Saturday, 28 February 2009

Free London

Clive Anderson ....the barrister turned comic.

A welcome return for the topical talk show hosted by Clive Anderson. Clive is joined by a panel of politicians, comedians and pundits as they speak their mind about the week's hot topics in this hard-edged and high-energy satirical talk show. "Fat is chewed, ideas are kicked around, the toss is argued." Clive Anderson. Recording in March and April in London. Recording at the Drill Hall, 16 Chenies St, London, WC1 7EX on Thursdays 12 March and 9, 16, 23 and 30 April.Recording at the Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Rd, London, N7 9EF on Thursdays 19 March and 2 April.Recording at the Vanbrugh Theatre, Senate House, Malet St, London, WC1E 7HU on Thursday 26 March. Doors open at 7.15pm for all dates. To apply for tickets, call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227* or visit the BBC Tickets Website. We look forward to seeing you in our audience very soon.
Kind regards
BBC Studio

Friday, 27 February 2009

This Sat and Sun

Luka Bloom One of our favourite artists, armed with just a guitar and an emotive voice, Bloom 'can turn the largest theatre into an intimate bedsit' New York TimesVenue: Black BoxDate: Saturday 28 FebruaryDoors 8.00PMAdm £12.00/£10conc.

Benefit for Tuesday's ChildLocal artists sing out for the emergency relief of the children of Gaza featuring The Henry McCullough Band, Errol Walsh, Bap Kennedy, Cara Robinson and Jackie Rainey,

DJ and MC Terri Hooley.Venue: Black BoxDate: Wednesday March 4Doors: 8.00pm Adm £10 Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for details of the 10th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, (April 30 - May 10, 2009.

you life

Is you life about take! take! take! do you take ideas from all of the people around you for your own personal gain? have you done that all your life? up until now where has it got you? Have you ever thought about it?

Take! take !take! it might make you financially secure but what about emotionally? What has it done for your soul ? is your soul greedy ?? take, take, take, take, take. Can you see that on your face?? I have noticed that people who live their life like this look older than their years. Are always grasping for the next thing they can steal from people. Poor morals and you can tell by how they take, take, take, take, take, take................not looking for the best opportunity for the people around but always wanting to take, take, take.

Why do people think like this ? why are they grasping? grasping? grasping? what is it in their minds that lets them sleep at night? Let them push away in their heads how they are dealing with people in a less than moral way?? Not treating people with respect and trying to rip them off??? Taking their intellectual property!!! take, take, take.

I find it sad really that people think the only way they can survive in this world is to take from others rather than giving . I find it quite sad................and wonder on their death beds will they be happy with the money they have gathered as a result of this attitude ? While around them the people that they have taken from are left without their ideas, their creative input. Sad really.................................... but at least it's spring..............maybe the next time you want to take from others you should consider, where your greed is taking you. Instead of taking............. give without thought. Seek win, win situations not power over but power with....................... and it will tell on your face, you will glow in a different way.....................maybe that's also why I look younger than my years;-)Simple things make a difference.

Passion, Love & Revolution

Passion, Love & Revolution
The Phoenix Gallery Grand opera house

by Kult Pulp Productions

Local international artist Liam B de Frinse curates Kult Pulp Production’s inaugural group show entitled Passion, Love & Revolution. Kult Pulp Production consists of professional artists from the emerging to the more established. They come from different specialities within the art profession, such as textile design, graffiti, photography, sculpture, sound, printing and paint.

They have a self-help philosophy and are guided by the notion of demystifying art by making it more accessible, beautiful, affordable, exciting, fun, different, and above all radical. The group is locally based but have members as far a field as Australia. With the emphasis on the dramatic, location is always extremely important for maximal visual impact for Kult Pulp Production’s exhibitions. The choice of Belfast’s Grand Opera House is perfect to show case their first group show. Passion, Love & Revolution just about covers most issues in art. So come and enjoy their show. Kult Pulp Production’s quote for today is

‘Be brave, be radical, and above all be visual.’

Passion, Love & Revolution, presented by Kult Pulp Productions, and curated by Liam B De Frinse, runs in The Phoenix Gallery and the Main Foyer of the Grand Opera House from

Opening 1 April time to be confirmed.
Wednesday 1 April - Saturday 2 May. ...I wonder who all the artists are???? but it sounds interesting.

beautiful in Portaferry

yesterday I was down in Portaferry leaving in some Art for the Spring show it was fantastic to see the water to watch the tide and to remember just what beautiful places we have in this wee country of ours, apparently the blade keeps coming off the electric tidal generator. But that's why its down there to see what it can withstand. Because if it can cope with that it can cope with everything. It's a bit like living there a few people were asking me where is the Artz Yard if you are coming from Belfast it is on your right as you see the first roundabout in the Brewery Yard. You can park out the front and its on the first floor.
If you come down the Strangford side over on the ferry, turn left off the Ferry then you first right (before the Portaferry hotel) follow the road around to the right up to the square and keep driving until you see the roundabout and a sign . Opposite the coach Inn.

quote of the day

If you dont follow through on your creative ideas, someone else will pick them up and use them. When you get an idea of this sort,you should jump in with both feet,not just stick your toe in the water...
Be dearing, be fearless, and dont be afraid that somebody is going to criticize you or laugh at you. If your ego is not involved no one can hurt you.

Guru RHH

Thursday, 26 February 2009

just in case its too hectic

ok just in case all this infomration is too hectic for you I've got some wisdom

After a while you will learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and changing a soul

You will learn that love does'nt mean leaning and company does'nt mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses are'nt contracts and presents are'nt promises,

And you begin to accept your defeats with your head up
and your eyes open,with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child,

And you build all your roads on today
because tomorrows ground is to uncertain for plans,

After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much.

So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers,


ANON's from a card I kept from Thunderbay in Canada. Oh those Canadians have a lot of answer ( anyone out there from Canada or been there knows what I mean) eh!

Free London

Free London .........................................himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think a few people in NI have thought of that before......but the less said the better. I have to confess I have never seen Star wars either????

I've Never Seen Star Wars

March, BBC Television Centre

BBC Radio 4's popular I've Never Seen Star Wars comes to BBC Four. Marcus Brigstocke (The Now Show's attack dog, The Late Edition) asks a volunteer from the world of entertainment and television to try five things they've never tried before. This will involve cultural activities, food, fun, or something quite silly. The celebrity volunteer rates each experience out of ten. Guests include:John Humphrys Esther RantzenRory McGrathHugh DennisRecording on Monday 2 March. Doors open at 7pm. Tuesday 3 March. Doors open at 6pm. Also recording on Tuesday 10, Monday 16 and Thursday 19 March with doors opening at 3.30pm and 8pm. All recordings take place at BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London. To apply for tickets and hear about updated guest details, call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227* or visit the BBC Tickets Website. We look forward to seeing you in our audience very soon.
Kind regards
BBC Studio
If you know of anyone else who may be interested in joining our audience, why not forward this to them by clicking here.
*UK-wide rate charged at no more than 01/02 geographic numbers: calls may be recorded for training.

