Wednesday, 29 September 2010

write down in October

Write! Down presents‘Welcoming the Wild Geese’ on Saturday, 9th October 2010 ( 8pm ) at the church, Old Court , Strangford.

An evening of poetry, story and song.

Coinciding with Poetry Day we are marking the Brent Geese settling into their winter home on the banks of Strangford Lough. This event also marks the beginning of the fifth anniversary year of the Wild Geese Literary Festival.

Featuring Write!Down writers and friends

To welcome young, new and emerging talent and celebrate the word in all its forms we are delighted to invite:

Special guest musicians and songwriters The Lowly Knights - a young folk pop band, just on the cusp of launching their highly anticipated third release ‘The Even Keel EP’, with a sound which combines grand-voiced exuberance with a ramshackle folk edge.

Guest reader Sheena Wilkinson, whose first novel for young adults and horse-lovers, ‘Taking Flight’ (Little Island, 2010), was launched to great acclaim last month.

Write! Down collective poets and wordsmiths for the evening include Maria McManus, Matt Kirkham, Donal O’ Hagan, Olive Broderick – whose writing achievements encompass poetry collections, plays, a range of innovative writing collaborations, an Eithne Strong Award for Best first collection, and a Hennessy Award.

Tickets available at Kevin Og’s Newsagent, Strangford (tel: 028/048 4488 1377) or from any member of the Write! Down Committee.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Golden Thread opening this Friday

Art Beyond Ulster - Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art

1st October – 13th November 2010

The seventh instalment of the Golden Thread Gallery’s seminal Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art series is curated by Brian Kennedy artist, curator & writer. Art Beyond Ulster explores the impact of international opportunities and experiences on the visual arts in the region and with a special focus on the British School at Rome. The exhibition will feature an exciting mix of works by a range of artists including John Aiken, Ian Charlesworth, Cian Donnelly, Felim Egan, Graham Gingles, Vivian Hewitt, John Kindness, Niamh O’Malley, Philip Napier, Eillis O’Connell, Simon Reilly and William Scott.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a substantially illustrated publication with essays by Brian Kennedy and Brian Ferran.

Public discussions

16th October at 3pm - John Kindness and Brian Kennedy in conversation.

23rd October at 2.30pm - Brian Ferran and Brian Kennedy in conversation.

For further information visit our website – , E:, join us on Facebook or call us on ++44(0) 2890 330920.

Admission is free.

Exhibition Dates: 1st October – 13th November 2010

Tuesday – Friday 10.30am – 5.30 pm

Siobhan Hapaska talk this Thursday 7pm at OBG

Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith will discuss Hapaska’s new work at OBG. Mac Giolla Léith is a critic,
curator, author and Senior Lecturer at University College Dublin. He was a judge for the Turner Prize
2005 and contributes regularly to major art publications.

Siobhán Hapaska ‘Downfall’ is showing at OBG until 6th November. Hapaska was born in Belfast in 1963.
She is a graduate of Goldsmith’s College, London (1992) and has consistently showed in major exhibitions
internationally including Documenta X (1997), the Venice Biennale (2001) and Magasin 3 Stockholm (2000).

This is the first major exhibition of her work in her native city and includes a combination of new and recent

This event is free but places are limited so contact us to reserve a place

T:02890 321 402 or E:

Employment inequalities in an economic downturn

Employment Inequalities in an Economic Downturn
28/09/2010 from Equality Commission
Young people, and particularly young men, are being worst hit by the recession in Northern Ireland, reports the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland in its research ´Employment Inequalities in an Economic Downturn´ launched today, 28 September.

The Commission in its analysis of the impact of the current economic downturn on people in Northern Ireland has found that 18-24 year old people are more negatively affected than any other age group both here and in GB.

It highlights the rise in unemployment rate for this age group which has doubled from 2006 to 2009, from 9.9% to 20.4%. This is almost three times the overall unemployment rate and four times the rate for older workers. It is also above the UK average youth unemployment rate of 18.0%.

