Monday, 29 June 2009

Today in Belfast

It's an interesting time in Belfast lots of tourists around walking to get my car a japanise women asked me the way to the Shankil road, oh how times have changed. The heat is on in the city though and you can really feel the change of axis that July aways brings. Thankfully it's not as it used to be, the UVF even announced they had decommissioned yesterday so it's another little step towards another kind of normality.So we hope for a peaceful July.

The street theatre on a Sunday in the cotton court seems like it is starting to work and take hold which is great I see they are all booked from premiere circus the leading agency in ireland for circus and street theatre 02890333003 or email if you have a need for some circus preformers they really are great to watch and gather interest around the place.

It's late night art again on Thursday so everything will be open again and a nice breeze should be in the city by then. Do you think the summer weather is going to stay like this??? hope so for a while anyway. If not just make the best out of it while you can because who knows when it will be back. Who needs holidays away from Ireland whne it's like this???

warm in Strangford Lough

It's going to be a warm summer the jellyfish are in Strangford lough

quote of the day

never kick a fresh turd on a hot day

Harry s Truman

considering the weather I thought this was a good one.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson Dead

Just heard the news Michael jackson is dead? Anyone remember seeing him in Cork ? I didnt go but know many people who did.................

unbuilt tonight belfast

I know , I know its hard to keep interested in Art when the weather is so fantastic but
there is an opening tonight at the Golden thread 6pm
An exhibition of alternatives exploring projects that could have, were not and might have been.

Showing Ulster as it could should might have been if some of the architecture projects that were designed but never built had of got past planning.........................................should be interesting

continues until 26 July.

84-94 Great Patrick Street belfast

Thursday, 25 June 2009

donegal arts festival

It's festival time
4-19 July 2009

Like the look of dancing at the ballroom of romance- should bring back a few memories for people.

quiz in Portaferry

This Friday at 7.30 Portaferry Sailing Club to help raise money for Project Trust.

Quiz Mistress Bronagh Lawson

Winning Team 5x bottles of Champagne!

Raffle Prizes include

Scaled Wooden Galway Hooker model boat.
Limited edition prints
Dinner for 2 x Portaferry Hotel
Pair of tickets for Celtic Fusion Headliner
Get your Boiler Serviced for free.
Bottle of Vodka
Bottle of Whiskey
Tins of Luxury Shortbread
Chocolates...................and other

Blog cabin tonight 7pm

Jennifer Sykes UK
reception at writers square (opposite st Anne catherdral)
Blogcabin is the wilderness retreat that strives to be a one with nature while at the same time refusing to detach itself from technology. Blogcabin will move through varios locations around Belfast , bring your laptop or mobile device.

Part of Catalyst.............................

Dont forget its late night art.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Junction one clearance sale

blah blah from Junction one
Summer Clearance Sale
If it's hot summer bargains you're after then look no further than Junction One's fantastic SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE, with discounts of up to 70% off across the centre. Don't miss Reebok's sale with 50% off the Outlet price*, Levis clearance sale with tops from £7 and Jeans from £25* or Tom Tailor's up to 70% off sale with vest tops from £3 and t-shirts from £5*.

*T&C's may apply to sale offers, check in store for details

fly posting

If any of you around Belfast have notice the councils new respnse to fly posting apparently it costs the council £100,000 a year to fight fly posting in Belfast. What they decided to do was paint out the posters in stead of water blasting as it was making too mcuh of a mess. (brown paint)Any other city, Barcelona per example have places that you can fly post legally because people want to know whats going on so why not Belfast?

So why not complain about the lack of proper fly posting space ??? try your local representitive they work for you you know..................................honest and election time will be coming soon enough.

notice the new response to fly posting?

quote of the day

I do not expect anything from others,
so their actions cannot be in opposition to wishes of mine.

Swami sri yukteswar

summer activities

queens are doing summer activities for kids 6-14years

get them out in the fresh air.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

free tickets for a bit of culture

Radio 3 Summer Invitation Concerts
August & September 2009
Ulster Hall, Belfast

French connections meets home grown music in Belfast this summer, as this year's annual BBC Radio 3 Summer Invitation Concerts series comes to the Ulster Orchestra's new residence, the Ulster Hall, Bedford Street, Belfast.

The season will feature the Ulster Orchestra performing music by French composers, as well as a celebration of five of Ireland's leading pianists, and a contemporary work from a Northern Irish composer each week.