Creativity thirst

WEA NI have got funding again for their

Creativity thirst programme. I going to run some of the training for them
so watch this space for details...........if you have a creative thirst.

Architecture and design

Dont for get about Big think on Architecture and design

2 quotes today

People are always blaming circimstances for what they are. I do not believe in circumstances.

the people who get on on this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances thay want and if they cannot find them, make then.

George Bernard Shaw.

Portaferry Saturday Artz yard 2-5

You know you want to.......................adopt a seal,eat and scone,buy some art.

see earlier post.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Dont forget we have a fairtrade shop in the Spires centre in Belfast

Fairtrade Fortnight
February 22
London launch and nationwide

Fairtrade Fortnight 2009 launches this weekend with a free event on London’s Southbank.
This year’s event – organised by the Fairtrade Foundation - is a family sports day with a difference. Visitors can take part in events to win a Fairtrade chocolate medal, make nutritious smoothies using their own pedal power, meet Fairtrade farmers and sample Fairtrade produce.
The day marks the start of a fortnight of activity aimed at increasing awareness and purchase of Fairtrade products. A series of debates on the various issues affecting the future of Fairtrade will be taking place at locations across the country and there will be chances to meet Fairtrade producer partners who can give an insight into the impact Fairtrade is having on their communities.
Full details of the events taking place during Fairtrade Fortnight can be found at the website.
The campaign will culminate in the Fairtrade Fortnight Awards which will recognise the work of campaigners and supporters over the two weeks and offer cash prizes to be re-invested into the winning campaigns. Categories include Best Media Campaign, Most Imaginative Campaign and Outstanding Achievement Award.
To find out more and download an entry form visit the website.
The Fairtrade Foundation will hope to build on the success of last year which saw the biggest Fairtrade Fortnight ever. The 2008 campaign reached 14 million people through in-store promotion, media and local events and a study commissioned at the end of Fairtrade Fortnight showed recognition of the Fairtrade Mark rose to 70%, up from 57% in 2007.

What do creative people do?

Ok this is a kind of theme with me I am a creative person but what is it that I am supposed to do with that creativity?? Is it really just for making things to hang on a wall?? is that what it was given to us for ??? Its one strand yes but there are so many things that creative people can put their minds to and when I got really annoyed at my own creativity and thought what is the point of using it to make jumpers when Northern Ireland is in such a mess I got involved in many other things and used my creativity for many different purposes. I was laughed at, ridiculed, misunderstood but you know what all the best people are. that's ok. I'm used to it.

Anyway for 12 years I have been involved in all sorts of development projects that fit with my moral code and if you want to understand how difficult it is for some people in Northern Ireland because of the crust that has built up around us and want to do something about it you can have a look at the conference next week run by the equality commission. But then again maybe you don't care??? It's that word again care, is there any room for it in our society??Caring. It would be nice to think so but I'm not sure how much of it is around.................but we keep on trying.


“Bridge the Gap – Improving Access to Employment”
The Equality Commission invites you to a major conference on employ ability on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 in Belfast Castle.

You will hear about how to identify strategies to tackle inequalities in employment. You will also have opportunities to
update your understanding of barriers to employment for marginalised groups
see how some employers are addressing these issues and how it benefits their organisations
network and engage with organisations which provide programmes and support to employers

Chaired by Bob Collins, Chief Commissioner, Equality Commission for NI, the conference will welcome a number of speakers and facilitators representing government departments, public and private sector employers and voluntary/community organisations.

The Conference will also see the launch of the Commission’s new ‘Unified Guide to Promoting Equal Opportunities in Employment’. This publication amalgamates in one document practical guidance for employers on how to comply with their responsibilities under each of the anti-discrimination laws.

Participants are asked, when registering, to indicate their preferences to attend two of six workshops, one from each session as listed on the attached document. The workshops are designed to inform and provide opportunities to contribute on some of the key equality issues in employment.
To register for the conference and give details of your selected workshops please contact Amy McNaughton, Employment Development Division Amy can be contacted on 028 90 500 595 or by email on

St Patricks day

St Patricks day is coming like a rash apon us......................

St Patrick's Day Carnival and Concert from BCC events.........

Our 2009 St Patrick’s Day celebrations will offer a colourful carnival atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy! Free concert - X Factor's Eoghan Quigg

Northern Ireland’s very own X Factor star, Eoghan Quigg, will be headlining this year’s spectacular St Patrick’s Day concert at Custom House Square. The concert will begin at 1pm, after the carnival parade. The concert will be compèred by Cool FM's Pete Snodden. Other performers include Celtic fusionists Bréag, Belfast-based traditional Irish five-piece At First Light and pioneering percussionists Torann.

The concert is free but a ticket is required. Tickets are available from Monday 23 February. Tickets are limited to six per person. Terms and conditions apply. Tickets are available from: Belfast Welcome Centre47 Donegall PlaceBelfastBT1 5AD Carnival parade
The carnival procession, with the theme 'Legends, Myths and Stories', will leave the City Hall at 12 noon. There'll be hundreds of participants along with carnival performers, carnival floats and music from local traditions fused with carnival styles. The carnival will make its way along Donegall Place to Castle Junction into Castle Place, then along High Street and Victoria Street, into Custom House Square.

More information
For further details please visit or call the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609.

free tickets in London

For all my London readers,

4 Stands Up
10, 11 and 17 March, BBC Radio Theatre

4 Stands Up is Radio 4's stand-up showcase that features the cream of the UK's comedians is back. Each show features three of the UK's best comedians performing their finest routines in an hilarious half hour of comedy, hosted by the twice Perrier-award nominee and star of The Thick Of It, Chris Addison. Recording on Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Tuesday 17 March at the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London. Doors open at 7.15pm. To apply for tickets, call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227* or visit the BBC Tickets Website.

creative clusters summer school

Creative Clusters SummerSchool: 6-9th July 2009,

HuddersfieldEntrepreneurship, workspace and the local creative economy The Creative Clusters Summer School is a four-day, immersive, in-depth introduction to policies and best practice in developing the creative economy at the local level.

The School is designed for regeneration and development professionals, consultants and researchers specialising in: > Managed workspaces for creative businesses > Business support programmes for creative entrepreneurs > Local and regional strategies for the creative economy It is particularly aimed at personnel working for government departments, affiliated organisations and NGOs who are taking on new responsibilities in this field, with practical projects to deliver, who want a deeper understand of how 'creative economy' and 'place-making' strategies can play a part in their regeneration work.