In Northern Ireland, the data illustrate that men have been disproportionately affected by this recession, especially those in the younger age groups. Overall male unemployment has increased from 3.8% to 6.4%, but for 18-24 year old men this rate has doubled from 8.7% to 19%.

Launching the research at an event in Equality House, Belfast, Chief Executive Evelyn Collins, CBE, said: "Fully understanding the impact of the recession on people in Northern Ireland to date is absolutely vital. Decision makers faced with greatly reduced budgets will have tough choices to make. The data in this research can inform their thinking on the impact of the recession and strategies for dealing with it."

"The doubling of unemployment rates for young men may have profound implications for the shaping of our future society, especially where there is a risk of damage to future careers and a possibility of long-term unemployment.

"The literature indicates that this might be a ‘male recession’ but we know that its effects are still unfolding. The research findings provide some pointers to areas where there may be a risk of more negative impacts, especially for women, lone parents and disabled people, as the downturn increasingly affects public sector employment and voluntary and community organisations."

To date, available data has indicated a very slight decline in the employment rate of disabled people in Northern Ireland from 29.4% to 29.3%, however interview evidence as part of the Commission’s research indicated a decline in opportunities for work placements for people with disabilities due to the recession and an increasing feeling of insecurity for those in work.

In terms of community background, there has been a decline in employment and a rise in unemployment for both communities, although the increase in unemployment for the Roman Catholic community has been slightly greater. The unemployment rate for the Roman Catholic community rose by 1.8 percentage points, compared to 0.8 percentage points for the Protestant community. This may be partly accounted for by the age differences in the two communities. The Roman Catholic community has a younger age structure and is more likely to be affected by increases in youth unemployment.

Ms Collins added: "We are committed to working with Government departments, and with public and private employers to help ensure that the most vulnerable groups are not disproportionately hit by this recession. We need to make sure they are not left behind to a lifetime without work or full involvement in society."

The Equality Commission has run a series of training events for government departments on their responsibilities on equality and good relations. The Commission also works with employers, public and private, to help them comply with all aspects of equality law. On 3 November it will be launching a resource pack on employing people from marginalised groups.

Further information, including the research report, is available via

Red Barn Gallery

7th - 28th October 2010
An exhibition of Collective works.
by Patrick Quinn Magee

Patrick Quinn Magee (1934-2006) was an extremely talented Irish painter, cartoonist and illustrator. He was born in Belfast and was educated at St. Malachy’s College in the city, and later at Trinity College, Dublin. It was whilst he was in Dublin that he launched his artistic career, working for the Evening Herald and RTE and gaining commissions from, amongst others, the Dublin Corporation to paint murals to “lighten the bleakness”. In 1968 he joined the staff of International Publishing Corporation in London and his work was circulated widely throughout Europe and the USA – his commission work also increased and his works are held in many collections throughout the world. “Quinn” returned to his native city in 1978, where he continued to work as a freelance artist, illustrating magazines and novels, and beginning a long and productive association as a political cartoonist with The Sunday Tribune – where he was the resident staffer - and the popular Irish satirical magazine, Magill. In 1980 he won the highly coveted Award of “International Artist of the Year” at the International Exhibition in Berlin.

>>see more

All originall artwork will be on sale

Exhibition contains works from
Hustler, Club & Men Only Magazines

suitable for minors....

The first exhibition of his water-colours was a joint venture with his friend and Irish artist, the late and much admired Charles (Charlie) McAuley, and was held in Belfast in 1986 at The Eimear Gallery. It was entitled “The Last Age of Innocence” and captured some of the personal recollections of his youth growing up in the Belfast of the 1950’s. This proved such a resounding success that another solo exhibition was held in 1987 and, until his untimely death in 2006, “Quinn” Magee held over 20 exhibitions of both his water-colours and oils throughout Ireland.