This year's series of concerts includes four lunchtime concerts (Tuesdays) and five evening concerts (Fridays):

Tuesday 4 August, 1.05pm

Claire Ormshaw, soprano
Robin Tritschler, tenor
Thorbjørn Gulbrandsøy, baritone
Ulster Orchestra
Jean-Luc Tingaud, conductor

Programme details:
BERLIOZ: Overture to Béatrice et Bénédict
RAVEL: Cinq Mélodies populaires grecques
CANTELOUBE: Songs of the Auvergne (excerpts)
RAVEL: Don Quichotte a Dulcinee
DEBUSSY: Cantata - Le Gladiateur (first broadcast performance)

Friday 7 August 7.45pm

Philip Martin, piano
Ulster Orchestra
Jean-Luc Tingaud, conductor

Programme details:
HONEGGER: Pastorale d'été
BILL CAMPBELL: Weather Report (first broadcast performance)
POULENC: Concerto for Piano
BIZET: L'Arlesienne Suite No.2
LALO: Symphony in G Minor

Tuesday 11 August 1.05pm

Ulster Orchestra
Rumon Gamba, conductor

Programme details:
SATIE (orch. Milhaud): Jack in the Box
MOZART: Symphony No.31, Paris
FAURÉ: Pelleas et Melisande, Op.80: Suite

Friday 14 August 7.45pm

Finghin Collins, piano
Ulster Orchestra
Rumon Gamba, conductor

Programme details:
SCHUMANN orch.RAVEL: Carnaval
D'INDY: Tableaux des Voyages
FAURÉ: Ballade (for piano and orchestra)
DEBUSSY orch. RAVEL: Sarabande et Danse
STEPHEN GARDNER: The Shipyard (for piano and orchestra)
BIZET: Symphony in C

Tuesday 18 August 1.05pm

Ulster Orchestra
Pierre André Valade, conductor

Programme details:
IBERT: Divertissement
STRAVINSKY: Pulcinella
MILHAUD: Le Boeuf sur le toit

Friday 21 August 7.45pm

John O'Conor, piano
David Adams, violin
Ulster Orchestra
Pierre André Valade, conductor

Programme details:
DEBUSSY arr. CAPLET: Children's Corner
DEIRDRE McKAY: Meltwater
FIELD: Piano Concerto No. 1
BERLIOZ: Rêverie et caprice, Romance for violin and orchestra
RAVEL: Ma Mère l'Oye

Tuesday 25 August 1.05pm

Ulster Orchestra
Jane Glover, conductor

Programme details:
BIZET: Carmen Suite no. 1
ROUSSEL: Concerto for small orchestra
SAINT-SAËNS: Symphony No.2

Friday 28 August 7.45pm

Hugh Tinney, piano
Ulster Orchestra
Jane Glover, conductor

Programme details:
RAVEL: Le Tombeau de Couperin
HAMILTON HARTY: Piano Concerto
ROUSSEL: Petite Suite Op.39
ELAINE AGNEW: Straight to the Point
MASSENET: Scènes Alsaciennes

Friday 4 September 7.45pm

Michael McHale, piano
Ulster Orchestra
Pascal Rophé, conductor

Programme details:
FRANCK: Symphonic Variations
IAN WHITE: Strata (BBC Radio 3 Commission, World Premiere)
SCHMITT: La Tragedie de Salomé

All the concerts will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 later in the year, with selected works also broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster's Sounds Classical in the autumn (Sunday nights at 9pm).

To apply for tickets, visit the BBC Tickets website or call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227*.

the creamery in Gilnahirk hills

ice cream experience in the Gilnahirk hills
homemade icecream made from grass fed cows reared on streamvale farm. Sunny terrace with outdoor seating childrens outdoor area

(I've not been but the leaflet looks interesting that was pushed through my door) especially in this weather.

late night art again

Dont forget it's Thursday for Late night art

and with the weather its a beautiful walk around the galleries. saw shell shock rock on Friday in the OBG it was worth it just to see Terry hooley with dark hair and all the early footage of Belfast and the punks. Fergal sharkey with more spots than a dalmatian who can remember a time when Belfast night life was just the army police and the punks going to the Harp Bar?. I particularly liked the footage of the damp punks with the flowery umbrellas trying to keep the damp off the sugar in their hair. I was aboout 13 when the film was made and apparently it was banned from the Cork film festival and a result everyone wanted it. Anarchy in Belfast's still going on you know. I've notice a few more punks around now that the good weather is here and they can protect their hair cuts, except that there is all those gels and things now.....oh did'nt have thAT IN MY DAY.