The course is intensely practical. Through guided visits to model projects and interaction with experienced professionals, participants will become familiar first-hand with practical development tools. There will be continuous consideration of how these solutions might be customised for participants' own localities. The School will draw on the extensive expertise and experience of creative industries regeneration in the Yorkshire region. We will announce more details in March. For now, the key details are: >

Date: 6-9th July 2009. > Location: based in Huddersfield, with visits to major projects in the region. > Target cost: £850 +VAT, including meals and accomodation.

Golden thread dates

Upcoming Dates @ Golden Thread Gallery

North Down Art Of Regeneration
Project Space

19th - 28th March 2009

Exhibition Opens 6pm - 8pm.

The Munter Hitch
Gallery 1 Dan Shipsides
Gallery 2 Seamus Harahan
20th March 2009 - 18th April 2009

Exhibition Opens 6pm - 8pm

I once sat beside Dan Shipsides at a wedding he runs the Art in the public sphere course at Belfast Art College, he has a thing about climbing and encouraging people into the public sphere . Actually it was my hair dressers wedding if you remember the earlier video. Is nt Northern Ireland a small place?......................ho hom.

Spooky but interesting?????

13 Roland Gardens opens at the Golden Thread Gallery's Project Space on the 5th of March 2009.

Following MacWilliam's recent selection to represent Northern Ireland in the 2009 Venice Biennale, the Golden Thread Gallery is pleased to host this intriguing exhibition of work by one of Northern Irelands best known artists.

On October 7th 1930, at his National Laboratory of Psychical Research, Harry Price held a séance with Eileen Garrett. Price hoped to make contact with the deceased Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Instead Flight Lieutenant Irwin of the R101 'came through'. The R101 had crashed in flames on October 5 th 1930 near Beauvais, France on its maiden overseas flight to India. During 13 Roland Gardens opens at the Golden Thread Gallery's Project Space on the 5th of March 2009. Following MacWilliam's recent selection to represent Northern Ireland in the 2009 Venice Biennale, the Golden Thread Gallery is pleased to host this intriguing exhibition of work by one of Northern Irelands best known artists.On October 7th 1930, at his National Laboratory of Psychical Research, Harry Price held a séance with Eileen Garrett. Price hoped to make contact with the deceased Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Instead Flight Lieutenant Irwin of the R101 'came through'. The R101 had crashed in flames on October 5 th 1930 near Beauvais, France on its maiden overseas flight to India. During the séance Irwin revealed technical and mechanical information about the crash that Garrett could not have known. This séance was to become infamous as the 'R101 séance'. In 13 Roland Gardens Eileen Garrett's daughter Eileen Coly talks about Garrett's R101 séance and living above the Harry Price Laboratory at 13 Roland Gardens, London. The Irish trance medium Eileen Garrett (1893-1970) founded the publishing house Creative Age Press in 1941 and the Parapsychology Foundation in 1951 (both in New York). 13 Roland Gardens was first screened in Seeing is Believing at the Photographers' Gallery, London in 2007 where it was exhibited alongside archival photographs of mediumistic phenomena from the collection of the psychical researcher Harry Price, Senate House, University of London. 13 Roland Gardens is accompanied by a text by Dr.Slavka Sverakova.

Open Tuesday - Friday 10.30am - 5.30pmSaturday 1pm - 4pm_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Whats in a view?

These are 2 views in Northern Ireland do you think that if you are brought up with one or the other it makes you a different person????????? Me thinks it does.

quote of the day

The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at once.

Samuel Smiles

This is good considering the list of things I have to do at the moment...................funny how we forget the simplest back to my list

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What are you doing this Saturday?

Well now I know that it's a few days away but this Saturday Artz Yard Portaferry are having their spring opening exhibition 2-5.

unit 10b brewery Yard
80-82 Church Street
Tel 0284272939

I know I'm aways trying to get you down there or over there or is you live down there up to the Artz Yard but come on now Spring is in the Air, I have 2 snowdrops in the garden the worst of the weather is over ??? (hope hope) and a wee trip down the Ards peninsula will do your heart good.

If you missed the Clotworthy exhibition I have some paintings from there and other new ones.

I have a pdf that if you print it out you will get 10% off lunch or high tea at the Portaferry Hotel I'm not sure how to attach it to the blogg ? anyone know?

Artists featured

me -Bronagh lawson
Sandra Maze
John McSorley
Ivan Frew
Anne Anderson
Alison Shaw
Sara Brown
Cecilla Stephens
Andrew Coombes
Patricia Logue
Deborah Campbell Coombes

If you don't have transport - get a bus but be warned people have been know to go down and never return ;-) only because they like it so much. If you want to stay try Barholm (hostel) opposite the Ferry Quay or Portaferry Hotel, not far from it both bargains. If you google them it will come up with details. If you stay in the evening try Fiddlers for music or Dumigans for an experience you might never forget.................but in a good way. Cant say anything more than that or it would spoil the surprise. I know I keep talking about toilet's but they are reported to be the cleanest pub toilet's in Portaferry. Maybe because they are outside??? Mind you head, say no more.

If you come down the Strangford way and catch the Ferry across, I'd recommend eating in the Spinnaker for good wholesome food and friendly service. The Hole in the wall for some light liquid refreshment .You don't need directions as there is only one street in Strangford and it's just into the village on your left before you get to the square. It was built just where the old police station used to be , but maybe you don't need that either.Funny what memories we all have and what is stuck in your head from earlier days. Have spent my youth in both Portaferry and Strangford I have plenty of those.........................ho hum. But that is for another time.

So think about getting out of the city this weekend and getting somefresh air, or if your already down there why not make the effort to go up the street and see what all the fuss is about. I've got a selection of different paintings and prints. ..................creativity is GOOD.

Lastly I've heard Liam De Finse is curating an exhibition at the Opera house while Evita is on Love, Passion ,Revolution .............................with the Kult Pulp who ever they are ;-) all good words and something to look out for in April.

Girli concrete

Now who is it that says NI has nothing new happening? Well

take a look at Fabrication a glimpse into the ongoing development of a hybrid material ,combining concrete and textiles........................Girli concrete

sections from a 7.5 meter long frieze for the entrance of the newly renovated derry Playhouse will be on public display for the first time

exhibition dates 19th Feb- 14 March 2009

Late night art 5th March 6-9pm

On At PlACE opening hours Fri-Sat 11.30-5.30 Thurs 11.30-7.30

for further info visit

PLACE near the back entrance to boots in Belfast City centre

belfast film festival and book festival

Dont forget these are all on now......................come and see whats on in Belfast. Ben Kingsley is coming over...................

With more than 30 exciting events at 11 venues across the city, there's plenty to choose from. Check out a selection of events below. Log on to for the full festival programme and to book tickets. Or call the Festival Box Office on 028 9032 1707.

quote of the day

True science investigates and brings to human perception such truths and such knowledge as the people of a given time and society consider most important. Art transmits these truths from the region of perception to the region of emotion.
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

I just love this's why I love art.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

prods and pom poms ;-)

If you want to have a different take on Sandy Row you gotta see it.

quote of the day

The quote of the day was I am not a but a citizen of the world. I was just thinking should that be our quote for Northern Ireland

" I am not British or Irish I am a citizen of the world"...................................would that stop all the naval gazing ?? I think sometimes we forget that we are all citizens of the world here in dear old Ireland. But anyway what interesting things are coming up?

