by Belfast City Council, it is aimed at SMEs in all creative sectors including digital media and design, fashion and textiles, television, film and music.

The course will look at how to access funding and support and initiate business collaborations, local success stories, marketing and exporting, innovation and investment, brand building and professional pitching.

The course is open to everyone in the creative industries dedicated to actively building and expanding their business. With a selection of expert business people, as well as public sector bodies, ‘Business Blitz’ hopes to tackle the nitty gritty of business development in the current economic climate.

For further information on ‘Business Blitz’ email or

Blick Studios is an incubation project, funded by Belfast City Council as part of it’s support for the creative industries, and provides affordable workspace and business development facilities to creative start-ups specialising in digital media and design, fashion and textiles, television, film or music.

Based on the Malone Road, Belfast, the studios also offer communal facilities including a meeting room, seminar room, exhibition space and presentation equipment to all its members. Blick’s vision is to become a driving force within Belfast’s creative community and establish a cohesive and effective network for emerging talent.

Blick seeks to offer practical business support and development advice, enabling creative professionals to build their profile, advance their career and create working relationships with the wider creative industry at home and abroad. Blick is funded by Belfast City Council with support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Northern Ireland Sustainable Competitiveness Programme.


Social Entrepreneurship

Programme 2

The concept of the SEP 2 is firmly founded on a commercial business model and focus will be placed on maximising the economic impact and business growth after start up. A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community. It has a business focus and operates as a commercial enterprise.

The four elements of the SEP programme are all aimed at the promotion of sustainable models of business and provide capability support to allow organisations to set up and develop businesses with the potential of start up, growth or export development.

Work West are delighted to be delivering the programme again in the Eastern Region. For this new phase of the programme, new programme criteria have been drawn up by Invest Northern Ireland. If you would like some information on other support mechanisms then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to discuss your potential application to the programme or you’re not sure where your organisation fits in the programme then have a chat with either Lynsey or Rachel at WorkWest

Work West
301 Glen Road
BT11 8BU
Tel: 028 90 610826
Fax: 028 90 622001

quote of the day

If I had a formula
for bypassing trouble,
I would not pass it round,
trouble creates a capacity
to handle it.

I don't embrace trouble;
that's as bad as treating it as an enemy.

But I do say meet it as a friend,for you'll see a lot of it and had better be
on speaking terms with it.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

World trade centre Belfast

WTC Belfast Local Networking Event
Register now for the next WTC Belfast networking event
Date: Wednesday 10th June 2009
Time: 9.30 – 11.00am
Presidents’ Club, Midtown Center, 25 Talbot, Belfast

As part of World Trade Centre Day, WTC Belfast has organised a local networking event for companies involved in international trade. By attending you will have the opportunity to share your experience, seek advice from other companies which attend as well as explore opportunities for business collaborations. At this event participants will also have the opportunities to raise questions and debate on the subject of Global Sourcing with our guest expert Brigid Duggan.


There is no cost to attend this event but companies must register. First come first served basis.

A light breakfast will be provided.

To register:

Online: To register online for this event please click here.

Tel: Contact Valerie Brown on 028 9050 0518

Thursday, 14 May 2009

catherdral quater today and tonight

So nice even in the drizzle to have a walk around the catherdral quarter and see all the art on display.

Ps2 How we managed to topple communism with the help of knicker elastic
Miroslaw interesting prep drawings from political posters in Poland.

What you can't see on at Belfast exposed . It really does have quality exhibitions on and this one is no exception really worth looking at but make sure you have some time to contimplate as it cannot be rushed through.

The Irish water colour society is on in the Northern bank interesting to see what they are up to, would love to see some of them in print.

Brendan Murphy has a photography exhibition on in Safehouse gallery he was a photographer with the Irish time s and there are two photos in particular that really resonate one called checkpoint where some children are playing at holding a checkpoint at some flats somewhere in Belfast the other one is some children playing ,stop and search to the background of anti internment graffiti. We wonder why there are still issues happening in Northern Ireland? If you were brought up with this as play do you take any of those thoughts with you into adult hood???????