Rake fund

The ISBE RAKE Fund provides financial assistance to private companies, academia and consortiums for innovative research projects.

Deadline for submissions: 31st July 2009

Click here for more information


Capitalyst Arts, Jen Sykes
Capitalyst Arts

Jennifer Sykes


22nd – 28th June

Blogcabin is a wilderness retreat that strives to be at one with nature while at the same time refusing to detatch itself from technology. Blogcabin will move through various locations around Belfast becoming an information point, a cinema, an internet location and a space for exchange.

25th June - Writers Square 7pm

Come along and create your own Bluetooth measuring device and have the opportunity to blog in the cabin. Learn how to bypass urban technology and incorporate it into the wilderness. If you want to learn how to do this on your own then bring along your laptop and mobile telephone.

27th June – 166-174 Upper North Street.

Watch Ray Mears as he instructs you through the wilderness and come and see the products of blogcabins week on the streets. Receive mobile instructions for sourcing the internet.

Capitalyst TV

For those that missed Slavek Kwi's sound installation in the tropical Ravine and Martin Carter's Burn the Banks. They are now available to view on the Capitalyst TV page.

Friday, 19 June 2009

troubles, patterns and Victoria square

Last night was the opening of the OBG troubles archive exhibition.nice to see a good turn out,Loved Graham Gingles "the man who hated flags" I cant help but note that I know alot of people who think like that, the knock at the door was an interesting piece. It reminded me of listening to some of the women that I have done development work with and the way in NI we have a coded language for all things related to the troubles. The women were talking about how they wouldn't say this or that or do this or that because they would get a "knock at the door" . I was telling this to some academics who were visiting but didn't realise that because I'm used to the phrase they wouldn't understand that it meant that the knock would be from the paramilitaries.Something that you didn't really want.

The painting of the police in riot gear is darkly suspicious and the installation with baseball bats makes me wonder where artists get inspiration from and muse of the fact that Brendan from Queens Street Studios said to me recently, "during the troubles some people were painting about it and others were painting flowers" interesting to see how different people cope with it.
What I did notice but I would have to check is that the only women artist in the exhibition is Una walker with a list of exhibitions during that time listed on perspex plaque, she made an installation of this list at the Golden Thread some time ago it made me think about all the confusion of information that people get sent out about exhibitions and how to you look at one from another. A well know art writer in NI was there at the time and he said it made him think of all the glasses of wine he took at each exhibition............................

On then to Queen street studios exhibition of Gary Law always a warm welcome after getting up the stairs to the golden drinks trolley. Gary has a selection of meanderings optical effects and a kind of artists meditation. What is so nice to see is a body of work from him. Ive only ever really seen his work in group shows so it's good to get a better view of what he has been up to . Whats so interesting about art I think is you never know whats in an artists head until you see it out there.

Anyway OBG have a selection of events on with QFT and at the gallery itself, tonight it's about Punk in Belfast time 8(you might need to check) Queens street studios is worth the walk up the stairs and going beyond the buzzer.

Lastly so why Victoria square? well Belfast Print Workshop is going into Victoria square at the end of July...........well not the workshop exactly an exhibition space os that should be exciting.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

after art college part 9

As you can see I've been busy dealing with things so I've not got further than part 8 but I left off the story going to Spain. Where everything suddenly was big and bright and fun and interesting. I worked with the Ballet del Zaragoza a city Ballet company halfway between Madrid and Barcelona out in the desert. Zaragoza is famous for it's statue of the black virgin which they clothe differently depending on the church calender people come from all over in order to pray to it. Apart from that the light was fantastic, the tapas amazing and all around when you got on the bus watching the features of the inhabitants was like looking at a moving Picasso when he was painting his large eyes Spanish ladies and men. The dominance of the features still held true. My job was to clothe the extremely vain ballet dancers, I had space in a local designers workshop to make the garments but first off it was the measurements and designs.