Like any true artist, Patrick “Quinn” Magee painted what he knew and his work was in many ways a reflective prism into the man and the way he liked to live his life... gently, honestly, thought provokingly and uniquely passionate. All those who knew him have said after his death that he was true gentleman who lived to paint rather than painted to live.

Exhibition opens 7th October 2010
at 7pm
and runs until the 28th October 2010
admission is free.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Culture night

Dont forget it's Culture night in Belfast this Friday come and see what all the fuss is printing workshops in Belfast print Workshop

Flow at the linen hall Libary

A joint exhibition of Government Art works from Department of Finance and Personnel and the Office of Public works opening tonight 22 Sept 2010 at 6.30pm

at Linen Hall libary 17 Donegall Square North Belfast

Well ar least they are working together in their Art...................

Monday, 20 September 2010

Blackberry season

I went blackberry picking at the weekend down in Portaferry where I used to go as a child the hedges were full of them and as I did it bit by bit it brought back loads of memories of doing it as a child along with all my sisters and granny it was always a significant event- Blackberry picking. The scrabs on my arms, the juice squashed around my face the teasing of one sister as she didn't like to eat them until they were washed because she always though she was eating insects. These days were followed by watching the jams and crumbles being made and the ,fretting over Jam setting and the warm glow of my grannies kitchen.

I was picking some over in Strangford as well on Sunday and I couldn't help thinking how right and fresh the berries looked. In comparison to seeing a punnet of over engineered plump blackberries in the centre of Paris. Someone no doubt thought of cultivating them for Parisian consumption- I just thought they looked fake. A bit like when you see a women with false boobs, they are supposed to look right but you can't help thinking that they are a bit over engineered and dangerous to get close too.

Anyway Blackberry season always signifies for me, Autumn proper shorter days clear skys sharper weather and the slow fall into winter. The thing about not having a TV is you watch the changes in the seasons more for your shifts of the year. You are often the first to see the changing seasons the shift in the weather. Does it make a difference? A significient difference? noticing? yes I think it does.

Now Jam or crumble what is it going to be?

Friday, 17 September 2010

national minimum wage increase

Increase in the national minimum wage rate (all UK)
Relevant to
Employers that pay workers and/or apprentices the national minimum wage

Takes effect on
1 October 2010

From 1 October 2010, new national minimum wage (NMW) rates will come into force.

The NMW applies to nearly all workers and sets hourly rates below which you must not allow pay to fall.

For pay reference periods (PRPs) beginning on or after 1 October 2010, you will have to pay all eligible workers the following:

£5.93 an hour to workers aged 21 and above ('the main rate')
£4.92 an hour to workers aged 18-20
£3.64 an hour to workers aged below 18 who are no longer of compulsory school age
It's important to note that the age threshold for the main rate is going to fall from 22 (as it is currently) to 21.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

taste NI garden party

The Taste Northern Ireland Garden Party, which is jointly organised by Belfast City Council and Tesco, takes place in Botanic Gardens on Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 September.

Nibble on food samples, see some of Belfast's leading chefs cooking up a storm, enjoy kid's activities, and soak up live music and entertainment - all for free!

Autumn Flower Show
Our Autumn Flower Show will have displays of thousands of colourful prize blooms, alongside exhibits of monster-size vegetables and prize-winning fuchsias, bonsai, cacti. There will also be other delights from local gardens, allotments, greenhouses, wine cellars and beehives.
Food and drink
The event will showcase Northern Ireland's best loved food and drinks companies who are local suppliers to Tesco.
Jump, Jiggle and Jive Dancing
Kids can dance along to their favourite music, such as Postman Pat and Bob the Builder. There's lots of dance props to delight and excite young visitors including cheerleader pom poms, shiny twirling dance batons and ribbons galore.
Crazy golf
Try your hand at our nine hole crazy golf course.
Recycled arts and crafts workshops
Learn how to make something new from everyday items that can be recycled.
Physics in the field
The team from the Institute of Physics will be performing eye-catching physics tricks to wow all ages. Physics tricks are hand-held demonstrations using things that can be found at home. Some are messy, some are noisy, but all of them are crowd pleasing and help illustrate different areas of physics.
Live acoustic music
Enjoy live acoustic music at the bandstand.