Anyway dont forget Perceptions of the other discussion on in Golden thread tonight from 7pm...and remember it's interesting to live in Northern Ireland.

City Supplements at Ps2

21- may- 7 June launch of publication
City supplements- A6 format, 48 pages with seven A3 pullout supplements from

Gemma Anderson
Lisa Malone
Miriam de Burca
Kieth Winter
Kevin Flanagan
Phil Hession
Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell

City walks with Robert Scott
Marcus Patton
Declan Hill
and essay by Bryonie Reid

opening 21 may 6-9

walking tour Friday 5th June 6pm starting at Ps2

Nice to see a number of belfast Print workshop members in there.

Opening hours Mon-sat 1-6pm
Sun 10-4pm

quote of the day

you are given the gifts of the gods;
you create your reality
according to your beliefs.

Your is the creative energy
that makes your world.

There are no limitations
to the self
except those you believe in.

Jane Roberts
The nature of personal reality

visit crumlin road jail Bbelfast

Crumlin Road jail is open for visits (and I think you can even get out as well)you can book a tour via there is a warning that young children should not attend I think it might be something to do with the hanging cell.

Spooky but strangely compeling.

Open for a limited period until September.

Saturday at the Black Box

looks really interesting why not see whats going on? If your not sure about social network sites it's a good place to catch up about them.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

FSB event

There are plenty of opportunities that have been created by the credit crisis. At this FSB event, the speakers will look into how, as a business owner, you can benefit from this.

We have invited an expert panel to look at how the credit crisis could actually benefit you. The subjects covered on the evening and our panel for this event are:

§ ‘Tax planning tips to maximise benefit’

Jenny Waugh – Hamilton Morris Waugh

§ ‘Update on the current economic climate’

Pat Nixon – Moore Stephens

§ ‘A fresh view of business banking’

Sue Begley – Abbey National

To register
Registration 7:00pm

Event start time 7:30 pm

Location: Stormont Hotel, Upper Newtownards Road

Date: Thursday 14th May 2009

Cost: £10 to cover costs of refreshments & room hire

To join us this event, email or call Nicki on 08450 757 756.

quote of the day

It is good to have an end to journey towards,but it is the journey that matters in the end.

Ursula Le Guin
The left hand of darkness

Monday, 11 May 2009

Civil Society enabling dissent Dublin

Civil Society: Enabling Dissent (May 20, Dublin)*

The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle
6pm-8:30pm, Wednesday 20th May 2009

The Carnegie UK Trust Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in the UK and Ireland and The Atlantic Philanthropies are delighted to invite you to an event to explore the role of civil society associations in creating and supporting spaces for dissenting voices, both in Ireland and globally.

Belfast forum

Want to know whats going on really?????

Smoking around children

Place on Tuesday

PLACE & RSUA Present Jo McCafferty - Tuesday 12 May

Jo McCafferty (Levitt Bernstein, London) will give a lecture in PLACE at 7.30pm. The Lecture will be on Higher Density Housing. This event is free and everyone is welcome

Good to see Belfast coming together

It was lovely over the weekend in Belfast Lawrence Street Workshops was crazy as usual and it was fantastic to see the cotton court Sundays starting to work Followed by the gallerys opening and Black market happening in the festival marquee. It's a little bit of Camden market happening on your own door step, music, laughter, making and all sort of creativity happening in one tent. I do hope the council get their finger out soon and get the Sunday street markets sorted I also belive St Georges is going to be open on a Sunday whcih would be great to see.

Added to the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday we almost felt as if we had a European city at last. I have to say it's great to walk around the city when there is hardly any traffic, it gives it a much more human feel.

Friday, 8 May 2009

do we need a global mind shift ?


Have you heard about it?


Do you remember this I do.

Printmaking Belfast

still some places left......