The thing I loved about Zaragoza was being immersed in a culture that I had no understanding of try9ing to figure out a new language and a new set of customs, for example legally you could drink at 16 which meant there was one alley of cheep bars that always had drunk teenagers rolling around them. People really didn't go out until 11 at night for a stroll and then on clubbing to five in the morning, some nightclubs did'nt open until 4.30. Siestas were common and you can see why. the local people were very family orientated and often were seen out of an evening the whole family including grandparents just strolling around and sitting and chatting, very civilised. I stated in a house with the ballet mistress, her nanny and child , the choreographer and her Husband and then me. Lots of dancers were always coming and making lots of big dinners and talking while learning to make spainish omlets(it's just egg and potato). The ballet mistress used to work at the Moulin Rouge before she had a child lots of interesting stories.

After being there a while having completed the designs it was hard to come home to NI, still no change here. After some time I got the ok to go back to Spain for 4 months to make up the costumes and stay until the opening night. Needless to say I didn't need much coaxing...................

belfast exposed free time-Summer Sundays

Belfast exposed are having a number of events running during their Sunday openings.

Untitled until the end

transformed into a temporary film studio, the agllery becomes an autonomous zone. Just turn up on the day and become part of the collaborative film project.##more info

assemble 12.30 for light refreshments- actual 1-4pm

Sunday 21 June

Saturday 18 July

Sunday 9 August

Event 2

Alternative belfast- Photography walking tour

28th June 1-3pm
Join belfast exposed photographr Mervyn Smyth for a guided tour of his favourite city haunts. bring a camera, go off the beaten track and get some grat pictures under the guidance of a professional photographer with an indepth knowledge.

Event 3

How the context dictates the form
19 July 1-3pm
Assemble at Belfast Exposed 12.30pm for light refreshments
How do artists respond to political events on the ground?

Event 4

Freedom Summer!
26 July 1-3pm

The home office recently intorduced new restrictions on international artists and acedemica visiting the uk for talks,temporart exhibitions,concerts or artists residecies. Come and join artist and writer Raimi Ghadamosi for an investigation and discussion of freedom,mobility and the arts. the talk will be recorded and made available to download.

Event 5
battle of the books- fought in exchange place
2 Aug 1-3pm
Assemble at belfast Exposed 12.30pm for light refreshments

Combatants read from their chosen texts for your entertainment and enlightenment. the value put upon thses proclimations is to be determined by how many peopkle gather around each speaker and by how much is thrown inot your hats. Bring your own book =soapbox provided.
Event run in conjunction with August exhibition in the Third Space gallery.

any queries acall Blefast exposed 02890230965

Vigilance tonight


VIGILANCE UPPER NORTH STREET (opposite Star Bingo), OPENING 7pm Thursday 18th June

Vigilance was originally installed in a pair of vacant retail units in Barrow-in Furness. It was inspired by the town’s submarine building history with the form of the derived from the shape and scale of the vanguard class nuclear submarine. The work was constructed from flattened cardboard boxes suspended from the ceiling by string and designed to make it appear that the submarine had landed on top of the building, but instead of demolishing it the building had adapted itself to accommodate the shape of the hull. For Capitalyst White will be recreating the work in a vacant shop on North Street.


Solstice in Strangford


An evening of Poetry, Story and Song

Hosted by

Write! Down & Strangford Lough Office

Time: 7.30pm, 18 June 2009.

Venue: Barholm, Portaferry

Everyone Welcome

Find out more about Strangford Lough Office’s Literary Strangford Project;

Bring a poem, song or story – a favourite about the Lough particularly welcome, though not essential.

There is no charge for this event, BYOB

Further information from: Write! Down:

Strangford Lough Office:

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

quote of the day

be realistic
Plan for a miracle
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

sexy Mario

amazing waht salsa is going on in Belfast.

Mario Leka (a.k.a. Sexy Mario) from Dublin to come up to Belfast and give two classes for Improvers and Intermediate dancers on Monday 15th June at the King's Head. From 8 to 9pm there will be an Improvers/Intermediate level bachata class and from 9 to 10pm there will be an Intermediate L.A. salsa class. The Bachata class will work on some techniques as well as some nice routines. The Intermediate salsa class (9 to 10pm) will work on your LA salsa technique for both woman and men. Mario is one of the most exciting and dynamic dancers in Dublin and is part of the FUSION dance group, who were European champions in 2007. The group are drawn from the best dancers in Dublin and has been a catalyst for energising salsa in Ireland. He is also a founding member and driving force behind which is one of the most successful groups of teachers in Dublin, with classes of over 100 students. There instructors are highly experienced and have performed and taught classes all over the world: including Cuba, Spain, France, Poland and Ireland and have all studied and competed to the highest international level. More infomation plus maps can be found at:

another quote today

let there be more joy and laughter in your living.
Eileen Caddy

mid summer at Tara

Anyone fancy celebrating mid summer at tara this weekend???????