View all activities during the Taste NI Garden Party

Be environmentally friendly

The event is tipped to be the most environmentally friendly in the city this year, with all the food and drink served in recycled or biodegradable containers and ample recycling facilities available onsite.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own bags and to use public transport or pedal power in getting to and from the event. Cycle racks will be provided.

Our staff will be on hand to give advice on recycling, home composting and other environmental issues.

More information

For more information, visit or call the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609.

Thursday again

So whats going on with you? how did yet another week go buy? what are you planning next? I've had an interesting week quiet and informed. I dont think I've written much from the heart in my blog for a while so just though I'd say hello to the world again.Do you feel NI changing? I do you can feel it in the air shifts are happening, alliances being made life moving in different directions for everyone. YOu know there is going to be an election next year? in May council and MLA's that should be fun funny thing is all the budgets will have to be agreed before then and then depending on who gets in different peope will become ministers and then change the way things are allocated again. How are you supposed to plan in an enviornment like that? Focus and keep on motoring along. Maybe people could be a bit more thoughtful about their acts? see how they can benifit everyone not just themselves, that would be a good place to start. A very good place to start. It would be nice if a few more people thought about that. Give a bit of space to creativity in this wee provience of ours. There is tons of it around. I was a judge in the Trans urban summer creativity programme and it was brilliant to see all the creativity and vitality that was being brought forward to the judges. We were only able to give one prize. But the thing that went through my head as it always does is. Why oh why do people in Northern Ireland not support their local talent more? everyone will rush out and spend time and energy on things that are not from here and not made here but when you are local talent people turn their nose up at you?

It goes for all the ART fields or artistic fields very little support and very limited market yet amazing talent and opportunity's. Part of it is many of the support agencys do not have the proper understanding of the creative process and creativity in general. It's seen as an oddity not a necessity.So how to deal with it? smile gently and move away, fill in the forms then move away onto the next person please.

Yet just imagine if the proper support was out there? the proper direction for people the proper nuturing and mentoring just imagine what possibilities there would be.Maybe there would be a real cluster of self supported creative industry, not just a creative industry support structure paid for my tax payers that is supporting no body but the support agancys themselves. Did I really say that?

Anyway that's my rant for the day. I'm going tonight to see Fresh opening at the Naugton gallery where Lisa Malone and a troop of Fresh artists are exhibiting. Lisa was the youngest ever person to get the Banaff residency from the Arts council and has a great history of solo shows under her beltand I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

dairy date culture night next Friday

Dont forget it.

fresh at Naughton Gallery opening 16th Sept

preview tomorrow night of Fresh 6-8pm exhibition continues until 3 Oct 2010.

Martin Boyle, Lisa Malone, Gareth Martin, Ross McClintock, Graham Eatson, Gemma Withers.

at Naughton Gallery at Queens.

Go see whats going on.

do you know anyone that would admit it?

As Movie House cinemas turns 20 later this month, the company is celebrating romance in the back row!

Couples who had their first date at Movie House – and are still together – are being invited to contact the cinema to be entered into a draw to see a special VIP preview screening of the new Katherine Heigl/Josh Duhamel romantic comedy Life As We Know It on September 30.

The cinema will be selecting 50 couples who had their first dates at Movie House Glengormley, Yorkgate Cityside, Dublin Road, Maghera and Coleraine and will be treating them to a special night out!

If you went on your first date at Movie House then email and let them know the first film you saw and which Movie House you went to.