Cirque du Soliel are coming to Belfast and they have given Belfast community circus 100 tickets as a fund raiser for them . I first saw Cirque du Soleil in New York when I was there as a Fulbright to someone brought up with Duffys circus it was something of an eye opener. It took you into another world more like fantasy dance than circus. You never quite understood how they did it all and if what you were watching was real or not. A truely magical experience I dont think the whole troop are over but if you dont like circus then this is the thing to go to anyway to prove you wrong.

Tickets are £55 but it all the money goes to the circus school or phone 02890236007.

Sat 7th March 2009 at the Odyssey arena.

The other thing that is happening is the Ulster Hall is reopening, I'm sure they have all those dreadful cold toilets sorted out and will all the unionist rally held there be a thing of the past??

What really jumped out at me in the programme is Courtney Pine Jazz warriors afropeans are coming 31 March tickerts £19.50 or £15 I have seen him in concert twice and he is the most amazing jazz musician I have ever heard.

The other one to jump out at me is Stiff little fingers Mon 16th March where would we be without a bit if punk???????????????????????????????????????????? It was what used to keep us all sane all that pogoing. ..........................................

then baby rave 0-4 years Sunday 15 March ................start them young and keep them going.

At Peter Hutchinsons opening tonight I was talking to someone who had been at the launch of the Belfast Film festival then the opening she was saying that wow we are starting to get a real city happening here is'nt it great because thats what it feels like great to be alive........................after all what is important....................

tonight 7pm

People and places
an exhibition of recent works by Peter Hutchinson

nice piece of the pompidou centre on the invite

private view tonight 7pm Mardi Gras

La Boca Fountain Street BT1 5ED

Exhibition runs until 14th March

pancake day

So even if you dont believe it in these days of excess it's good to stop doing something in the run up to Easter be it small or large. Just so you can remember that you can stop doing something and leave some time for other things in your life........................

quote of the day

While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.

Henry C Link

Monday, 23 February 2009

Forget everything and mix a coctail

Learn the Art of Cocktails and experience what it is like to be a cocktail mixologist working behind a world class cocktail bar. Observe first hand the processes and techniques of the modern professional bartender and discover how to mix and serve your favourite drinks - such as the Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Mojito and Caipirinha - with some of the most influential cocktail bartenders this country has ever produced.Fascinate your friends with your newfound skills as our bartenders reveal to you the secrets, tricks and magic they use on a daily basis behind the bar.Ideal for team building exercises, special occasions or simply those with a passion for cocktails.For further information contact or telephone the events direct line on +44 (0)28 90262717

How will your business deal with the economic downturn?

Ignoring the problem won’t solve anything.

That’s why your local economic development organisations, supported by Invest NI, are holding a Business Information Seminar aimed at helping your business through the economic downturn.
When: Wednesday 4th March 2009, 8.00-11.30am
Where: Ramada Hotel, Shaws Bridge, Belfast
Through this seminar you will have the opportunity to avail of one to one, free and independent advice on all aspects of financial management, sales generation and business process efficiency. In addition you can discover what support is available to access new markets; improve your product or service, reduce waste and become more energy efficient.
Organised by Invest NI and supported by Belfast City Council, Local Enterprise Agencies and NI Chamber of Commerce this event is free of charge to attend.

isolated in Antrim?

Antrim Enterprise Agency is launching a series of informal coffee mornings for business owners. A chance to speak to a business advisor.
Old Forge Bistro, John Street, Randalstown (free carparking) on Friday 27th February. No need to register - just pop along any time between 10am - 11.15am for a free cuppa and scone and a business chat

BEn events

Belfast Entrepreneurs Network (BEN)
Belfast Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) brings businesses together to make new contacts, create business opportunities and share ideas, all in an informal environment.

Our next networking event will feature Gerry Faloona who will provide a challenging and creative look at effective communication for winning new business and working with existing clients.

When: Thursday 5th March 2009
Time: 5.30-8.00pm (Includes refreshments)
Where: Belfast Castle
Cost: Free
(Also open to businesses from outside the Belfast City Council area)

Enterprise Outreach Workshop: Business Planning for Successful Growth
As part of Belfast City Council’s enterprise workshop series this workshop is aimed at businesses who want to plan for business growth and development during this challenging time.

The workshop will include: identifying growth opportunities in the current economic climate, reviewing spending and marketing plans, looking at cashflow options and credit control, ensuring growth is managed and cost effective and planning for success in a downturn.

Date: Monday 2nd March 2009
Time: 10am-1.30pm (Includes lunch)
Venue: Ormeau Business Park
Facilitator: Ian Kerr

This workshop is provided free to businesses in Belfast City Council area in conjunction with the European Regional Development Fund. Places are limited and booking is essential. Participants will also be able to avail of a one-to-one mentoring session with Ian to discuss and develop their business plans.

To book please contact: Rhonda Lynn on 028 90270229 or email:

Belfast is still here

Last day in Barcelona went to again its all about contemporary and future it has the world longest slogan and when you go in you can see why.

Anyway first day back in Belfast and I was at the WNC conferance they are preparing a report for CEDAW at the UN. WNC is the women's national commission which has a role in lobbying and informing government on gender specific issues. One of the big ones that jumped out at me was that in Welfare to work policy that are to be implimented in NI there are going to be issues for Lone parents they are being requested to do the same as lone parents in the UK and seeking work when their children become 7. However we do not have the same infrustructure for childcare as the UK so there are going to be big problems to deal with the issues, Over 30,000 childcare places are needed to meet with the demand that full implimentation will require as well as 10,000 jobs but where on earth are they going to come from in this present economic climate?

There was also lots of talk about understanding peoples need for flexability in care provision for employees but if there are no jobs how is that going to come about?????

Oh the wheels on the bus go round and round....

Sunday, 22 February 2009

If you fancy a visit to see what all the fuss is about. They do say visitor numbers are down but there still seems like tourists around. get the art ticket if you want to see the museums..........................................................
The suns out again and I was thinking about the nature of travel, why it's so important. I know that from an early age I was aware that there was another world out there. Outside of my own enviornment and that I had a need to travel and always looked for opportunities to do so. It's only by doing that it's only by expereinccing yourself in a different context that you start to question your own existance. Stat to look at the world around you and question why it is set up the way it is. Why do we have loads of female road sweepers in Barcelona and few in Belfast?