city dance sat 20th -looks like fun

Saturday 20th June
Dance Workshops from 1pm to 6pm
The Grand Marquee in Lower Crescent Park, (off Botanic Avenue) Belfast
Admission Free

Come along and bring the whole family to the Crescent Arts Centre's Annual Midsummer Festival of Dance.
Take part in some of the many and varied dance forms available at the Crescent including
Tango, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Egyptian Belly Dancing, Bollywood, Break Dance, Ballet, Tap and more.
And if you enjoy the workshop you can enrol for the Crescent September term dance class.

Moya Henry
Crescent Arts Centre
028 9024 2338

frenzy of June

You can feel the frenzy in the air of everyone trying to get things finished for June, July holidays are coming . There is a high level of activity everywhere while things are getting finished off bit by bit. the flags are up around the city the air is warm and all around people are saying "what are you doing for your holidays" it's becoming the in thing to stay in Belfast for July, when else can you have no traffic, not deal with all the commuters and generally walk about with less hassle. I do notice lots more tourists around groups of people looking around staring at maps on street corners.

Yesterday up in Dundonald there was a police stop, what on earth is going on? It was only when we walked by that I saw Iris Robinson walking down the street in her pink skirt and pink top, smiling at the police men.Life goes on , life goes on. All those people waiting on the creativity fund info have been told there is a delay, I don't envy those people who are working on the grant application appraisals what a nightmare. Even if they get it through in July letters of offer etc will take more time and i suppose the money will not hit the ground until September, hows that for a delay? Sometimes a good idea can be lost is the execution. Ho hum.

Anyway all my seeds in the garden have sprouted the birds are singing and life goes on regardless ( what'nt there a song about that) the art college shows are still on the galleries are open. I've got some interesting news but I'm going to keep it until I have everything signed off.

have a glorious day because "you never know when you go".

quote of the day

The most powerful thing you can do to change the world,
is to change your own beliefs
about the nature of life,people,
reality,to something
more positive...
and begin to act accordingly.

Shakti Gawain
creative visualisation

Monday, 15 June 2009

women on the move event ballymena

Topic: Communication Skills
Speaker: Dorothy Jones from Marlagh Training -
Date: Thursday 25th June 2009
Venue: Leighinmohr Hotel, Ballymena
Time: 7pm - 8.30pm
Cost: FREE

If you would like more details or to book a place email or phone 07866408092.

business in the community awards

Video highlights from the awards last week

2 quotes today

Learn to be silent
let your
quiet mind
and absorb


So nice on Sunday

Nice to see the sun shining in Belfast on a Sunday the entertainment at Cotton court seems to be taking off nice to see so many visitors around enjoying the city. Lots of people out and about on their bikes.It's interesting to observe Belfast in transition.You do notice so many more people out and about on a Sunday enjoying the city and now that the art galleries are open as well there is no excuse.

Thursday at OBG

OBG opening on thursday night 7pm with the Arts council troubles archive.

Lots of screenings and events that have been combined with QFT well worth the look.

Arts council conferance Wed Art and Conflict I belive there are still some places left check out their website

quote of the day

you should always be aware that your head creates your world.

Ken keyes,Jr
handbook to a higher conciousness

Friday, 12 June 2009

last night in Belfast

So the evening started off by a solo walk in evening dress through the cathedral quarter (strange looks all around) calling into the Belfast Print Workshops to see the blue exhibition I have to say who would have thought that just a single colour could bring forth so much imagination. That's what is interesting about Artists you never know what is going on in their heads (usually its better not to) and so at some point something comes out and there you go. There are too many pieces that I like to pick out specifics but Jill Evans has been slaving away for ages on a beautiful lino cut that simply shimmers, Lisa Malone has a fantastic blue with little people running to pub to pub. I love the sense of humour in her prints. Liam de Finse is showing Frieda maybe it's something of what is to come with his planned hero's, pricks and villains exhibition scheduled for the Autumn? I do love the image on the poster "what the fairy's left behind" but then again I am biased because it's mine. It's kinda sent me of on another direction. Started off as a cynotype and then turned into a photo etching with the help of Michael Hart. So much luck and thought and chance goes into the creative process.