Make sure to include you and your partner’s names and a contact number/email.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

good free night

Monday, 13 September 2010

Ards Business centre event

Ards Business Centre is delighted to invite you to attend a truly unique networking event. The event will take place at Ards Business Centre, Sketrick House on Tuesday September 21st from 11.30am – 2.30pm (with talks from 11.45am sharp).

Titled ‘Borders Mean Business Not Barriers’ we have secured the following line up of fantastic speakers:

Maureen Wheeler – Co-founder, The Lonely Planet
Hugh Daly – Serial Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker
Professor Michael McQuillan – Co-founder, The Streat Café Franchise

The event will also provide delegates with the opportunity to grow their contacts and identify new opportunities and partners through a facilitated networking session. Those who secure a place will have the opportunity, in advance of the event to select and prioritise the firms they feel will be most relevant to meet on the day.

This event is free to Tradelinks companies and contacts of Ards Business Centre (including yourself), however places are limited to100 and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. As such, early booking is recommended and all registrations must be received by Tuesday 14th September. To reserve your free place email quoting ‘Ards Tradelinks’ and detailing full name, organisation and email address. Podiem will reply to confirm if you have secured a place.

Please see below for an Invitation to this event. A schedule of the event programme is also below for your information. If you require any more information please contact Kevin Kelly at Podiem on 028 9076 1030 or email

Catalyst ahoy


Catalyst Arts is proud to present Together, an exhibition that celebrates collaboration. Opening on Thursday 16th September Together brings for the first time to Belfast the works of Jenny Hogarth and Kim Coleman, Tommy Grace and Kate Owens, and Ortonandon.

These artists have individually and collaboratively questioned the traditional idea of an autonomous artistic practice. They have come together to present Together.

Jenny Hogarth & Kim Coleman have been working in collaboration since 2003. Their videos and performances play with the choreographed and the non-choreographed, exploiting the potential to create simple and enchanting illusions with video. Previous works include Staged produced by the Collective Gallery Edinburgh 2010 and Players, a Frieze Project for the Frieze Art Fair 2009 and Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth with the Boyle Family, Nought to Sixty ICA, London 2008.

Kate Owens & Tommy Grace first collaborated in 2005 and continue to do so when their individual practices overlap. For Together’s off-site project, a billboard on King Street, Owens and Grace are making a new work, which includes the billboard paster himself in their collaboration. Recent projects include Tommy Grace and Kate Owens at the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh in 2007 and A Colour Box, Arcade, London 2008. In 2009 Kate Owens presented a solo show at Dicksmith Gallery, London. Her work has recently been shown as part of Altogether Elsewhere, Zoo 2009, London and The Mousetrap or Something old something new something borrowed something blue, in Galleria Tiziana di Caro, Italy. Tommy Grace was selected for Jerwood Contemporary Painters, 2010 and presented a solo show Dummy, at the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh 2009. Both are founding members of the Embassy Gallery Edinburgh 2003.

Ortonandon is the group name of artists Anna, Sophie and Katie Orton. This is their first show working together and in November they are producing their second work for Ortonandon at the Intermedia Gallery Glasgow. Anna Orton has recently completed a Hospitalfield House Residency, 2010, and has shown in the Cupar Arts Festival, in 2009. Sophie Orton produced work for Black Spring at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 2010 and is currently showing at Shop Window, Coup Red, Edinburgh. Katie Orton has shown in Magazine at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops, 2010, and a solo show From Pillars to Pawns, at Annarumma 404, in Milan, 2009. Using rollerblades to create an interactive installation, the playful aesthetics and bold visual associations make this emerging group an exciting prospect.

Daniella Watson produced text in response to the show. Recent writing commissions include: Laura Lancaster and Katy Woods, International3, Manchester; Cosmetic - Tiffany Parbs, Craft Victoria, Melbourne and Craft ACT, Canberra Australia; The Edge of Things - David Mackintosh, Cornerhouse, Manchester. She has contributed to publications such as Untitled, The Skinny and Neu HQ. She is currently co-producer of the super site, Technocomplex that is due to launch in spring 2011.