Introduction Weekend Courses
Collagraph £60 Sat & Sun 10am - 3pm 16th & 17th May 2009Mono Printing £60 Sat & Sun 10am - 3pm 23rd & 24th May 2009Photo Etching £60 Sat & Sun 10am - 3pm 30th & 31st May 2009Relief Printing £70 Sat & Sun 10am - 3pm 9th & 10th May 2009Introduction Evening CoursesScreen Printing £70 Mondays 11th May - 8th June 2009 7-9pm (excluding Bank Holiday 25th May)Photo Intaglio £60 Tuesday 12th May - 2nd June 2009 7-9pmEtching £60 Wednesday 13th May - 3rd June 2009 7-9pmIntermediate Evening CoursesScreen Printing £70 Mondays 15th June - 6th July 2009 7-9pmPhoto Intaglio £60 Tuesday 16th June - 7th July 2009 7-9pmEtching £60 Wednesday 17th June - 8th July 2009 7-9pm

HOW TO BOOK.To make a booking please contact Workshop Manager - Struan Hamilton & forward payment to the


Architecture of Happiness-Free

Sat 9th May 2-4pm at OBG
Marek Wasilewski will talk about his work happiness inspired by Alain de Botton's book The Architecture of Happiness. the work explores the idea of housing demonstrating identiy and personality.Marek will speck about Polish architecture in the context of his work and invites the audience to bring pictures of heir own houses and join in a discussion on the philosophy, meaning and social information behing the architecture of place.

( he of the crocheted block of flats)

2pm today Ormeau Baths gallery

Artist Hubert Czerepok will talk to Feargal O malley about his provocative drawings inspired by found footage and media reporting of catastropic events

world trade centre Belfast event

Theme: Global Sourcing
Wednesday 10th June 2009 9.30 – 11.00amPresidents’ Club, Midtown Center, 25 Talbot, Belfast
As part of World Trade Centre Day, WTC Belfast has organised a local networking event for companies involved in international trade. By attending you will have the opportunity to share your experience, seek advice from other companies which attend as well as explore opportunities for business collaborations. At this event participants will also have the opportunities to raise questions and debate on the subject of Global Sourcing with our guest expert Brigid Duggan.
Cost:There is no cost to attend this event but companies must register. First come first served basis. A light breakfast will be provided. To register:
Online: To register online for this event please click here.
Tel: Contact Valerie Brown on 028 9050 0518

whats really going on in Northern Ireland

something to make you smile on Friday

RUA 128th Annual Exhibition applications out I see they are going to be in the Northern bank this year in waring street. Small but maybe thats a good thing?

last few days in Belfast then the weekend

What is so nice at the moment is that there is a real buzz about the place.Going to the India lecture on Wednesday at Queens a couple of things struck me

1. the lecturer said "there is enough in the world for everyones need, but not enough for every ones greed" quote from Gandi

2. India will overtake China in terms of population within the next twenty years.

There was some discussion about what India was going to do in terms of preparing for climate change , he said that it is very obvious that India's climate is changing because of what man has done and it's a bit of a unknown as to how this is going to effect things ;-(

That's something to think about with the stormy weather we are having but then again it is a full moon.

Last night I went to the opening of the Polish contemporary Art at the Ormeau Baths gallery and I have to say I've really been enjoying the polish art in all the galleries at the moment so refreshing to see something different. Great to see crochet is not dead as you will see when upstairs you observe the biggest crocheted block of flats you have ever seen. Surrounded by photos of all the new types of houses the newly wealthy Polish have been building in there homeland. A bit like when everyone in Ireland suddenly built bungalows (oh they are still doing it). It was also great to see it well attended by the Polish community in Northern Ireland and hope that with so many galleries showing Polish art at the moment they will continue to link in with the Art world here.

