Wednesday, 24 December 2008

quote of the day

when you feel that you have reached the end and that you cannot go one step further,
when life seems to be drained of all purpose
What a wonderful opportunity to start all over again, to turn over a new page.

Eileen Caddy
Footprints on the path ......................................

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Goodwill to all quote of the day

To hate another is to hate yourself.
We all live within the ine universal mind. What we think about another we think about ourselves.

If you have an enemy forgive him now. Let all bitterness and resentmant dissolve. You owe you fellow man love; Show him love., not hate.

Show charity and goodwill toward others and it will return to enhance your own life in many wonderful ways.

Brian Adams
How to suceed

Monday, 22 December 2008

life is going on outside NI

it'is amazing life is going on outside Belfast

blind man walk through maze

interesting so waht is it that goes on in the brain.

quote of the evening

....the surest way to make ourselves crazy is to get involved in others peoples business, and the quickest way to become sane and happy is to tend to our own affairs.

Melody Beattie
Codependance no more

ni crunch talk

Want to know what going on?

interesting perspectives on

Lots of different discussions..............what's all that about that about the Northern Bank?

ni crunch talk

Interesting perspectives and new website/social networking site on whats going on

Merchant hotel Christmas eve

From the Merchant:

Join us in the GreatRoom Lobby from 4.00pm

Festivities include Christmas carols and hymns with our traditional silver band and complimentary mulled wine and mince pies.
Santa Claus will be here too!

The Merchant Hotel35 - 39 Waring StreetBelfast BT1 2DYT: +44 (0) 028 9023

Access to the event is on a strictly first come first served basis.

Hello I'm sick today caught something at the weekend, I finally stopped working and
then this happens, just your body's way of getting you to slow down.

So sad person that I am I'm checking up website to see whats going on in the new year.

Winter solstice is over and it all gets better from here.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

No news, good news

Life without TV is interesting you take a better look at the world around you and
a good look at the sky. Recently I've even started to stop listening to the radio and its so refreshing not to have that consistant chatter in your ear .

Yesterday I had my pre Christmas stress moment by being badly parked and then dealt with badly by someone ina shop. But It's all over now and I feel calmer.I did catch a glimsp of TV in the bank. Doom and gloom, doom and gloom. 1.5 million unemployed and rising. Does anyone out there remember the eightys? I lived in London and do remember over 3 million unemployed . It all happpens in cycles. Maybe NI has not seen this happening before ? We never had a boom so we never had to experience a bust? But I rmember it, in London . It did'nt make any difference to me because I had no money anyway and was used to living as a student but it made all sorts of changes happen in the world. So it will go on this time change, change , change.

I noticed that the Titanic quater signature project got the go ahead last night and should be signed off in the new year. 500-600 construction jobs something to smile about. So there you go it' official Northern Ireland is connected to the rest of the world, it does have an impact on us all what happens in the rest of the world.

So there you go and it's still a week before Christmas. Do not you see the flow of Christmas joy in the air??? ????????????????????? ding, dong , ding ,dong. But what happens to a society if the economy is built on consumerism and the consumer decided not to buy?? Now there is a question.

Anyway think about where your money goes, but you have always done that have you not?

So talking about Migrant workers earlier in the blogg I just thought I'd send this link to the Migrant worker support programme so anyone out there can use it. They have a good interpreter service as well. Spare a thought for them this Christmas where ever you find them working to hold together the industry and businesses in Northern Ireland.

quote of the day

We are injured and hurt emotionally- not
so much by other people or what they say or dont say- but by our own response.

Maxwell Malz Psycho-cybernetics

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Something else new

I spotted this the other day, its not a recommendation as I have no idea what it is like but it looks interesting............................

Tasty midnight Feast all you can eat buffet £15 open 10pm no entry after midnight food served up to 2.30 am not licienced so BYO

Fresh Claim cafe
and photographic gallery
48 King Street ( near castle street)
Belfast Bx1 6AD

You know the old Belfast exposed building...................................

Viva retro on North Street

Something else relatively new in Belfast Viva Retro 15 North Street. Lots of retro stuff from everywhere. Two guys have set it up and apart from the fact that they have got really bad changing rooms and you cant see in the mirrors there is lots of fun stuff and they are happy to give you a bargain. ..........................North Street used to be one of the streets in Belfast with low rates not sure if thats still the case but such is life.

For those who came back with the elastic band?

I think earlier on I was talking about my elastic band? you know the one that brings you back to dear old NI. I forgot to say that when you get back here you do wonder what on earth you are going to do because it's hard to find your place. I mean NI is not like other places we have so many other things going on and so much competition for opportunities but what I did after not really settling is I decided right I am going to force myself to say here for 4 years.

If it doesn't work out I will go and live in Peru and herd goats or something. But it took me to force myself to do it because I knew other interesting things were happening else where. Friends kept saying why not come and do this or this ? I went and made costumes for a Ballet in Zaragosa I travel here and there there was always something tempting going on else where.

But I forced myself to stay and even though sometimes I have asked myself why, why, why. I know it was the right thing to do not easy, but the right thing to do. So anyone out there who has come back and is trying to figure out how they are going to put everything together for themselves give it some time, talk to people about what you want to do, ask for their opinions and help and somehow you will figure it out. Why because we need people in NI with a wider viewpoint to stay. We need your thinking to get the balls of change in NI rolling further.

Making my chops in China

Hangzhou Pavilion

So it's a detail of the print I was talking about earlier, the little stamp is my name, it's called a chop and I got it made in China when I was there. I'll see if I can dig out the picture of the guy who made it.

Drinking and young people

I found this press release it relates to something I wrote about earlier ........................................................................................................................................

Young people’s drinking – what do Northern Ireland parents think?