Catalyst Arts was formed in Belfast 17 years ago as a non-profit and a members-based organisation, creating opportunities for emerging early career artists and as a catalyst to contempory art practises within Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Kim Coleman graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2001 and completed a MFA Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2008. She was a founding member of the Embassy Gallery Edinburgh in 2003 and is currently a LUX associate. She lives in London.

Jenny Hogarth graduated from Edinburgh College in 2000 and completed the MFA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2009. She was a founding member of the Embassy Gallery Edinburgh in 2003 and is currently a LUX associate. She lives in Edinburgh.

Anna Orton graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2007. She serviced as a director and chairperson of Generator Projects Dundee until 2009. She lives in Dundee

Sophie Orton graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh in 2010. She lives in Edinburgh.

Katie Orton graduated from a BA/MFA from Edinburgh College of Art. She was the creator of ZUG fanzine, and is in the collection of Charles Saatchi and other national and international collectors. She served on the Embassy Gallery Committee from 2006- 2008. She lives in Edinburgh.

Tommy Grace graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002. He is a founding member of the Embassy Gallery Edinburgh. He is represented by Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh and was selected for Jerwood Contemporary Painters in 2010. He lives in London.

Kate Owens graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002 and completed an MA at The Royal College of Art, London in 2008. She was a founding member of the Embassy Gallery Edinburgh in 2003. She lives in London.

Daniella Watson is a writer and curator based in Edinburgh. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Manchester with a MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History. She was director of the All Year Round Club, Manchester in 2003- 2007 and the Embassy Gallery Edinburgh 2007-2009. She lives in Edinburgh.

The Project Space

The Project Space is pleased to present,

Philip McCrilly and David Mahon

Phillip and Davy make art

We have a collaborative practice, sort of. For the past year we shared a studio and found ourselves in some kind of synergy-art, it was hard to tell where Phillip’s work began and Davy’s work ended, sometimes. But that’s what happens when you force two people into a tiny space. This however will be the last time we work together directly for about a year (get me some tissues quick) as Phillip is going to Germany and Davy is staying put.

There are some things we like to work to with, authorship and ownership, the tragically mundane, pseudo kitsch items (could there be such a thing?), in-jokes and in-culture and not holding things in any great reverence. There are also some things we don’t like working with, like religious zealots and total wankers.

I guess what we’re trying to say is that whilst maintaining a relatively objective standpoint or gaze in the increasingly introspective and facile scene of emerging art and artists, we choose pastiche and forgery. A joke about an in-joke, a copy of a copy, both immediately real and simulated, it can be foolish and idiosyncratic, profound and pointless; substantial all at once, one at a time, or not all. Just depends if anyone’s there to notice it.


A chance is part of a dynamic and exciting rolling programme for this new space.

The project space aims to give students a unique opportunity to curate and showcase their work at one of Belfast’s leading Galleries. Catalyst wants to give students the opportunity to work in a professional level with a leading art gallery in Belfast, feeding new ideas and interest into our organisation.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Autumn is coming

The weather is changing the leaves are starting to turn and Autumn is apon us when you live your life away from the TV and screens you become more aware of the weather and how it dictates existance. Many people are not aware of it as they live a very disconnected life. Disconnected from the earth , disconnected from themselves and disconnected from the joy around that is life.

Connected to everything apart from themselves. Trapped in a media built hell of their own existance.Playing the game of life. Trying to make sense of their little part of it. Anyway at this time of the year I like to discnnect from some things and think of what is going to take me through the winter months. For me I have let go of the Belfast print Workshops. Still a member I've stood down as chair 4 years on any board and two as chair is enough for one organisation. I'm delighted that they have a vibrant gallery and membership and lots of interesting things in the pipeline.