Lastly last night I went to the Engine room gallery on the Newtownards Road were Rajesh Rana has an exhibition based on the TGWU building called a Labour of Love. A really coherent collection of paintings and prints (lots of drips) the first paintings I've seen of the new Belfast skyline with Victoria square in the background. Beautiful palette of pale blues. From a gender perspective it's interesting to see in the screen printed plans things like "typing pool" included. Not something you would see now in any plans. The building is forward now for an extended floor and conservation work. It's always been a constant in the Belfast urban landscape so it would be nice to see it loved for another generation.

So what to do over the weekend? well another of Belfast institutions that allows a little bit of crazyness to flourish is opening it's doors for it's fun fair. Yes it's Lawerence Street workshops
crazy but true £3 entry- down the entry.

Nice to see youtube being used to show the crazyness in Northern Ireland in a positive way.
Lawrence Street Workshops Belfast

Or perhaps you want to try the crossroads ceile at the Duke of York 2.30pm Saturday come along and dance with whoever. No partner necessary.

Sunday the black box are having there black market in the festival marquee 12 noon Customs house square. Circus entertainment at cotton court from 1pm on the hour
Belfast printworkshop gallery open from 10.30 as are lots of the other galleries on Belfast is starting to be really nice on a Sunday and there is hardly any traffic so you can dander around easier.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mobile Monday Belfast-mobile advertising and marketing

MobileMonday Belfast would like to invite you to our next event, being held on Monday 18th May 2009 on the topic of Mobile Marketing & Advertising.

One year after our first MobileMonday Belfast event, we return to the topic of Mobile Advertising. Our first event focussed on mobile advertising platforms and enabling infrastructure. This time we take an agency perspective, focussing our attention on their experience with planning and running mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our speakers will be Simon Miskimmin of Belfast-based bluetooth marketing company, Quickie Media NI, Kevin Foley, Head of Mobile at Dublin-based digital advertising company, SalesOnline, and Malcolm Fogarty, Head of Client Services at Dublin-based mobile marketing company, Puca.
The event starts at 5:15pm with 1 hour of networking, followed by 1 hour of experts’ talks on the topic of Mobile Marketing and Advertising followed by further networking.

Don’t miss this event, which remains free of charge thanks to Invest NI sponsorship.
The full agenda is available on the MobileMonday Belfast site. This event is still free to attend, but you must register to help us organise the logistics.New Venue! Keeping up the MobileMonday Belfast tradition of changing venues, this event will take place in the Golden Thread Gallery, 84 - 94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, BT1 2LU. On-street car parking available in adjacent streets and at the nearby Ramada Encore Belfast hotel

late night art Belfast and Free classical music

Performance at OBG 7pm

Don't forget it's late night Art, and all of those people who go why not bring someone else along with you this time. I believe there are still places available on tours and if not by the time you phone them ask them why not as it's ridiculous to stop people who want to see the Art. Some really great stuff on interesting to see what Jenn Porreca can do in a couple of weeks with technical help having never completed a print before. ..........................go on come for a nosey.

Just a another bit of info free classical music concert at St Anne Catherdral tomorrow night 8 May 7pm

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wee PLace looks like fun

Launching on Thursday 7th May from 5 – 7pm, PLACE presents Blueprints: Architects in Transition, a series of photographs by Julia Atkinson as part of Polish Cultural Week 2009 (more info on the PLACE Blog:

And in weePLACE, information on DSD’s plan for Donegall Place in the Streets Ahead programme.

The launch night is part of Late Night Art for May – admission is free and all are welcome!

Later in May, Keppie Design presents an exhibition on Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

More info on our exhibitions and events on the PLACE website:

Opportunities at PLACE

PLACE is currently inviting proposals for weePLACE, the new exhibition cabinet at PLACE, and seeks a volunteer librarian/archivist.
For more information, click here

Ireland Hidden Diaspora book launch

Book Launch:Ireland's Hidden Diaspora: the ‘abortion trail’ and the making of a London-Irish underground, 1980-2000by Anne RossiterWhere:

Bookshop at Queen's (University Road) When: Wednesday, 13 May 2009 at 6pm

Refeshments will be provided.