Why do people in Barcelona eat at 11 o'clock at night and always eat when they drink? Why do they clean the streets with water? Why do they have such creativity everywhere? What has allowed it to happen? It was bubbling away under the surface when I first came here but it was not so visible. Now it's everywhere and I suppose what I'm thinking is I know there are people in Northern Ireland with this creativity this love of life this global view how can we facilitate them out into the open? By having CONTEMPORARY in every policy about development ......................................................................................................................and let the creativity soar.

I suppose the art market proposed for Hill street in the Catherdral quater is a start...............................................but how can we encourage it on??

Saturday, 21 February 2009

quote of the day

We cosmopolitians believe in universal truth, though we are less certain that we have it all already. It is not scepticism about the very idea of truth that guides us it is realism about how hard the truth is to find.

KA Appiach

saw this in the museum of contemporary catalan culture..............................thought it wasa great.

Art in Barcelona

The thing that strikes me about art in Barcelona is that again it is taken seriously there is room for it in peoples everyday lives and as a result the creativity of the city oozes life. IT goes out into the streets and the shops. There is room for funky wee shops of add individual creativity and fashion is important as well so the people funk it up more like London than Milan but very particularly Spainish or Catalan . I got my photo taken the other day in the steet by a fashion student I asked what it was for and she said she was doing a piece at college on fashion.

No idea where the photo will go but sure I dont look like everyone here but I suppose the important thing to remember is you dont need money for style. You need taste and a good eye..........................................................................................14 degrees today and the sites and sounds are great. Yum, yum.

Gsm world confrence is over for another year and the world keeps turning bit by bit.


Went back again yesterday it was Cildo Meireles that blew me away he's Brazilian not that kind ;-) the best 3 installations I have seen in a long time I will not spoil the surprise as I hope some of you would get to see him. Just wondeful. I did notice somewhere else that there was a political issues with giving the Macba budget to them when every where is in a recession but you can see what an inspiration the museum to a whole area of Barcelona how it has rejuvinated it and changed the whole area and people flocking to it from all over the world now how is that NOT value for money.

Much more inspiring that Tate modern but I notice that part of the exhibition was helped developed by Tate modern. So such is life......................................................but can we have one in Belfast please can we not just scale things up a bit and do something really inspiring?????????????????????????????????????????????????/ Something to make the heart soar????????????????

There were some interesting observations by Rabascall on tourism in Spain a but like those guys who do the real britian stuff. And Thomas Bayrle ...........................cant help noticing that they are all men again. Guerilla girls are needed everywhere.

Friday, 20 February 2009


I went to the Contemporary Art museum yesterday time to talk about it. But one observation it was better than Tate Modern fantastic exhibition space more like the Guggenheim in New York except rectangular. Can we have one in Belfast please with the resources to match. behind it was the contemporary museum of Catalan cutlure. Again that word CONTEMPORARY.........................looking forward not back. Belfast take note.............. CONTEMPORARY,CONTEMPORARY,COMTEMPORARY.

Random Art

Barcelona textures


Chile and memory

Last night we went for dinner and eventually realised that the manager of the Restaurant was from Chile she sat down to talk with us and after a while she started to tell me her story. She was brought up in Chile under Pinochet in her first year of Univesity she got pregnant she was always demnstratng against him but one day when she was five months pregnant she could not go because her mobility was difficult. Her friend went to demonstrate and was killed.

After she had the baby one year on she came to Spain to work because Chile was in turmoil and she has been identifed as a trouble maker. She told us she had never told anyone that story before and got very emotional about it. She did not know why she took that night to talk about it with us a but she felt it was the right time and the right people to do it with. It kinda always happens to me, not sure why.

It made me think about all the people in NI holding on to different memorys and I wonder when they are going to find it the right time to feel right to talk about it. Or are all of those things going to stay hidden ? Lost to further generations ? The learning lost, the observations lost the thoughts taken to the grave. .............and the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

the beauty of Barcelona

street textures

proper public sculpture

What I love inBarcelona is proper public sculpture not crap sculptures designed by commitee pretendng to be ART. Which you tend to have in Belfast........................

I wonder if they realised?

I wonder how many people in the lunch realised that it was Tapies(sp) on the wall?? as well as Tapas on the plate?? They were all talking about creativity but did they understand what it was?

UK trade lunch

sights and sounds

conference snapshots

Mobile world congress

The Barcelona effect

Ok the sun is out now and yesterday I got the Barcelona effect the feeling that life was good and all was well with the world the feeling that the hardest part of the winter was over and life could go on. There are so many people at the world congress oozing about technology it's hard to know what to think of it all. I mean these are the people who decide what's going on in our digital futures with mobile. I went to a uk trade lunch about digital technlogy and creative industrys it was very interesting to hear what was going on creativity was going to be unleashed by a new age of applications on your mobile devices.

I notice very little analysis about what all this technology is going to mean for society as a whole for individuals in a good and bad way. What humanity is going to do with it all. Any talk about the digital divide, the have and have nots of technology what effect that is going to have on future society. How the fact that some many people involved in the industry are men how that effects it's devopment. What of the gender perspective? So we shall have to see. Anyway I still think Belfast could come the next Barcelona if only they got contemporary in all there development policys.

You can take a look at this if you want to see what exactly is going on...........

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

10 reasons for Barcelona

ok now I did have 10 reasons to live in Belfast rather than London but reasons not to live in BarcelOna?? now thats a tricky one.

I was trying to think why and I suppose it got me pondering. I suppose it's because I think Barcelona is what Belfast could become, I truely cosmpolitian city with a vibrancy all of it's own an energy that goes beyond watching TV in your house of an evening a CONTEMPORARY lifestyle city. There is that word again, but if you just stuck that word in front of so many different policys or decisions it would make life more interesting. Ok I am going to have a rant here just a warning. You know that Go Belfast book !!! with all the listings in it. I know is that the visitor centre that publishes it??? if it was in a more contempory format it would already feel like a different city.

The people really are smileing here in there hearts and in their minds so I'm going to change around the format.
10 reasOns why people in Belfast should visit Barcelona.

1. to see what contempory vibrant city life is
2. to see what real cafe culture looks like
3. to see how art can transform a city gaze at REAL public art (more on that another time)
5. to understand the power of being in the Euro zone
6. to stroll along Las Ramblas and people watch
7. to eat ice cream at 2 oclock in the morning sample real Tapas ( not the fake stuff)
9. to watch how wonderful the Spainsh are with their children

if that didnt do it then this might our flight was £35 return from Belfast, I mean come on you can hardly get a bag of chips for that for a family of four ;-)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spainsh drips



It's funny where you get your inspiration, I bought the acordian book in China, the small canvases in France and it was only in Barcelona that I get inspiration to use them. Nice to see a blue sky people are still happy in the Euro zone


Textures at the market

Palestine ?

Random street shots

happy pills ?