So one thing goes away and another thing comes up? What shall it be? not telling yet.
Just enjoying focusing on my own work I have been working on two exhibition ideas and have a home for one of them.

So what's going on in Belfast ? lots of things you can see a shift in the population and oportunities a change in the economic landscape. Chilli fest is on Sat at the Black box -cool! Green living fair on at Castle Espie Sat and Sunday, Fashion souk on in the Ulster hall Sunday to say nothing of St Georges Market.

Interesting alternative things popping up - no longer the un alternative place that it used to be. Lots of Gallery open on a Saturday CUlture night coming up . Maybe we are finally coming of age...................yeepie.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Arrivals events at OBG


To celebrate the last week of the exhibition ‘Arrivals’ at OBG, we have three remaining events.

Film Premiere: Endless Life

Friday 10th September/8pm

OBG is delighted to show the first preview of feature length film ‘Endless Life’ which was scripted, shot and edited over Spring and Summer 2010 by Michael MacBroom

Performance by Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell: ‘Who Moved my Cheese?’

11th September/ 2pm

Who Moved My Cheese? To find out come to the final day of 'Arrivals' at Ormeau Baths Gallery

Places are limited to 10 so please book early to avoid disappointment. Participants should report to reception at 2pm and await further instruction.

Please bring your swimming gear wrapped in a towel under your left arm.

To reserve a place please email: or phone us on 02890 321 402

Arrivals Closing Event with C-13

11th September/ 8pm

Belfast based collective C-13 are an ensemble of sound artists, musicians, programmers, animators, architects, visual artists, photographers and film makers. Their collaborative practice challenges traditional media archetypes and explores the tensions between site, medium, artist and audience. Within the OBG, C-13 will deliver a site specific installation event responding to ‘Arrivals’.

These events are all Free but places are limited. Please contact OBG on or phone 02890 321 402 to reserve a place

Write down out and about

Hi Folks,

Emma here with the reminders about our Write! Down events:

Firstly - tomorrow night (9th September) good luck to Donal O'Hagan with his rehearsed reading. - 'The Kitchen, the Bedroom and the Grave' 7pm at Blick Shared Studios, 51 Malone Road, Belfast. Entrance is free - what better way to spend a thursday evening.

Secondly - 11th and 12th September - Castle Espie's Green Living Fair is fast approaching and Write! Down are delighted to be able to offer creative writing workshops inspired by migrating wildfowl and the environment of Castle Espie. Join Paul Maddern 12-2pm each day in The Curator's House to produce your own piece of creative writing.

Paul Maddern was born in Bermuda and now lives in Co. Down. He was a winner in the 2009 Templar Poetry Pamphlet Competition, with Kelpdings. His first collection, The Beachcomber's Report, is also with Templar (November 2010). He's completing a PhD at the Seamus Heaney Centre (QUB), establishing an online archive of public poetry readings.
You can contact Castle Espie directly at 028 9187 4146 /
or contact us at

We hope to see you there as we will also have tickets on sale for -
Welcoming the Wild Geese (9th October 2010)

This event is part of the Octobers' annual poetry celebrations and the first event to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Write! Down's annual Wild Geese Festival (February, Strangford).
At the church, Old Court, Strangford, (8pm, tickets £10/conc£7.50) Write! Down celebrates the return of the Brent Geese to the shores of Strangford and the burgeoning local writing talent in Co Down. With an emphasis on the beginning of a new season , readers include poets Maria McManus (Reading the Dog, 'Cello Suites, Lagan); Matt Kirkham (The Lost Musuems, Lagan); Olive Broderick (Darkhaired, pamphlet Templar, forthcoming) and many more. Music by up and coming band Lowly Knights - Tickets on sale from 6th September at Kevin Og's Newsagent, Strangford.