"'Every year, approximately 5,000 women from the Republic of Ireland and 1,500 from Northern Ireland cross the Irish Sea to have an abortion in a British clinic. They come and go in secret, like women ‘on the run’, bearing a terrible burden of shame for two societies in denial. In fact, much pride is taken in the island being seen as a ‘pro-life’ sort of place. We have been constantly reminded over recent years that Ireland has changed, changed utterly, since the establishment of the Peace Agreement in the North, and the emergence of the Celtic Tiger in the Republic. But, when it comes to the right of a woman to choose, it is a place that is still in the dark ages, north and south of the Border."

Interesting to see whats going on underneath all of society.................................

Part 7 life after Art college

So there I was in New York , Calvin Klien had offered me a job. Before I tell you what happened. I'd like to say a few other things that went on. What Ireally loved about Parsons was all the crazy thinsg that went on but it was very professional, they were training their students to be professional, not just throw anything at them, pick the best things for yourself and stuff the students. (like some art collages I have heard of, name no names) You went on alot of vists to designers and magazines, vogue etc so you got a real feel of the industry. Vitality was all around, one thing that really struck me at the time was all the students were really focused on making their work commercially viable. Maybe that says something about the system, they said it was because they were in so much debt by the time they finished they simply had to make money.
No such thing as grants, they were shocked when I told them about the support I was getting.

During that time I made costumes for Caroline Salem she was producing a new dance piece her husband was making an architectural piece that changed with the dancing. Very innovative and it was performed in Battery Park down at the bottom of Manhatten, great fun and got me very interested in dance. Listening to the jazz the other night got me thinking about the Jazz clubs, I had a friend called Miles who visited me while in New York named after Miles Davis. We were out one night and got talking to an elderly sax player who when he found out he was named Miles took it apon himself to take us around a number of Jazz clubs. As long as he kept getting drinks bought he kept showing us around all the little nooks and crannys that helped jazz breath.

St Patricks day was interesting, I did'nt know anyone else Irish but off I went to the parade. I had always heard that the best place to be on St pats day was New York. It was the year that there was a bit Ho ha because they would not let the Irish Gay and Lesbian association in the march. Of I went and placed myself in front of St Patricks catherdral when they all stopped and some one from each section would get off and go and shake hands with the Bishop,archbishop. After waiting hours it started, a section of police, with dyed green mostaches marching, then the firemen marching, lots of military. What on earth is going on? I thought. I got to talk to a women in the crowd beside me. Where are you from? "gee I'm irish" she said. "Oh what part" I said "oh well my grandmother twice removed , on my fathers side, once smiled at a man who was Irish and that why I'm here today " she said or some such tentitive link. "What about you, what county are you from" she said " County Down" I said . "Oh, I've not heard of that one, is it near Cork?" the conversation went on like this in a kind of bizarre hum. On I watched all the Americans in the Parade lots with ill fitting jumpers (that the textile designer in me) that they must have dragged out of the bottom of their wardrobes and I went back to my flat wondering what on earth was going on? How did this Irish American thing develop? Why do they have very little up to date information about the country? Were they celebrating the kind of Ireland I knew? No, not a bit. But thats what happens when the mists of time start forming over your memories.

David Ervine memorial foundation

Well if I haven't got you to ignore the title and say your not interested in politics I suppose it's progress. Last night CQAF had the David Ervine memorial lecture, I wish they had of explained it better in the festival programme but Sir Hugh Orde was giving the talk. That explains the police presence. I have a few David Ervine stories, the first time I became aware of him I was watching TV (oh back in the days) and suddenly this man came on screen and he was saying something different, it was a different voice. What! I thought not the same old s*** a different more reflective voice of loyalist. Is that progress?