Two new pieces of research focusing on young people’s attitudes to alcohol and the role parents’ play in this relationship will be revealed at a seminar today at the Rosspark Hotel, Kells.
The research carried out by the Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland (HPA) and Queen’s University Belfast focuses on 11–16 year olds and highlights some of the factors influencing young people to drink, including access to alcohol and parental attitudes.
Speaking about the seminar, Victoria Creasy, Senior Manager for Public Health at the HPA, said: “We know from previous research that the average age for children in Northern Ireland to have their first drink is around 11, and that the majority of young people get their first alcoholic drink either from friends (45%) or parents (20%). This indicates there is both peer and parental influence on young people’s initial experiences of drinking.

“Today’s qualitative research reveals that drugs and alcohol are the two most frequently mentioned parental worries, yet many parents will buy their teenagers alcohol to drink at home or at a party. Furthermore, parents reported thinking it is acceptable for children to drink at home from approximately 14 years of age. Some parents think it is responsible to introduce their children to alcohol in the belief that this will discourage drinking to excess or in risky environments. However parents fail to give the full picture and base the advice they give to their child on their own behaviour and knowledge of alcohol, which we know from adult research is not always well informed and sensible.

“Understanding young people’s experimentation with alcohol is complex. However this research highlights the significant influence parents have on forming their children’s drinking behaviour. We know that supportive and involved parenting has been associated with a later initiation of alcohol use along with lower consumption. This research with parents is therefore a fundamental first step in understanding how to support parents in the pivotal role they play as they help their children develop a responsible attitude towards alcohol.”

Commenting on the findings from the Youth Development Study Dr Patrick McCrystal, Institute of Child Care Research at Queen’s, said: “Comparatively high numbers of young people are moving to more serious levels of alcohol consumption by the mid teenage years, with 40% of young people who reported drinking to intoxication doing so each week.3

It is therefore vital that a wide range of people, including parents, carers, police, local authorities and health professionals recognise they have a role to play in addressing young people’s drinking. It is very positive that all these groups are represented at today’s seminar.”

Today’s event has attracted 120 delegates and is the first of a two-part seminar. The second part will be held later in the year and will consider what has been effective in tackling young people’s drinking and discuss what can realistically be done within the real-world constraints of culture, legislation and budgets.


Notes to the Editor:A media facility will be available at Rosspark Hotel, Kells from 11:15–11:45am when Victoria Creasy, HPA, and Dr Patrick McCrystal, Queen’s University will be available for interview.
For media enquiries contact the HPA Press Office on Tel: 028 9031 1611.
1 Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland. Qualitative Research with 11–16 year olds and parents of 11–16 year olds. October 2007. Unpublished.2 Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland. Drinking behaviour among young people in Northern Ireland: secondary analysis of alcohol data from 1997 to 2003. Belfast: HPA, 2005. 3 Youth Development Study, QUB, 2007. Unpublished.

What next for the economy?

Creative business is going to save us apparently??

MInister at first opening

I belive this was his first art opening?? I wonder what was going through his head?

Liam at Studio 23

Photos from Liam's opening at Studio 23

The exhibition is still on. I bought on of his poetry books, a few words poems in English and Irish. I particularly like papering over the cracks of history. Why well it seems that what we are trying to do in a way in dear old NI. At the opening he sung it and band were great the music flowed and I can imagine it as a download. Did anyone record it?????
He only got 100 books printed I got number 8 as its a lucky number and if you contact studio 23 they might have some left.

quote of the day

A person who is not distrubed by the incessant flow of desires that enter like rivers into the ocean,whcih is ever being filled but is always still- can alone achieve peace, and not the man who strives to satisfy such desires.

Bhagavad- Gita 11: 70

....................................notice they dont say anyting about women.

How my print came about

I was telling someone the story of one of my prints the other day and they told me to out it on the website. It's HangZhou Pavilion. I became a member of BPW 3 years ago I had though about it for a year my mum had done a printing course and I thought oh! I want to learn a new skill it was August and I thought I'd look up the website for details, I thought about Seacourt first as I had heard about it but when I looked at BPW website they were having a course starting in August. Etching was the only printmaking technique I had heard of so I thought I'd go for it.

I had walked up to the studios before when there was a David Mach exhibition on but when I looked in the window I just thought. Oh my Lord what a strange place and what are all those pieces of equipment for.?

Anyway I went on the course and started to get a feel for the technique. I though I might start there and then move on to something else but I'm still on the etching. I eventually decided to become a member and slowly made my way into the habit of going when ever I could . The first year I was so busy I didn't even get into the Christmas show but the following year I did put a piece in new members show which was interesting.

Anyway fast forward and an e mail came around one day from one of the members saying she was going to China and she thought maybe some people might like to go with her. Do you know the way you get one of those e mails and you think maybe that's not for me?? well this one I thought , oh that's interesting maybe it is for me.

Eventually it all got sorted out and we had our magical trip, funny how already it seemed like a strange dream. I came back with about 1000 photos and a sketchbook filled with thoughts and ideas. Just how do you distill that down to it's essence? So I started by working on 5 prints
the first one I went for was Hangzhou pavilion . Hangzhou is known as one of the most beautiful city's in China. In one part of it it has a lake with lots of willow trees around it dripping into the water , drip, drip, drip .They have these pavilions and pagodas jutting out into the lake very mystical Chinese kind of sense. I loved the shapes and styles the colours and spaces.

So looking through all my 1000 photos Hangzhou was the place I wanted to start. I thought I would do a bigger plate but when I started I on the etching I kind of got side tracked . I put it in the acid one day and didn't check the strength as a result it was very strong in one place and I didn't like the marks . Anyway to be technical I did some aquatint on it and played about with the tonal values but it still was not getting there so I cut some off the plate and still it was not there.

(to non print makers out there this took about 2 weeks in between the other work I was doing at the time) I was also playing about with painting on paper before actually printing and then started to get an image I liked. I then decided I'd go for "Chine colle" a sort of Chinese collage that you do while printing. IT was only then that I had a break through and started to get the misty mountain scene that I ended up with. I printed about 15 of which eight were good. It's the thing about doing "chine colle" the way I do chance has so much to do with it that sometimes it's not on your side and some times it is.