Exhibition runs until 20 July go have a nosey.

Later I went to the business in the community awards dinner (hence the evening dress earlier) held in the waterfront. I've never been to something in the waterfront where they have taken out all the seats before. It worked really well. I must say it was a bit long winded but I was amazed by just how many people I actually recognised from different things I have been involved in. There were a couple of things I noticed Martin McGuiness was giving the keynote speech he seemed giddy with various things. If someone had not told me he was a tea totally I would have said he was drunk maybe its the election results? he kept going on about fly fishing? go figure???? then Arlene foster who was standing i for peter Robinson ( who after the election results (maybe decided not to go ) Arlene had a prepared speech but it lacked a bit of style. I did notice that when Martin Maguniess got up to talk most of one table got up to leave-grabbing their bottles of wine as they went. It's a subtle move but to me shows part of the underlying feelings of some people in NI, maybe ?????

Anyway I was a guest of Women in business as they are about to launch a new website focused at helping women into business and reaching out to those less fortunate than themselves to help get them onto self employment.

Anyway is 'nt it great to see the sun out........bye for now. Dont forget At Sundays.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tonight 7 pm belfast printworkshop

The sun is shining the sky is blue and there is life in cotton court. Tonight at 7pm it's the opening of predominately blue exhibition. performance art from 8.............................come and see what's blue??????????????? at least the sky is at the moment.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thursday night at BPW

Well just a reminder that belfast print workshop is opening it's premoninately blue exhibition on Thursday night at 7 pm, there is street entertainment form 7.30 and performance art form 8 pm , the exhbition has been going up over the last couple of days and its amazing to see what the word blue means to different people. Come along tomorrow night is you want to be entertained while watching.

update on art collage

So the exhibition on Monday made around £1000 for the charity so that was good form. There was a real buzz around the art college, but only one sour taste was left. I was going over to hand out the BPW award to a champagne and Guinness reception- I asked politely for something non alcholic. The two heavily made up women told me to go to the shop and buy something. When queried this and said did you not have anything non alcholic for the non alcholics. They started at me blankly, where a women from the university said I really think you should take this up with the university and I was being harsh. Well I have to say it really pissed me off. When are people in Northern Ireland going to realise that not everyone one is out to get as drunk as possible at every opportunity and non catering for people who are driving etc is actually not goot customer service.

So next year it would be nice to get something non alcholic. Apart from that all the students looked deadfully nervious. One young guy I was talking to had so much adrenalin rushing through him at 5 oclcok |I suggested that maybe he sould try a bit of meditation or he would'ne get through the night.
So i didnt get a good look around but a few things caught my eye. I'm just glad that it's not me graduating now. It's just so difficult and strange for the first few years after leaving collage that I would not wish that on anyone in this economic cliamte.

Anyway if you have'nt had a look its on until 20 June with lots of talk and things going on at the same time.

I didnt get to say anything the other week about late night art- I have to say I now think that Queen street studios has the best welcome after dragging yourself up the stairs I was welcomed with the invitation of some chilled wine. They have a drinks trolley in the centre of the gallery and the welcome is most hospitible. Good to see people are starting to get out and about and see things .

Monday, 8 June 2009

tonight at John Hewitt

as well as the art college opening there is an opening of prints and small works on at the John Hewitt in aid of Muscular distrophe (not sure if thats spelt right).

just a quickie

I was thinking about all those leaving art collage this year-what their hopes and fears are? are they any different from when you actually start art college? I know they are graduating in a very difficult climate, but then art is always a difficult climate. They are probably looking at what to do next with a overdraft a bit of heartache and lots of different experiences.

What i do know is many of them will be disappointed with their grades-that always happens, there will be a bit of back biting and bitching-that always happens and a few tears and hopefulness.

I know that although they might not realise it yet their experience will be one of the foundation stones of their future lives and it's very much up to them exactly what it is that they do with it. Sit around and wait for someone to make them successful or go ahead and and get up and do something for themselves? So whats it going to be the sit and whinge? or go and do? the choice is up to them.

But its worth going to have a look to see.