The next time I came across him I went into the PUP offices on the lower Newtownards road there was a Wider horizons programme going on for young people and they were looking for East Belfast males to go on it. Explaining to the people in the office they were delighted that I had come in as they said so many people are just scared to. The next time I was working on a women's development programme with the Engine Room gallery. I noticed a banner going up across the road about an exhibition of loyalist prisoner art. Mental note to self, go in and have a look. One day quite casually I had a bit of time so I dandered in, as I was walking up the steps (no disabled access) I noticed that there were bars across the front door and a man in a prison wardens uniform waiting to greet me. As he opened the prison gates and slammed it closed behind me ( no escape ) I realised as I looked around that I was actually at the private view and the room was filled with ex loyalist prisoners and there was David Ervine preparing to give a speech.

First thoughts, just have a look at the art, it is a private view after all. David Ervine did an introduction and them there was a short theatre piece about living in a cell and who is more of a prisoner the warden or the prisoner. It was very passionate, played by a man who had served time. Next was a duet, a love song sang by a husband and wife, who had stood by her husband while in jail. Next my phone rang ,s*** I thought as everyone looked around at me, panicking I answered the phone, told the person where I was and quickly turned it off, just as the prison warden approached me.

Next David Ervine gave a speech and I will never forget what he said, after talking about the art he said that the loyalist community had turned a corner, started realising things for themselves and "no longer were people going to come down here to preach at us in loud voices to try and call us to do their dirty work"

As I looked around the prisoner art I was struck by how juvenile it was here were boys and men who had done unspeakable things, been locked up and the art was so juvenile. So sad. I though that many more people should get to see it and hear what they said because it is one side to the over all "story" that often people are too scared to look at.

There was one women on the development programme from West Belfast who had a thing about David Ervine, (something to do with the mostache) she was developing a website and decided she was going to ask him for sponsorship. Off she went to the PUP offices to arrange a meeting and he happened to be in. She explained the project, the cross community element and he gave her a cheque for £100. Delighted she raved about him for weeks after and
revelled in telling all her neighbours about the experience. It's all those little pieces of magic that happen on a good cross community project that are hard to quantify.

Sean Scully debates art in a crisis

why be an artist?

Does it resonate?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kult Pulp at Coppermoon Belfast

Kult pulp are selling one off badges at coppermoon ( you know in that street
beside the Northern bank off Donegal street west where they had the big bank heist)

£2.50 all funds go directly to Kult Pulp production activities
what ever they are ( so you don't need to rob a bank to get one ;-) ..........................................a few interesting things are in the pileline. ......but more of that another time.

Link up with India on Wednesday

INDIA’S UNFINISHED JOURNEY:Transforming Growth into Development

Professor Deepak Nayyar
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Wednesday 6 May at 6pm
in the Great Hall, Lanyon Building
Queen’s University
(refreshments from 5.30pm)

Deepak Nayyar is a Professor of Economics and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi. He has written extensively on economic development in India and his research interests also encompass international economics, macroeconomics, and globalisation and development. His distinguished international career has been interspersed with periods in government – he was Economic Advisor in the Ministry of Commerce and later served as Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India.

A former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the World Institute for Development Economics Research, he has also served on the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalisation, and on the Board of Directors of the US Social Science Research Council. Directorships have included the State Trading Corporation of India, the State Bank of India, and the Export-Import Bank of India.

This lecture is taking place on Wednesday 6 May at 6pm in the Great Hall, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University. Refreshments from 5.30pm

To register to attend please contact Carol at or on 028 9097 1139

Launch of Belfast Print workshop channel

And as of today we go live on you tube! with our own channel
catch a bit about our artists in residence

get involved in Belfast

You can see all the fun the volunteers are having at the Arts festival why not volunteer for the childrens festival.

waiting for IKEA?

Where you the type of person who was

waiting for IKEA ? on today at 1pm @ Black Box £5 looks really funny particularly because I know of plenty of people who were waiting for Ikea in Belfast and now it's Dublin.