It's only a jelly bean shop

Ramblas del Mar

Ramblas del Mar-now thats what I call a board walk
All this area was not there when I first came to barcelona it was all developed for the Olympics great from a stroll and there is a word

mobile peer awards 2

only three minutes each

Mobile peer awards

My life by screen ?

Do you live your life by screen?

Mobile peer awards

mobile monday Mobile peer awards

Monday, 16 February 2009


I had my first wow moment I went to the mobile peer awards and they had an advert for the innovation district they showed a demo of the reactable
Video including fragments of an interview at the Sonar Festival (Barcelona, June )
Biork uses it in her live shows its amazing and developed there in 22 Barcelona.

second thoughts

So second observations on Barcelona, well what really strikes me is that everyone here is smiling? I mean compared to London a couple of weeks ago. There is supposed to be a recession everywhere and yet here in the Euro zone everyone seems still to be having a good time. Maybe it's the Barcelona effect? Who knows but they all seem to be enjoying themselves anyway.

Barcelona is still here

Funny how when you are living in Belfast sometimes you forget that the rest of the world exists. First thoughts on Barcelona..........well it's still here. Still working and eating and drinking away a year later. It's a bit cooler than last year in fact is that another note of the climate change. It used to be you came over here at this time of the year and you got a taste of spring but maybe thats gone now. Still it's nice to be away but still have a cough.

It's funny how quickly you forget things. For all of those people who are still trying to kill themselves by can still smoke inside in Barcelona.There is none of that huddling around the outside alleyways for a smoke going on. You can do it inside. Last night we went for Tapas, proper tapas, not stuff dragged out of the freezer , deep fried and thrown on your plate. But individully crafted interesting things on bit of bread with cocktail sticks in them. So beautiful you want to draw them, but just eat them instead. Yum, yum. I just stayed away from the seafood as last year I got a bad dose of food poisioning on my return to NI.

There is a good contingent from NI over to attend the global world congress, lots of mobile monday members and NI companys that are involved in business in the mobile space. They sort of decend from all over the world once a year to network do business and find out what's going on....................what is going to be the next big thing. Or even a little thing. Tim a friend attended the first one there were 600 people at it and a few table top with information on it, he said everyone was going around saying this mobile phone stuff it's just a fad it will never last, now there are 25,000 exhibitors alone never mind the amount of people attending.

Oh i see the sun is trying to get out although it's still cold. .................I shall see what i will do today. Cough,cough, splutter, splutter. It takes me time to arrive somewhere and reconnect with the reality around me...............some people say I never do.

Might try the Picasso museum later not sure yet usually just like to wonder around on my first day but have a cold so not sure.

When I was telling someone about my experience of all the places we went to when I was at Art college they were amazed. They said at Belfast Art college you didnt get to go any where now I'm not sure if that is still the case but if it is . It's appauling how are we supposed to get the next generation of creative people to understand what is going on in the world if they never get to see anything except for Belfast ?????? Ok you know I love Belfast but come on you need a kind of artistic literacy that does nt always come from books................................. oh god I said it I Love Belfast that has been a long time coming but more on that another time.The sun is really out now ;-)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Private View: Thursday February 19th 7-9pm

Exhibition: Thursday 19th – Saturday 14th March
After the resounding success of last year's Annual Student Exhibition, a selected group of printmaking students from the University of Ulster, School of Art and Design, will be exhibiting their work at Belfast Print Workshop and Gallery.

This fourth annual show will feature a broad scope of original prints, ranging from screenprints to etchings, and from collagraphs to mixed media. The exhibition represents the work of undergraduate students from the Fine and Applied Art course.


Barcelona Images I took 08

quote of the day

I think that each of us inhabits a private world that others cannot see. the only difference between the writer and the reader is that the writer is able to dramatise that private world. But that private world, once it's dramatised, doesn't live again until it finds a reader"

John McGahern

I saw that quote and though it was apt for my blog...............I wonder how much of my private world you see?? not all of it I can assure you. x

I love Barcelona

I know it's a cliche but I've always loved Barcelona. The first time I went was when I was at Art college during our first year we did a trip there and it was the first time really I had been to the continent as an adult. The thing I remember so clearly then was it was very dirty the buildings were all black with pollution, you couldn't walk down Las ramblas without holding onto you handbag and it was filled with strange smells, transvesites, menus you could read and crazy bars and nightclubs. However you could feel the culture and creativity just oozing from the people and the atmosphere was electric. I remember thinking "why is Belfast not like this" why does this kind of vibrancy exist here and not elsewhere.

Gaudi going to see his building I thought not "how did he think of it" but more how did he get someone to pay for his vision. You know you are aging when you have been back to a city so many times since that you have watched it's cathedral being built. It makes you think of times gone buy when cathedrals took a hundred years at least to build.

The second time I went was the year after it received the city of culture bid and the Olympics it was a changed city cleaned up , menus in English contemporary Art everywhere and many placed brought right into the 21 Century, however still lots of alleys and walkways to get lost in. in

Forward on 20 years (I realised this years I've graduated 20 years from Art college but that's another story) and I've been back many times since and each time I discover something new about the city and something new about myself. It's strange to look at something with the same eyes but a older more mature head. I remember the first time going to the Miro foundation I just didn't get it. I repeated the experience a couple of years ago and hay presto it all made sense to me.

What I love so much about Barcelona is their policy of supporting contemporary Art and they really know what contemporary Art is ...........................................there is no having to explain it.

I once went to a seminar in Belfast where they had a panel of people from the organisation linked to the government that oversaw Art and the policy decisions based around it. They had an enormous budget and were doing all sorts of amazing things. I asked the question did people have to lobby their politicians to get " contemporary Art" included as a policy decision or how did it come about. The guy said

" we are creative people we come form the land of Picasso , Miro , Gaudi we have creativity in our souls, the push came from the politicians"

It was at that point that my heart sang and I thought "we are scre***" if we have to rely on our politicians to push contemporary anything , let alone Art.

Yet it makes such a difference to an area, a place, a feeling, an emotion. At least they have stopped wingding about the spherical ball sculpture going in off the Donegall rd. But I'm sure it will start up again once it starts to get installed. It's not that we don't have Artists here that work in a contemporary way it's just that there is so little a market for them that they struggle to get themselves taken seriously. We only take contemporary Artists seriously in Belfast when they are not from here ..........................................anyway enough of my rant.

One nice contemporary commission I heard was there are a number of artists commissioned to make banners for around the cathedral quarter and the new market that is going in there not sure exactly where but Hill street is going to have some and all sorts of things are going to happen so. It's something small but it will be nice...............


between the lines literary festival

MOn 23 Sun 29th March 2009

I've lifted up a brouchure for a Literary festival there are a few things that jump out at me
one is MOnday 23 March

Ben Okri at 8 pm at the Black box if anyone has ever read any of his books he's really interesting .

Tickets £5 phone 02890244400.