I choose the red colour as red is very important in China it is a fantastic colour and you don't often see it used well in Ireland or Europe. I did submit the print into the RUA exhibition but it didn't get in . When I went to see the exhibition I thought where on earth would they have put it if it did get in ? the black and white room? where would anything red have gone???

So I have it in a series of eight because 8 is the Chinese lucky number and it's a varied edition which means everyone if different this is because of the element of chance that happens in the "chine colle" process that I use. You do not always get the magic but when you do you do......................................................................................someone told me it reminded them of a Chinese restaurant but if that is the only connection with China you have ever had well then that's it then..............So one edition of that print is now in the BPW Christmas show there is another on in the exhibition at clotworthy. One in a collectors house and so it goes on.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Last call for documentary films 19th Dec

info from the Belfast film festival :

Jameson Belfast Film Festival is pleased to announce that Paul Merton will bring his tour, ‘Silent Clowns’ to Belfast’s Odeon, Victoria Square, as part of the 9th Jameson Belfast Film Festival on 3rd April 2009. Tickets are now available for sale* from HYPERLINK ""

Jameson Belfast Film Festival Passes are also now on sale online…. *Our excellent value Festival Passes grant access to all events (except Special Events and Opening & Closing premieres)… for just £55
The 9th Jameson Belfast Film Festival, which takes place 26th March – 4th April 2009, will host UK, Irish and European premieres, masterclasses, local short film and documentary competitions, appearances from special guests from within the world of cinema and the ever-popular special events including the Drive-In and Lagan Boat screenings.
Full details to be announced - February 2009


PLAY A PART in the 9th Jameson Belfast Film Festival - download a volunteer form online

I like the way they have a print off ticket things starting everywhere much more efficient....

Roderick Buchanan

I just noticed on the Roderick Buchanan @ OBG Andy McDonough is working with groups from lower falls and Shankill and it will be screened at the end of the exhibition.

For more info contact school and community groups are warmly welcomed guided tours and discussions are provided throughout the exhibition .


quote of the day

To find yourself
think for yourself.


Monday, 15 December 2008

Free tickets

Hello I got this about free tickets in January have you ever been to an Ulster Orchestra concert??? why not go for free and see what music does for the soul.I think this was on my blog before but just in case you missed it.
Chase away the January blues with FREE tickets for one of our BBC Invitation Concerts with the Ulster Orchestra recording at the Spires Centre in January?

Tickets are still available for all four dates, so you still have time to apply! Recording on the following dates:
14 January 09 at 11am Classical Collection (live on BBC Radio 3) Haydn Symphony No.4 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 in D flat major Dohnanyi Concert Piece for Cello and Orchestra

16 January 09 at 7.45pm BBC Radio 3 Invitation Concert Martinu Little Suite from the Opera Comedy on a Bridge Martinu Cello Concerto No.2 Uuno Klami Sea Pictures Sibelius Symphony No.7

27 January 09 at 7.45pm 'Discovering Music' Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No.2 Saint-Saëns Africa 29 January 09 at 7.45pm Invitation Concert Liszt/Schubert Grande Marche Héroïque Liszt/Schubert Wanderer Fantasy Schubert Symphony No.4, the Tragic at The Spires Centre, Belfast.

For complimentary tickets and further information please call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227* or visit the website by clicking the Book Now button above. Apply now to avoid disappointment! We look forward to seeing you in our audience very soon.

Kind regards
BBC Studio

Never mind the Ulster Scots what about the Scots;-)?

(I like their style)

echo presents:


Friday 19th December 2008, 7 – 9pm

The first part of echo's à la carte residence

The Collective Gallery
22-28 Cockburn Street

This Festive Season, why not make the dull old cobbles of your streets a thing of the past?

Step into the luscious warmth of your TROPICAL NORTHERN FUTURE

Leave your monument checklist with security

And step onto our DEEP SHAG PILE

We have sourced the finest Porridge fusions to bring you untold fancies of taste and smell..

Content your wallets with our cost-free policy

The only currency here is THE JOY

Bathe your S.A.D bodies in the hopeful glow of our specially-commisioned illuminators, relax and say YES!

YES! Witness a corporate event: Patrick Bateman murdering DAN MITCHELL

YES! Travel through Doris' crack with A. MCNIVEN AUDIO GUIDES

YES! Gorge yourself at The NADIM ABBAS Porridge Kitchen






YES! Insert your ticket into D. SLASH SKOMOROWSKI

YES! Prick your ears to MARY ANN TUCKERMAN'S keynote lecture

YES! Expand your vocabulary with DUGGIE FIELDS


YES! Pamper yourself with JOSEPHINE PRYDE's mattress inflation

YES! Get hands-on with GRACE AND OWENS

YES! Go off-peak with SOPHIE ROGERS

YES! Explore the volcano rim with LINDA PERSSON

YES! Unlock future remains with EWAN ROBERTSON


YES! Get your very own RICHARD PARRY replica

YES! On safari with CANDICE JACOBS

thanks to those in the video

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who was interviewed for the video of my opening. It's a pity I could not get it all on the website. There were some great comments and it's a shame that I cant get them all on.It's the first time that I have seen the whole thing as I didn't get to see the film before it was edited.

It's a bit weird looking at the the show on video now even though it's been up a while. However it's still on until the 23rd December and I wonder how many people realise that it's all political ?

Did you get that from it? I don't think I really realised until it was all up. I suppose that's the issue when you are doing so many things at once. It's hard to get the head space to actually think about what it is your doing. Someone asked me how it is that I do so much (AGAIN) but I think it's because when I was working in the Enterprise sector the pace that you work is high. There is no faffing around as there is too much to do and I have taken that over into my art work as well.

Too much to do to be faffing around. Too many deadlines, all multi tasking it kind of spurs you on.

I'm writing a tender today, those of you that wonder what on earth I actually do will be glad to know. ........................I a multi tasker.Onward and up wards.

Debt test

If your not in shopping mode and worried about debt
try the debt test on

or maybe need to change your morgage over the comparision tools are good
and its all independent information.

Trying to work out how much it takes to raise a child?? or any other financial matters?