Considering the role of Philanthropy in Ireland

Fourth Nonprofit Summer School - Considering the Role of Philanthropy in Ireland

(June 16, Dublin) *Resourcing and Enabling Irish Civil Society – Considering the Role of Philanthropy -Fourth Nonprofit Summer School– 16/17 June 2009The Centre is delighted that Declan Ryan, Co-Founder, The One Foundation and Dermot McCarthy, Secretary to the Government will share their insights on philanthropy in an interview session at this year’s Summer School.. Also contributing will be Fintan O’Toole, The Irish Times, Prof Helmut Anheier, Centre for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg and LSE, Tina Roche, The Community Foundation for Ireland and many others.

Laugh yourself silly

I was thinking this morning about the bank holiday weekend starting for me on Friday with the opening at the Golden Thread when there was a good laugh at the Polish choir piece, followed on Sunday at the festival of fools when randomly looking around the street acts two jumped out at me, two guys in front of Au Natural who were improvising with random objects and random passers by, when some pigeons dropped by they pretended they were controlling them with remote control. So much so that all the kids were asking "are they really controlling them with the remotes? " Nice to see lot's of free entertainment for the children.

The maze outside the city hall was hilarious then last night in the festival marque Jason Byrne was an hour and a half of complete madness. Going in comedy where no man should dare to go the audience was in stitches from beginning to end.

There are still lots of things on this week TONIGHT Jenn Perruca is opening her exhibition at the belfast print Workshops 7pm. Thursday is late night Art something not to miss is Oskar Dawicki performance 7pm at Ormeau Baths Opening all the Polish Contemporary art in the gallery.

Lovely to see something fresh happening and a contmeporary Polish perspective. get tickets to something if you have not already....................................................................................and remember it's good to live in Northern Ireland ;-)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Belfast at 4 today

Belfast at 4 today. Terry Hooleys alternative walking tour of Northern Ireland. tickets

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Belfast festival of fools

Great to see to many people in Belfast City Centre on a Sunday. The maze in front of the city hall was great I have not seen so many people laughing in Belfast for a long time. I was asked by a survey person what did I think of the maze location " I thought it was ironic where it was placed" this brought the conversation going from him about do you remember the day they all escaped from the maze? the guy was at college and was asked for his ID about 20 times going to and from it. He always thought he must have looked like one of them.

It was great to see so many children out enjoying themselves at the festival of fools and another sign that Belfast was changing....the word is spreading.

cathedral quarter Arts festival

so how has it been going so far? it's been an exciting kind of vibe. Great to see things from a different perspective at the golden thread. Who knew Polish contemporary Art could be so fresh to the eye, great to see it all in Northern Ireland go for a nosey and prepare to be entertained. I particularly liked the choir, singing technology tunes. Always good when art brings a smile to your face, they did video it so maybe they have it to watch.

Eri Yamamoto was fantastic, it's the thing with You tube sometimes, you don't quite get the feel right , She transported me back to New York, jazz clubs. Nice to see Oh Yeah is forming itself and building into something strong. One piece of constructive criticism, we did go and try to get to an event in the Capstan lounge and it was closed due to building work happening in front of it's door. Can these things be co-ordinated please, I believe there is a database somewhere of all the construction going on and dates so these things don't happen- can all this information be shared// please ????.

Anyway don't forget about Terry Hooleys walk tour tomorrow and all sorts of other things good to see you don't have to pay for a booking fee- Viva la revolution.

quote of the day

The private control of credit is the modern form of slavery.
Upton Sinclair (1878-1968) Discuss

Friday, 1 May 2009

talk about slow change

The first female poet in 341 years - talk about a slow change!!!!!!!!!

Belfast progress

one more small step towards normality. lots of interesting things on.............I 've told a few people about it and they said great finally Art I can go to because I have children and I cant get out at night.

agent absurd

Azorro- check out on You tube plus lots of contemporary Polish Art at Golden Thread opening tonight 6pm

Catherdral quater Arts festival

Festival of fools opening
and Jenn Porrecca talk at BPW.
Jenn has been working on a series of prints based on her paintings exhibition of her work will be opening on Tuesday at BPW gallery.

still time for tickets

Eri Yamamoto tonight. Jazz piano like you have never heard.