I'm in a quote mood

never feel guilty about learning.
never feel quilty about wisdom.
that is called enlightenment.

You must understand that you have done what you needed to do; it was all necessary.

And you made all the right choices-all of them!


2 quotes today

Life is made up of small pleasures.

happiness is made up of those tiny successes. the big ones come too infrequently.

If you don't have all of those zillions of tiny successes,
the big ones dont mean anything.

Norman Lear

Belfast in the sunshne

Nice to see Belfast in the Sunshine and long may it continue the tourists are out and about lots of different accents hovering around looking at the sites and sounds I did stop and talk to someone grappling with a map the other day and they must have thought I was gping to mug them as they hurried on with a paniced look on their faces.Funny how some people reach. If I ever see someone struggling over a map I always stop to see if they want some help and it's interesting to see their reaction, panic or suprise mostly they are very greatful while watching their bags.

I told this to a friend who lives in Edinburgh and she laughed and said mostly they try and ignore them but if you have been there for the festival you would know why.Never seen such an excess of culture and people.

art college today

So today I'm going around to the art college to give the Belfast print workshop awards to the students and the degree shows are opening from tonight. Go and have a nosey they are linking it into a festival of art with different workshops and talk etc. I see Wayne Hemingway is over again he was over a couple of months ago and really tels a good story. So it's well worth having a go and listening to him.

I don't even those who are graduating this year, can't believe it's 20 years since I left. It's nice to see the Sunday Art opening's are starting to work and cotton court is buzzing with entertainment on a Sunday with lots of tourists so it's great to see Belfast in the Sunshine.

Thursday of course is belfast print Workshop opening "premoninatey Blue" 7pm with performance art starting at 8.

quote of the day

Action springs not from thought,
but from a readiness for responsibility.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Thursday, 4 June 2009

quote ofthe day

to know how to wait is the great secret of success.

Joseph de Maistre

new major of belfast

Belfast has a new major it's it great it's a women.

Dont forget to vote today.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Late night art thursday

Its that time again lots of crazy things on with walking tours and all.

4 June at the tropical ravine Botanic

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Capitalyst Arts Slavek Kwi Solvakian sound artist Kwi, will transform the Tropical ravine with sounds he recorded from the Amazon. 4th June Reception 6.00pm 5th - 11th June 11-5pm


Dont forget it's ballet in Botanic tonight, they have started queing already.
Live by big screen from London.

quote of the day

Often the difference
between a successful man and a failure is not ones better
abilities or ideas,
but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas,
to take a calculated risk-and to act.

Maxwell Malz

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Franchising for Small Business

Belfast Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) brings businesses together to make new contacts, create business opportunities and share ideas, all in an informal environment.

Our next networking event will be a joint event with Lisburn companies and will look at franchising for small businesses. Kenneth Sharpe, Senior Business Expansion Consultant, Business Options and Adrian Garvey from O’Briens will provide an engaging and interesting insight into franchising.

The discussion will take place in Malone House and will be followed by refreshments and networking.

When: Thursday 4th June 2009
Time: 5.30-8.30pm (Includes refreshments)
Where: Malone House
Cost: Free

If you are interested in attending please contact Rhonda Lynn on 028
9027 0229 or email:

Places at the venue are strictly limited. Please only register if you can actually make it to the event. It is very disappointing when businesses register but do not turn up as it prevents others from attending.

This workshop is provided free by Belfast City Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

quote of the day

it is a commonplace observation
that work expands
so as to fill
the time available
for its completion.
C.NorthCote Parkinson

creative clusters summer school

Creative Clusters SummerSchool: 6-9th July 2009 Open for registration
Entrepreneurship, Workspace and the Local Creative Economy

As in the 1980s, the economy that emerges from this recession will look very different to the economy that went into it. Once again, the places that engage now with emerging sectors will recover fastest. Are you ready to provide the support and infrastructure that will be needed?

Drawing on one of the great regeneration success stories of the last twenty years, the Creative Clusters SummerSchool offers well-tested solutions and practical tools to support recovery:

Four days of intensive up-skilling delivered by workspace chief executives, senior regeneration directors and leading creative industry consultants.

Taking place in some of the UK’s most successful workspaces: the Workstation/Showroom complex in Sheffield, Dean Clough, Halifax, The Media Centre, Huddersfield and Digital Media Centre, Barnsley.