The fashion Souk on Sunday

A couple of things I picked up but I have no idea what they will be like?

The Fashion Souk with DJ Sofakid

Fashion and design, couture vintage, and graffiti art

Sunday 21 Dec 12-7 at Una Rodden Boutique

50 Upper Arthur Street it says supporting cutting edge Irish Talent.

Also Thursday 18th December 7-10pm on the Malone Road
they have nice training rooms to hire in there very kinda informal with a kitchen attached. I believe more spaces are coming available but at the moment of course there is no heating but if they get enough people it will get sorted out. There are some interesting businesses in there.

Also on Thursday I picked up a flyer for VENT ? (I think thats what it says) an ART show at the apartment 17th DEcember @ 7.30 . 2 Donegal Square West.No idea what it will be live. Anyone remember the Apartment when it was the HARP bar?? dodgy carpets and stale seats all it took was a little imagination and the Peace process to open up the walls to the city hall and get some nice windows in. One of the first bars with nice toilets in Belfast but I have to admin I have not been there for a while.There must be a good view of the Christmas market and the big wheel.

Of course dont forget about and but they are not the same as seeing them in the flesh, so to speak.

Someone also told me that they find some of my recommendations bizarre. But what you have to realise is that these are MY recommendations and observations. Everyone is different , I have a particular taste and style and thought process that has been developed in my lifetime ( to say nothing of my sense of humour ) so this is what you are getting in the blogg. It will not be to everyones taste, but thats not why I'm doing it.

Anyone reading this from Dublin I have to say we need your EUROS i was reading that with the exchange rate there are lots of Christmas shoppers breaking for the border. Can you get as far as Belfast please we are really nice people honest and we are happy to help.

Anyway have a good day a positive week and an inspiring life beacue thats what its all about really.

are you in your studio today?

So to any artists out there are you in your studio today? No , whys that? is it because there is no heating? Well you know what I do not know of one studio space that has heating , not one and yet this assembly is supposed to be supporting artist and creativity ???????? it's a bit basic don't you think????

When are we going to have our heated studio spaces in NI????????with 24 access? I mean creativity is not 9-5 it's a 24 hour thing. If creative people cant work 6 months of the year don't your think that's a drain on the economy ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? on the creative output of wee NI........................BASIC, BASIC.

So anyway what would be perfect would be timed individual heated studios powered by alternative heating systems, ground source heat pumps or the like, solar panels galore. That sort of thing. Instead we have dirty old buildings crumpling down or big hangers with no heating????????????????????????????????????????? Come on get it sorted.

Anyway that's my rant for Monday always good to start with a rant to get you going in the week.
After all it is the season of good it not and don't you see it all around you??? good will, good will......not. What I see as I walk through Belfast is a frenzy of sales and the stress of the Christmas shopping habit. I did notice at the continental market that there prices are a bit cheaper than last year. Still lots of food and I do think they are good competition for St Georges Market because some of the prices there are a bit stupid compared with any other European Country. Yes that's right any other European country, we are after all connected to the rest of Europe, we are part of it believe it or not even if we are away up here in the top left hand corner.

I've been wished a happy Christmas, happy holidays, and happy winter solsist, happy, happy festive season and you know what despite all that is going on in the world I have to say. We are all alive there is always hope we can always change things with a little step. I met some friends on Friday for tea . these are friends I worked with. Well work colleagues, that became friends when I used to run the women's development programmes up at Townsend Enterprise Park. One is in Derry , one in Spain and on in West Belfast we had a bit of a catch up for a couple of hours and I have to say like most women's lives that's all the time we could have because there were people to organise, children to feed, grand children to see, shopping to do and on and on it goes. Yet what was really nice apart from seeing them all again was they all talked about how in their own lives they felt they were making a difference around them , that at work and at home they always put their ideas forward and treated people with respect and dignity and tried to make a positive difference for them. They said they got that from me and when I left them felt quite emotional because it is important to do those things . Particularly in this season of goodwill simple acts of kindness can make a big difference to peoples lives.

So what positive thing are you going to do today ? or are you going to let the begrudging get the better of you?.............................................

Quote of the day

If you depend on someone for your happiness
you are becoming a slave,you are becoming dependent, you are creating a bondage.

And you depend on so many people; they all become subtle masters, they all exploit you in return.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
The book of the books Vol iv

Saturday, 13 December 2008

today at 2

Roderick Buchanan on at OBG
He's giving a talk today I saw the exhibition yesterday and I have to say its great to see this kind of work in Belfast and great that he is working with 2 different community organisations as well this is real community education. I would highly recommend going and having a look and its always great to hear first hand from the artists.

Not sure if I can make it I'm involved in a renewing communities project in Craigavion I'd also like to give a mention to a wee group of artist on the top floor of the waterfront who have put together an exhibition. Good to see they have got together to get opportunities and great to see they are sticking together I like the ice cream van and the thoughfulness behind the exhibition

So as you go out Christmas shopping today spare a thought for where your money is going? Local traders supporting local stuff or multinationals feeding pollution and the capitilist dream.

Bye for now. The other thing I mentioned a Peter in my other blog and a few Peters I know all got asked if it was their know there is more than one Peter in the world. It's Peter W..........;-)

quote of the day

You must love yourself before you love another.
By accepting yourself and joyfully being what you are ,
you fulfill tour own abilities, and your simple presence can make others happy.

Jane Roberts
The nature of Personal reality

Friday, 12 December 2008

Community Arts forum best conferance I have ever been at and I have been at alot of them was their conferance in 2005. They just launched their online stuff.


FYI taken from BCC bulletin.

Belfast City Council has recently announced their new business development programme aimed at supporting local businesses to increase their sales base.

The SALES GROWTH PROGRAMME offers Belfast businesses the opportunity to improve the selling skills of owner/mangers and to develop strong sales systems and procedures– to achieve sales growth!