The thing about the festival is could they not have got their booking system sorted out like the Out to Lunch festival did? I mean they dont even have a website, they point you to the Crescent arts centre website and it's so out of date you wonder if anyone there is still alive?????

Can we not realise that people need to be able to see all this info on the web as well as just "happen" to trip over ANOTHER of these planet wasting brouchures. ..................................

Other people talking are
Janice Galloway
Liz Lochead
Bernard Maclaverty
Pter Rosser
Jennifer Johnston
Kevin Barry
Martina Evans
Paul Grattan
Lavinia Greenlaw
Sean o Hagan
Hugo Hamilton
Dennis O Driscoll
Ballycastle writers group
Anita Robinson
Liz Weir

golden chants
incantations to protect our souls across the interspaces...
Ben Okri The famished road.

for info you can e mail and see if anyone replys or call 02890242338.

Fri 20th Feb Living installation 6-8pm

Sat 21 walking the way 1-2 church lane ,city centre
Big Jam 6-8pm

Sun 22 discussion 3-4.30 pm

Mon 23- thurs 26th Detritus of preformance and projected 11-5pm

5th March- 4 April state of grace

preview 4th March 6-8pm

I have no more details than that but they are all bound to be interesting .......................................................................................

Do you remember whe catalysarts used to be down an alley way in the Catherdral quater ? then they moved inot the building that Belfast exposed is in now.........................................then they said goodbye to the "cultural quater" and off to 5 college court.............who said nothing changes in Belfast.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Last weekend in Strangford

I just wanted to say another note about last weekend, sometimes it takes time for the thought to come to the front of your mind. I'd like to say a really big thank you to Olive and all of the write down team that brought such a festival together. I'd also like to say something about Maria McManus who lives in Strangford.

I have a wonderful book of poetry that Maria wrote called Reading the dog at this time of year there is a particular poem called . That really resonates .called seeing red.That desire to see a certain colour.

I know Maria and her husband Kevin have been very key in bringing the festival to Strangford and it is such acts of though and creative thinking along with putting the energy into it that makes such things happen. Many people think of doing such things but never take that though any further so well done..................really well done.

The one thing I would say is could you encourage a few more locals to attend?? I know of people writing in ther houses in Strangfrod and Portaferry who do not have the confidence to attend such a festival and it would be lovely for them to be brought out of their living rooms. ......................and into the supportive embrance of the writing circle.

Who won the meal for 2?

Not sure who won the meal for 2 that was on offer at BPW but someone said to me that if they won it they would go early and have one meal slowly for their lunch then have the second meal slowly for their dinner as they were single. Dont you just love the humour of Belfast.;-)..............................................anyway to remind everyone out there love is for all year round not just for St Valentines day. X X X

but just incase its not for you right now this is a good quote

Never be afraid to tread the path alone.

Know which is your path and follow it wherever it may lead you;

do not feel you have to follow in somene elses footsteps.

Eileen caddy
Footprints on the path ............................................

Thats good advice imagine for a moment that everyone in NI took those thought to heart? where would we be ??? would we see different voting patterns?? would we see anything different ??????? would we see people thinking for themselves? what would we see??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? maybe we would see the light;-)

if your unlucky in love

Learn your lessons quickly then move on

Eileen Caddy
the dawn of change

quote of the day

Love is a space in which all other emotions can be experienced.

Robert Prinable

Belfast men dont dance!!!!

Do you remember the song? was it a song or something I remember it was a powerful statement anyway ............maybe thats why they liked punk. Not dancing more jumping up and down spitting. Easier to do?

Anyway a number of people have commented to me that there is a lack of women in the pubs in the city centre and I said well maybe its because they have all been watching strictly come dancing or "strictly" as it is called and are all at salsa and dance classes. Certainly when you go there there are far more women than men . So is the demografic of NI going to go down because the men are still hanging onto thier pints and not dancing ??????????????????????????????????Is it not time to loosen your hips???

I know in some places in NI line dancing is considered evil ....................but hay what about the rest of us? So advice to Belfast men on St Valentines day if your lonely in love,learn how to dance leave the pint behind and go shake your bootie.......................and advice to women try somewhere different to go out to...........................

What credit crunch?

I like the sound of the Risotto......................

Thursday 19th February
Baron Philippe deRothschild Dinner

Hosted by Edouard Thouvenot of Baron Philippe de Rothschild in association with Dillon Bass.
Wine reception at 7pm.

This six course wine dinner will be the highlight of The Merchant's gourmet calendar.
The wines for this exceptional evening have been personally selected and paired with the evening's menu by Edouard Thouvenot. Edouard will be on hand throughout the evening to share his passion for these wines and for the importance of tradition and attention to detail within this unique estate.
The company was created in 1933 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild and today remains family owned and managed by his daughter, the Baroness Philippine, supported by her two sons. The highlight of the selection will be a mature vintage of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, one of the five great first growths of Bordeaux. This magnificent wine will be ably complemented from the Rothschild portfolio by fine wines from Pauillac, Graves and Sauternes.
£75 per person.

RisottoFresh black truffles with poached quail's egg
ScallopSeared scallop with lobster salsa and crab croquette
PorkBraised cheek with caramelised apples
VenisonCarrot and star anise purée, reduced port
RhubarbPoached rhubarb crumble with bramley apple sorbet
To book please call 028 90 234 888

Friday, 13 February 2009

free tickets in London

The Lucy Montgomery Show
17 March, BBC Television Centre

Lucy Montgomery from Tittybangbang and Down the Line is recording a brand new sketch show for BBC Television. Be the first to see her new characters including Moaner Lisa, the Wild Swimmers and Tim Vincent's Mum! This is your chance to watch one of the hottest talents in comedy in an evening of new material. Writers include Graham Linehan (Father Ted, The IT Crowd), David Quantick (Brass Eye, Harry Hill's TV Burp), Jonny Sweet (Jonny and Joe, The House of Windsor), Kevin Eldon (Big Train, Hyperdrive, Dead Set), Rhys Thomas (Down the Line, Shooting Stars) and Lucy Montgomery herself. If that's not enough talent to interest you, consider that the script editor is the insanely gifted Charlie Higson of Fast Show and Swiss Toni Fame. Recording on Tuesday 17 March at BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London. Doors open at 7pm. To apply for tickets, call the BBC Ticket Line 0370 901 1227* or visit the BBC Tickets Website.

Valentines day masacre

Dont forget that if you want to get away from the heart and flowers of St Valentines day you can turn up at the Spaniard for the Valentines Day are encouraged to bring your Ex...................................................................... you better go early if you want to get in because there are alot of ex's out there and I think Terry Hooley is doing the music...........................................................I was going to say something there about the amount of Terry's Ex's but I would'nt do it............................................ ;-)

is nt it good to be alive?

So its raining it's pouring the old man is snoring!!
He went to bed and bumped his head and could'nt get up in the morning!!!