Practical solutions for beating the recession. Full programme and booking at

Renew Your Vision | Deepen Your Insight | Galvanise Your Project

Full programme and booking at

Monday, 1 June 2009


Just a wee sorry for anyone who actioned the Creative Exchange information, I was given the wrong info it's actually tomorrow night Tuesday that they are opening their studios.

Platform arts has opened, each time I go in they have done a little bit more to it and got things going.Great to see another art gallery open in Belfast. Long live Belfast Art.

Forum for alternative Belfast

PLACE is proud to sponsor the launch of the new Forum for Alternative Belfast (FAB).

The launch takes place at the Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast on Thursday 4th June from 5.30 – 8pm (please note this event is not held at PLACE).

Architect and critic Shane O’Toole will chair a special panel discussion on the night.

View the flyer for this event: click here.

More info on the PLACE website:

Visit the FAB website:

Full-Time Temporary Lecturer in Multi media

Belfast Metropolitan College is now recruiting

Job Reference: 2009/058A Title: Full time temporary lecturer in multi media

Launch of Creative Exchange New Artists Studios

Tuesday 2nd June 2009 From 5 - 9 pm - Portview, Newtownards Road, Belfast
Artists included Ben Allen, Katie Blue, Lesley Cherry, Colin Davis, Ray Duncan, Ian Fleming, Laura McGuire, Deirdre Robb and Geordie Robb

Culturlan and Ivan Armstrong

Exhibition - Ivan Armstrong - 'The Irish History Reader Part I'
Exhibition of prints by Ivan Armstrong in Culturlan McAdam, O'Fiaich, Falls Road (near corner of Broadway) Friday 5th June 2009 7pm

another BPW'nt it great


Monday 1st June STUDIO 23 DERRIAGHY IND;ESTATE Dunmurry BT17 9HU
To assist a trip to India the follows works are available for purchase
jane Middleton;Aidan Hinds;jean Lemeuix;Elias Kapak;katharine Crawford;andrew Cranley.brian Mullan:Clinton Kirkpatrick;Thomas Spencer;and more
Cheques and cash only Also available photographs.prints.jewellry and silks

Franchising for Small Business

Belfast Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) brings businesses together to make new contacts, create business opportunities and share ideas, all in an informal environment.

Our next networking event will be a joint event with Lisburn companies and will look at franchising for small businesses. Kenneth Sharpe, Senior Business Expansion Consultant, Business Options and Adrian Garvey from O’Briens will provide an engaging and interesting insight into franchising.

The discussion will take place in Malone House and will be followed by refreshments and networking.
When: Thursday 4th June 2009

Time: 5.30-8.30pm (Includes refreshments)

Where: Malone House

Cost: Free

If you are interested in attending please contact Rhonda Lynn on 028 9027 0229 or email:

Places at the venue are strictly limited. Please only register if you can actually make it to the event. It is very disappointing when businesses register but do not turn up as it prevents others from attending.

This workshop is provided free by Belfast City Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

quote of the day

Perhaps what we call genius has something to do with a learned state of
consciousness,a way of attending to the stream of mental expereince. perhaps many more
of us could hear inner melodies,find guidance and inspiration,achieve breakthrough insight-
if we would only pay more attention to the fleeting images and the quiet intuitions presented to us by the creative mind.

Willis Harmen

Is'nt NI beautiful in the sun

On Friday walking through the Catherdral quater past the Friday drinkers out sunning themselves outside down to alfresco dining at Victoria square, I had to pinch myself am I really in Northern Ireland? The call of Portaferry was too much and I got the long bus Via Carrowdore down to home. Beautful could not discribe it the green the blues the fresh air the smell of the sea once you get there. Up early on Sunday morning walking along the shore the lough is like glass showing a perfect reflection of what is floating above, clear, crisp, clean. Oh how beautiful this place is that I was brought up in.So beautiful so really beautiful. I'm sorry that I still dont have my camera back. The weather was fantastic and although the comment was flippant "if this is global warming I'll have more of it" was heard on more than one occasion.

So where ever you were at the weekend I hope you enjoyed it and got some fresh air around you because it's important to reconnect.

Dont forget tonight its Platfrom Arts new gallery opening on Queens street and creative Exchange are launching their studios in Portview trade centre........................................................lots more art for you all to contemplate............Have a suny day and rememeber to look at the sky while it's blue............