Commencing in February 2009 the programme will offer participants combine 4 key elements including:

· Sales development workshops
· Individual business mentoring
· Specialist Sales Prospecting Support
· Sales Growth Action Plans


Businesses in the Belfast City Council area that:
Are not active Invest NI clients
Have a successful business with the capacity to grow
Are not retail businesses
Are owned / managed by people who wish to develop practical skills in developing effective sales strategies, identifying and targeting new customers and customer retention
Have less than 20 employees


Belfast City Council is investing heavily in this Programme to support participating businesses to maximise growth opportunities.
The cost to you is only £250 + VAT (per participant)

To request an application form or discuss any aspect of this programme contact Simon Devlin or Caroline Diamond of Full Circle Management Solutions on 028 9045 2222
The deadline for completed applications is 12 noon on Friday 23rd January 2009 via:
e-mail: /
Further information on this programme can be accessed from Ruth Rea, Belfast City Council on 028 9050 0526 or by e-mail at

The morning after?

The morning after calculator
Supplied by Brake – the road safety charity
It’s all about timingNearly 1 in 6 convicted drink-drivers are caught the morning after drinking. How much have you drunk, when did you stop drinking, and when do you plan to drive? It’s not just about being under the limit, it’s about being alcohol free. Even small amounts of alcohol affect your reaction times.

This document explains how to calculate how long it takes to be alcohol freeYou can use it when out drinking, as long as you know how much you drink and how strong it is. If you‘re drinking out of cans or bottles, these things are printed on the container by law. You don’t have to learn all the times for all the drinks – just the ones that you drink.

Add an hourOn top of the times given below; you need to add an hour. This is how long it takes for alcohol to be absorbed into your blood stream. The times below are only rough guides. It takes about 1 hour for your body to rid itself of each unit of alcohol, but it can take much longer. It depends on factors including how healthy you are and how much you’ve eaten. Eating a big meal means alcohol is absorbed more slowly - so it takes longer to sober up.

PINTS OF BEER OR CIDER 4% beers and cidersAverage strength beers and ciders like Fosters and Guinness are 2 hour pints. Each pint takes at least 2 hours to leave your blood stream from when you stop drinking.

5.5% beers and cidersStronger beers and ciders like Stella, Kronenberg and Strongbow are 3 hour pints. Each pint takes at least 3 hours to leave your blood stream.

Drink 4 pints of Stella and you can’t drive for at least 13 hours from finishing your last pint. If you finish at midnight, you aren’t safe until after 1pm the next day.

BOTTLES250ml – 330ml bottles of 5.5% beer Becks, Bud and Stella bottles of this size and strength are 2 hour bottles.

Large 550ml bottles of beerA large Stella or Newcastle Brown Ale in a 550ml bottle is a 3 hour bottle. Drink 5 bottles and you can’t drive for at least 16 hours. That’s 4pm the following day if you finish drinking at midnight.

275ml – 330ml alcopopsA standard Bacardi Breezer or Vodka Ice is a 2 hour drink. But bear in mind, it’s easy to drink a lot because they taste sugary,

CANS OF BEER OR CIDERA 3%-4% can of Carling or Fosters is a 2 hour drink. A 5%-5.5% strength can is a 2.5 hour drink.

SUPER STRENGTH CANS OF BEER OR CIDERYou can see why they have the reputation of being the favoured tipple of alcoholics. Cans such as Special Brew, Tennent’s Super and Strongbow Super can be TWICE as strong as a Fosters – a whopping 7.5-9%. A 7.5% can is a 3.5 hour drink. A 9% can is a 4 hour drink.

Drink 5 super-strength cans and you can’t drive for about 21 hours - almost a full day later.
MEASURES OF SPIRITSIt doesn’t matter what mixer you use. The alcohol takes the same amount of time to leave your system whether your vodka’s just on ice or in a large glass of orange juice.

Pub measures vary. 25ml (one unit) used to be standard, but 35ml is now more common. A 25ml shot is a 1 hour drink. A 35ml shot is 1.5 hour drink. A70ml double is a 3 hour drink – the same as a pint of Stella.

Drink four 70ml doubles and you can’t drive for 13 hours – that’s 1pm the next day if you drank your last double at midnight.
If you are pouring spirits yourself at a party, you’ll probably pour generous doubles, triples or more. Take this into account when calculating your hours.

GLASSES OF WINEThere are several different wine glass sizes and wine comes in different strengths, from 12%-15%. One 250ml glass of 15% wine is a 4 hour drink. Drink a bottle of 15% wine - just three 250ml glasses - and you can’t drive for 13 hours - 1pm the next day if you finish at midnight.

BOTTLES OF CIDERBig plastic bottles of cider mostly range from 3.5% to 8% and come in 1, 2 and 3 litre bottles. A litre of 3.5% cider is a 7 hour drink. Stronger ciders take much longer to be out of your system. If you drink a litre of 8% cider, you won’t be safe to drive for about 16 hours.Men v. WomenIt takes exactly the same amount of time for women to lose alcohol from their blood stream as men. Their livers work at the same speed.

KNOW when you are next planning to drive. If it’s the next day, calculate the maximum you can drink using this guide and stay well under this.

KNOW what you are drinking. If you drink a weird cocktail your mate’s invented with two doubles in it, it will take you at least seven hours more to sober up. That’s a big forfeit.

AVOID unknown drinks altogether. It keeps you in control; it’s usually cheaper, and helps you avoid a killer hangover.


Why cant drawing naked people be sexy?

Dr sketchy.
Friday 2 January as part of out to Lunch check out Dr Sketchy its really looks like fun for all you artists out there.........................................."its part of a world wide phenomenon why not be part of it" life drawing will never be the same again ....................................................................................................................only £5 an well worth it. I mean what else will you be doing on the 2nd?????? you will have recovered from the new online or 028 90246609

Thought for artists

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living.
The world owes you nothing.
It was here first.
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

..................................somone sent me this and I like it...;-)

2 quotes today

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Albert Einstein.

How many mediocre minds have you come across in NI....................???????????????????????????????????????? answers on a post card please. ...................................................................................are you one? am I one? do you know anyone else///////////////???????