Budgie Butlins today at Ps2

Tonight opening at 6pm is Budgie butlins at Ps2 looks like great fun.
Long live great fun.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Vernon Carter and Bob Sloan performance sat 2pm

Vernon Carter and Bob Sloan have opened their exhibition in the Engine Room Gallery and continues to 25th September.
Today sat 4th SEpt there is a performance sound piece inspired by birdsong 2pm.

Vernon's work is the wooden carved root pieces that seem to have been brought to life by themselves, simply released from the wood.With so much shiney art around its nice to see something with a bit of humanity about it.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

a day of reflection


A Conference

21st September 2010

Market Place Theatre, Armagh

10:00am to 2:30pm

The Day of Private Reflection on 21st of June has been promoted by Healing Through Remembering each year since 2007. This conference is an opportunity to discuss the issues, challenges and benefits involved, and to consider the future of the Day.

Issues to be considered include:

v Should HTR still manage it? Should politicians/unions/churches be more involved?

v Should it remain a private day? Should it be day of Reconciliation? Should it be a holiday?

v Should HTR be more prescriptive about activities? Should HTR hold an event?

v Is it still needed? Should it be phased out or stepped up?

If you would like to attend please complete the registration form attached.

If you would like more information please see the Background to the Day and Aims of the Conference attached.

Please feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who may be interested in attending.

A project supported by PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the Community Relations Council/Pobal Consortium.

Claire Smith

Administrative Assistant

Healing Through Remembering

Alexander House

17a Ormeau Avenue



Phone: 0044 (0)28 9023 8844

Fax: 0044 (0)28 9023 9944



Sara Greavu tonight at GT- sneek peak is brill

Carnival Mashups

Sara Greavu

Project Space

2nd - 21st September 2010

6pm - 8pm

About the Exhibition

This new set of video and photographic works by Sara Greavu considers

the Halloween carnival in Derry as a crack in the foundation of everyday

society. Through this fissure erupt alternative histories, temporalities and

narratives. The costumed chaos of the masquerade reveals as much as

it conceals, providing a distorted lens through which to view the complex

fears, desires, loyalties and longings of a 'post-conflict' society.

About the Artist

Sara Greavu is an artist and curator who lives and works in Derry.

She received her MFA from the University of Ulster in 2006 and is currently

completing a practice-based PhD at U.U. entitled Unmasking the Halloween

Carnival in Derry: Identity, Temporality, Politics and Polyvocality. She uses video, photography, sound and sculpture in her practice.

She is a founding member of Void gallery (Derry) and former chair of the board

of directors. She is also a member of Void's curating committee. Recent curatorial

credits include Jeremy Deller's Local Artist.

Sara Greavu will be at the London Art Fair in January 2011.

Admission is Free. We are fully accessible for wheelchair users and have an audio

T-Loop available.

84 – 94 Great Patrick Street,




Fenderinsky gallery at BPW

Tonight its the opening at BPW of the Fenderinsky Artists that have been members of BPW in the past David Crone will be in residency for one week in the workshop where you are come in and see him work. Product of his work will be showen in the gallery at the end of the week.

dont forget its late night art tonight

Consumed at Platform tonight


September 2nd – 16th 2010, Platform Arts, No 1 Queen Street , Belfast BT1 6EA

Martin Boyle and Louise Shine exhibit a new body of work in Platform Arts. Consumerism is often a focal point with Boyle and Shine. Both Artists make work that is playful and performative, with an interest in humour as a disarming way to communicate their view point.

Boyle will be including new sculptural and wall pieces, using found consumer Objects along with new video work.

Shine will be exhibiting new video installations; a continuation of the ‘Experiments of Home’ series alongside sculptural work

‘Consumed’ previews in Platform Arts, No 1 Queen Street , Belfast , BT1 6EA on Thursday 2nd September 2010, and runs until 16th September 2010 (Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 4pm).

For further information please contact or Fiona on 079 79752279.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Late night art tomorrow night

Dont forget that Belfast is alive with the sights of Art tomorrow night with Late night Art... Check out for details.