Do you remember the rhymn? ...................................did the old man have a drink the night before??

Anyway it is good to be alive, someone said to me the other day £3 to go to the cinema, maybe I should move to Belfast. Its £15 in the west end of London minimum..............................what are we windging about over here??? really.

We just had never expereinced a boom before so now we are not sure what to do .......................................................well people in NI will do what they always did best anyway. Laugh about it and have a bit of craic?? and as a few people have said to me "what credit crunch we are always skint" .

So have you got your love tokens yet??............................................ . I think I'm finally over the experience of going for an outdoor swim in Feb really just what was I thinking about? It was just the excitement of reaching the end of January. Still a bit of a cough but hopefully that will be away by tomorrow and anyway Feb is almost over. To me it's always the hardest part of the year in Northern Ireland the cold before the spring..............if we get a spring but I just have to be positive.

Hopefully some of you went to the OBG last night?? someone asked me if I actually went to all of the events that I put on the blog and I have to say no I dont I do go to a number of things but there is so much interesting on I dont get to them all but thats no reason not to forward on the good gotta spread the message. Forget about the TV and participate in the cultural life of Northern Ireland. There is plenty going on you just gotta do you do that? By turning up for something event if your not sure what it is.................................many of the things are free if you go to the Art openings you even get a glass of wine ...................and we know that's a firm favourite with half of the population of NI.

Just dont drink and drive......................Bye for now;-)

quote of the day

By going along with feelings,
you unify your emotional,
mental, and bodily states.

When you try to fight or deny them,
you divorce yourself from the reality of your being.

Jane Roberts
The nature of personal reality

Thursday, 12 February 2009

linking to the beyond

QFT competition


For the chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the QFT Late Oscars Special, simply name the Irish film which won the Academy Award for Best Song in 2008?

Email your answers to by 5pm on Mon 16 Feb.

It's a little thing but it would make a nice evening out........................

11 + goes

So was that another nail in the coffin of the old NI at the weekend? the last students who will sit the 11+ get their results? For those of you who are not from NI the 11 + is the exam we all sit here to see what school we go to if we go down a more academic route or not it can be quite a traumatic experience for some and we all have our 11+ stories. I think mine is gentler than most. I went through the process the year that they had an experiment and didn't do an exam the decision was taken over the period of a year from the work you did at school. As I was never that good at exams I think this suited me better and I was put forward for the academic school.
I know there has been a lot of fighting about getting rid of it but things could not go on as they were we shall see how it pans out.....................but it is change and oh dont we know in NI that we need plenty of that.............................

cashing in of love tokens

Just a note to say as a few people have asked me I will not personally cash in the love tokens that I have made for the BPW exhibition.

But just a reminder that the Belfastprintworkshopgallery is open today and tomorrow for all the love you might need.................well maybe not all the love.

However there is a good selection in all shapes and sizes framed pieces, cards and love if you want to encourage cupid into your life or just reaffirm thats he's already there there is still time to catch the wave.

If you have a social conscious you might be interested to know that BPW gallery is a social economy business and all profit goes back into running the gallery and ultimately supporting opportunities for artists.........................................but that's only if you have a social conscious;-)

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

bodies in Dublin ?

No its not the Easter rising all over again ;-)
it's the exhibition

wierd and wonderful........................................

fancy a trip to Dublin ?

Online fair promotion from Translink...........................

Remember... if you're interested in a quick day out to Dublin any time soon, for St. Patrick's day or even over Easter we are currently offering a special web only Day Return fare from just £10 (Mon-Sat) and from an amazing £25 for 1st Plus (Sat Only).Fares are determined by the services you choose! Check out the price grid below for details. 1st Plus upgrades are available on Saturdays for an additional £15pp. (Fares also available from Portadown & Newry)Create your own day trip to Dublin or why not check out some of the great things to do we've spotted? And, of course...Dublin in March means St. Patrick's Day!!Whatever you decide, Enterprise is your key to this fantastic city!This fantastic internet only offer is available every Mon - Sat until Saturday, 18 April 2009. But availability is limited.

Opening doors in Ballymena - is that possible?

Title: Opening Doors and Exploring New Opportunities for Your Business

Date: Thursday 26th February 2009
Time: 6pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Leighinmohr Hotel, Ballymena

Cost: £5 members, £10 non-members (includes buffet supper)
Hear from two excellent speakers at this event - Karen Maguire from GRP Systems ( and Nick Markin - ebusiness advisor with Invest Northern Ireland.

Gain ideas, be inspired, network and take advantage of this excellent event to further and progress in business. Attendees will also hear what help Invest Northern Ireland may be able to provide if you're thinking about trading outside Northern Ireland.

For further information email or ring 07866408092.

Exhibition Tour - Sat 7 March at 12 noon - Free Event


Curated by Hugh Mulholland featuring Lilibeth Cuenca, Tommaso Bonaventura,
John Angerson and selected Ex-Voto Paintings
6 February – 20 March 2009

Belfast Exposed is proud to present the first project in a new exhibition series, in which an external curator will be invited to develop an exhibition on behalf of Belfast Exposed. The first project is by Belfast-based Hugh Mulholland, Director of 'The Third Space' gallery and freelance curator.
In an increasingly secular world there is growing discomfort with religious belief, sometimes seen as outmoded and divisive, with those who give themselves over to it regarded as self-delusional. This exhibition brings together the work of three contemporary artists with a series of ex-voto paintings, dating from the mid 1800s to the present day. The works in the exhibition offer insights into the emotional and spiritual power of the mass Christian fundamentalist movement and sects such as the 'Jesus Army', as well as the individual acts of faith of those on personal pilgrimages and the simple offerings given in thanksgiving for a prayer answered. The blind faith of those depicted in the works acts as a counter to those such as Richard Dawkins, who proselytise against faith announcing, “I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world”.

Lilibeth Cuenca is interested in investigating the group versus the individual constellations in society and how the individual responds to social or religious rituals. Her film Holy Wood takes place on Easter Week in San Fernando Cutud in the Philippines. The main event in Cutud is on Holy Friday, when voluntaries crucify themselves. The striking images of the ritual are juxtaposed to a seemingly incongruent soundtrack inspired by the anti-religious lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s album, Holy Wood.

Saturday February 14th


A walk around tour of the OBG exhibition with artist Christine Borland and curator and art writer Virginia Button.

As Tate curator between 1991 and 2001 Virginia curated many high profile shows including the Turner Prize exhibitions between 1993 and 1998, in particular Christine’s nominated show in 1997.
The two have worked together many times since then. This is a unique opportunity to hear Christine and Virginia discuss the recent work in ‘SimBodies and NoBodies’.

This talk is free but please book to reserve a place. You can contact the gallery on T: 02890 321 402 or E:

quote of the day

Trials are but lessons that you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you can now make a better one, and thus escape all pain that what you chose before has brought to you.

A course in miracles