For budding writers

Brian Moore Short Story awards

is now open submission until 1 March...................but you know what it will come around quicker than you think.
Prizes £750,£300,£200 just enough for a cup of tea these days.

quote of the day

At any moment I could start being a better person- but which moment should I choose?

Ashleigh Brilliant
Potshots no 1521

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Golden Thread does it again.

So I know, I know I'm going on about them again. The golden thread gallery has a Paul Seawright( not sure of the spelling) exhibition on. I first came across him a few years again when the gallery was up in Brookfield mill. After a big trek we were welcomed with a cup of tea and a tour around the space. I was drawn to his work in particular because he got something that other photograhers don't get about Northern Ireland . He went deep into the artistic space of our minds and captured a different angle of the Northern Ireland experience while acting as Artist in residence for the RUC as it was then.

After that he worked on different spaces and then came back to NI to be Professor of Photography at York Street. (at least I think he's a professor) but his work is great and the show has been gathered up from collections all around the world so it's well worth taking a look at it before the 10 January when it ends. WE HAVE TO SUPPORT OUR OWN ARTISTIC TALENT AND NOT JUST THINK PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE ALL THE TALENT.....................and so say all of us..............and so say all of us..............................why not support it before it runs off out of dear old NI................

Clotworty times

Clotworthy is open

9.30-9.30pm Mon to Friday Saturday 10-5
just in case you are reading this on a Rss feed all directions are on

Dont know waht an RSS feed is?????????????? now you have to keep up with technology. Google it.

Cold today

it's cold today so I thought the website should be blue.......burrrrrr.
Is this global warming ??????


Hay it's official I've sold another painting , cool. It's ok that its being paid for in installments I can work with that..............I know it's going to a good home...............................................................Art really does inspire your surroundings..............................................burr is'nt it cold outside? Get those hot water bottles in and get cuddling someone.....................................

quote of the day

Thoughts are like boomerangs.

Eileen Caddy
The dawn of Change.

......................oh they keep coming back , they keep coming back..................................thats me adding to it.

on until 23 December

Just a reminder that my exhibition is actually still on until the 23 December a number of people have said oh I could not get up but it's still on.

The other thing people have been telling me is that there is something very different about seeing art "live" and seeing in online. In fact one collector told me that she never looks at things online as you cannot get connected with the Art. There is something very special about actually seeing a piece of art first hand . This is particularly true of Prints as there is a very strong emotional connection with the print that happens. It's hard to explain but it links with your inner being and you have to be in front of it to do that. The scale is also hard to work with it's hard to imagine the size of things. Some people are better than others at it.

It's strange what art does to you really, anyway gotta go.........things to do people to see Invoices to write. ............................. I did get some bargains at the Art college fair cant tell you want they are as then the people they are presents for will find out and we cant have that now can we.

Out to lunch

I know Chrismas is not over and we are already thinking about January.
Catherdral quater festival, I remember they started this in a tent on writers square now it have evolved to the black Box and I think its great that they have put it together . You can go at Lunch time or early evening .Lunch you get a sOup for a £5 AS WELL AS THE ENTERTAINMENT.

I've had a quick look and Shappi Khorsandi COMEDIAN on Wed 7 th January is a winner I saw her a number of years ago at Edinburgh festival she is an asylum seeker

"before it became fashionable"

It's not often you get a female from Iran as a comic........great fun. Really great fun.
website book now so you don't do one of those I meant to go but now its past sort of things we should be celebrating that so much is on.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New year in Belfast

Info from BCC info service:

New Year's Eve concert
Bring in the new year at the biggest party in town! Three of Northern Ireland’s hottest young bands will be joining headliners Supergrass and The Pigeon Detectives on stage at Belfast City Hall for a massive concert. The gates will open at 7pm and the concert finishes at 12.20am. Cool FM's Olga will be onstage from 7pm to get people in the party mood. The event will be compered by local TV and radio presenter, Ralph McLean.
The Pigeon Detectives
Fighting With Wire
General Fiasco
Universal Remedy. Tickets
Tickets go on sale on Thursday 11 December. Tickets are £5 per person and restricted to ten tickets per booking. Tickets are available from Belfast Welcome Centre, Donegall Place. You can also phone 028 9024 6609 to book.Terms and conditions of entry apply Metro bus service
A special Metro bus service will be available after the event for concert ticket holders, travelling along the main routes throughout Belfast. This service is included in the price of the concert ticket.
View bus routes (Word doc - 40KB) More information
For further details please visit or call the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609.

quote of the day

Disillusionment with yourself must precede enlightenment

Vernon Howard
The mystic path to cosmic power.

Mireille Guiliano

Is the author of the book
" french women don't get fat" she also has one called

"French women for all Seasons" where it has recipes.

Food for thought.

Last night at Stormont

So last night I was at the Irish Society at Stormont for cultural ,economic and social discussion there were a number of politicians speaking about are there too many MLA's and not enough work being done.

I patiently listened to them all and was really impressed by Anna Lo and Alban McGuiness. Alban McGuiness was very passionate about Northern Ireland and had a real vision thing going on . There was good discussion about peace walls and breaking down sectarianism yet some of the other politicians seemed to be very operational. No vision other than keeping their jobs.

Anna Lo reminded us all that at the US inward investment conference one of the speakers said no one will invest until you get this sorted out. GET IT SORTED OUT.

I have to say I came away with mixed thoughts, they all seem to be faffing around when on the ground people are dealing with a global economic crisis , poor housing a change in the social security system and all and all and all.It reminded me of going into a sandwich shop in the Cathedral quarter the other week there was a very stressed man ordering his sandwich. The news was on and it was talking about the fact that the executive committee was not meeting. the man got really annoyed and said

"why are we knocking our pans in trying to keep our businesses going , when those ones up there on the hill get money for not even talking to each other." and if you think that yourself you have to ask the question.............who did you vote for?? did you vote for policy reasons or the good old North South story???

I told the man did he not know that actually they did speak to each other its just in the media they pretended not too. I saw it all when I was in the NIWC they were always chatting around. But to the media they roared and shouted at each other.
.........................................we are all in this together all 1.7 million of us in NI............................we all have our role to play......................what role are you playing?

Oh do you remember my dead animal story. Well this morning it was reported that there were 2 dead horses on the road. Watch out of it it's there.

Are you a Hussey? at Ormeau baths Gallery
5.45 for 6 this Friday.

Why not beat the traffic and go have a look................. you never know you might get conjunction with PlACE.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Art collage wed afternoon

Student Christmas fair at York Street

Art collage from 4.30 this Wednesday

get some bargains before their famous??............................

Gregory Campbell at Studio 23

So what is going on in the old De Lorean Factory?
well studio 23 held the next steps of Liam De Frinse exhibition and Gregory Campbell came to open it and remind us all just how important the Creatve industrys are.....................immmmmmmmmmmm it's true you know they are.


So we were in Dublin at the weekend, hello to anyone who was at the party and reading this. Really nice to see old friends and connect in with Dublin. I lived in Dublin for a year about 10 years ago when the celtic tiger was getting into gear its such a diffeent place now. Even in my twenties I remember going as I had a friend studying in trinity and what really struck me then was how everyone wore old clothes , everyone looked very second hand. A bit like people in Toulouse now, all hanging about waiting for something to do.

Now it's another story what you are struck by is just how well turned out everyone is shiney shoes and cool trousers. Oh and the LUAS imigine Belfast with a light railway system? Can't remember where it is now but there is a proposal for transport going down the green walk way in East belfast and what was proposed a bus route. Talk about translink not wanting to loose their almost monopoly .........catch a grip Belfast needs to jump forward not backward decisions made now have a big impact in the future.We want innovation.............we want it now.

But its always good to take a trip to Dublin to get the head showered..............thanks for the opportunity Peter if your reading this and happy Birthday again.................................

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Got a techie idea?

Are you a Northern Irish science or technology start-up company that could benefit from exposure to some of our top executives, high-technologists and professionals living overseas? Need access to capital, talent or markets? Could you use £1,000 in cash???If so, apply today for Tech Exiles Quickpitch 2008!NISP CONNECT is excited to announce the open application window for Tech Exiles Quickpitch 2008. Eligible companies must be based in Northern Ireland and must not have raised in excess of $500,000 in seed or institutional venture capital funding. If you're a start-up business with an executive summary you owe it to yourself to complete our easy application process today!Two finalists in each of the following categories will be invited to give their 3 minute “quickpitch” on 29th December, 2009 at the Tech Exiles event.• Hitech• Biotech• CleanTech• Digital Media & Software

You don’t need to be looking for capital right now – this is a broader pitch for influential people who can make things happen for your business. Why should you apply? Where should we begin! Applicants receive:• A chance to pitch their business to an illustrious room of venture community exiles and locals -- exposure you can't buy! • Potential for publicity within Northern Ireland's business community and local media • Hands-on assistance honing their pitch• The opportunity to win £1,000 in cash!Each application is reviewed by a screening committee of established local business advisors. Eight companies advance to final night, where they make in-person presentations to all attendees at Tech Exiles 2008.

There, the audience votes for the one company they think has the best chance of making it big, and the winner is presented a £1,000 cash award that night! Click here to download the application and see full program information. All applications must be received by Friday, 12th December at 5:00pm.

I would worry about disclosure?????????????

Autism ?

Do you know anyone with autism?

I've been thinking about it alot lately....................................................................................

BLACK BOX black market again

Once more a plug for the black box

There are keeping the Sunday afternoon market and lots of interesting things going on in the run up to year masked ball looks like fun.

for the beyond

I was thinking about those of you out there reading this blog from outside of Northern Ireland maybe you are thinking of coming home? Because you know what this is your home you left it because you could not bear to live here because of the situation but it's always pulled at your heart strings, the great elastic band is pulling you back . You know what we need you back , we need people who have different experience different contacts different perspectives and we need you to come back to Northern Ireland and see the changes that have started and to help change more because we want to develop we want to use the talent here before us for better things we want to give opportunities to all the wonderful people that live here . We need your thinking to help wee NI move along. Your country needs you . After all it made you? Don't think it did? After all you would not have left if everything here was hunky Dorry, you left because of the violence or lack of opportunity . That made you go and seek other shores.

So now it's pay back time. We need you back we need your help to shift things along.

If you want to have a look at what's on offer take a look. ................................................and don't forget about .

Good morning

So are we bright eyes and bushy tailed today? or are you waking up with a hangover?

So what's been going on? Life being as it is lots of thoughts have been going through my head . Thoughts about everything. I've suddenly realised last week that Christmas is coming it sounds strange but every year you know its coming but at some point you really know and that was sitting in the Potthouse down in the Catherdral quarter for an early tea suddenly noticing that the Christmas decorations were up and Christmas music was on.

So what of the Potthouse for food, well they have lots of deals on and a very reasonable stuffed baked potato for £2.99 I think it is . Good harty food. Some one also told me Delaney's does a good lunch time buffet very reasonably and there are q's out the door. So maybe the food industry in NI has finally cottoned on to the fact that they were too dear and good food does not have to be expensive to the customer. Simple good food like in France but with reasonable prices. We have been ripped off for too long.

The Christmas market is on and I confess that I have not been yet. The Wheel is still running at the side of the city hall and life, birth, death goes on. So with all that happening are we seeing any change at the top?? Is the crust around NI starting to crack? Will we see more artists with drips? I've been thinking about the crust alot lately I think the politicians are starting to drill into for too long there is a layer of society that has been getting away with too much influence. Too much manipulation. But have heard that a few things are getting shook up which is not before time.

It's nice to see the cathedral quarter starting to work. I remember when Laganside got the go ahead to take the area over Mr Hopkins and his team. Not enough is said about that generation in NI that were unbiased and worked their way trying to keep a firm hand on things here while there was general mayhem all around. Each generation tries to do it's best some try and take advantage of the situation, some manipulate it for their own ends. Some don't even realise whats going on as they are caught up in their own dramas.

Me well I'm just me ............ the gallery first Thursday was good. Lots of people going around the gallery's and the Black box was much better as they took out the seats and everyone mingles standing and we got a mince pie and cream. So anyway it's the silly season in Belfast the Christmas party's have arrived . I've noticed groups of stag party people wondering around the city centre looking for the next pub. Are we in danger of becoming like Liverpool? or any other city that got attacked by the stag and hen party groups.? I hope not but I suppose it bring in a special sort of dynamic. Birth . Life death and so the human race goes on......................spluttering forth into the abis where will it all end?

Anyway remember if your going into belfast for a bit of shopping Gallerys open.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

10% off Jan printmaking courses

Christmas show at BPW open late tonight
plus 10% off Jan Feb Printmaking courses

Info on

Gift Certificates / Chrustmas cards available
contact Claire in the Gallery

tonight at OBG

Info from OBG
The Ormeau Baths Gallery invites you to a night of music with musicians from all over the world who currently live in Northern Ireland. This night is in conjunction with our new show by Roderick Buchanan. Buchanan looks at the role of traditional music in forming cultural and social identity. The Motion Project is a group who seek to break down barriers of prejudice and promote understanding through music. It is an opportunity to hear a range of instruments and be taught the basics yourself. Whatever your musical ability, come along, meet people from all over the world and join in the jam!
Thursday 4th December 7pm – 8pm
Free don't forget its that night again.

Why people buy? January workshop

Belfast Entrepreneurs Network and B4B are holding a joint networking event featuring best selling author Philip Heskith. In this engaging and interactive session Philip shares the seven psychological ‘REASONS’ why your customers and clients buy your products, services and ideas.
He will take you through the persuasion process and explains not only the five keys to persuasion but also how memory works, how emotional negotiation works and gives members thought provoking and ‘can-use- tomorrow’ tips that guarantee you will save money and make money as a result of this session.
In a highly interactive sessions Philip will outline:
•The seven psychological reasons why people buy your product or service and what to do to improve the way you promote your company •How relationships are developed and how to turn those relationships into profitable partnerships •The five keys to persuasion •Ten specific things to say and do to save and make money both in your business and personal life.

Date: Tuesday 13th January 2009
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Lanyon Place
Time: 6pm
Cost: Free
If you are interested in attending this event please book online at or contact Rhonda Lynn at Belfast City Council: / 028 90270229

Info for businesses

Forwarding info, this is a great accountant doing this workshop...............

Belfast City Council is offering businesses an opportunity to look at their business performance and gain tips on how to safe-guard their business in the difficult economic climate with a unique Credit Crunch workshop. The workshop will enable you to clarify your business offering, provide tips on reducing overheads, explore alternative funding sources and revise your business plan.
Participants at the workshop will also be able to avail of an individual one-to-one mentoring session with a financial expert who will tailor advice to the clients’ queries and provide a structured action plan for the business.
The workshop will take place on:
Date: Monday 8th December 2008
Time: 12-4pm (Lunch provided)
Venue: Ormeau Business Park
Facilitator: Lowry Grant
This workshop and mentoring programme is open to businesses in Belfast City Council area. Places are limited and booking is essential.
For more information please contact Rhonda Lynn on 028 90270229 or

back from beyond

So I've been away. To France actually it's been nice to see a blue sky clear up above. Nice to spend some time with my husband and great to eat real food. I've been going on and off to France for 11 years. I'd been a few times before that mostly to Paris and always felt Paris reflected just how you were feeling. If you were tired you would feel tired if you were in love all you would see were people in love if you were stressed you would see stress all around.

Anyway back to what being married to a French man has brought me. Well I have completely changed the way I eat and drink. Food in France is an experience something to take care over and savour. While there are many supermarkets there is still the tradition of buying food everyday from markets. 60 million people live in France and they all need to eat as a result while a lot of the food does not have organic labels on it. It is in fact organic. This brings the taste to another level. What I do always notice first off is there are very few people with blue eyes . Big brown eyes everywhere, the women are so chic, especially the older women and their skin is so clear. Someone asked me recently why is it that the older french women look so chic? YOU notice it in China as well , where is no mutton dressed up as lamb just women growing old gracefully. Not trying to look like a 18 year old's.

So some of this has got to be the way they drink, oh the demon drink. In Ireland we drink to remember and we drink to forget. In France they drink to enhance the flavour of what is eaten quality not quantity. A nice glass of wine with a meal, not two bottles with a packets of crisps as in Ireland. This takes some training to do I was brought up in a drinking culture when I went to collage in Bristol there were about 5 of us from Northern Ireland almost all big drinkers. I could not believe there were people the same age in the UK who never touched a drink or who would sit nursing a half all night. It was alien. I remember reading an article at the time about Queens student union the figures were hazy but what they were saying was at the students union in Belfast there was twice as much money taken in the bars as was given out in grants to the students. That was a time of the 60p pint.

So why do the French and Irish drink so differently? I remember doing a course in Dublin and one of the modules was about oppression it said in oppressive cultures there is always a tendency to addict to drink or drugs or both a way of releasing the pain of the oppression. I suppose that's a bit what it felt like to me growing up,how do you release yourself from the everyday nightmare of some of the things that go on around you? Not immediately because I was brought up the the country and we had fresh air around us but the whole bigger picture was pretty darn sad really. Anyway you follow what your parents do and while my parents were both not around the adults around took a drink as a way of entertainment. Or never touched a drop.

In France my in laws have a cellar, my father in law has been collecting wine for many years and knows the value of a great bottle of wine and the power of a bottle of champagne with your starter. Nice little tastes of things and being with my husband for 11 years has changed my drinking habits to that of the french.Life is so much clearer without a hangover. Quality not quantity. This in turn must effect your skin.

There is actually a book written about "why French women do not get fat", its quite famous, I must dig out the author its all about how to eat and drink and stay looking good. I confess I have not read it but I started to and realised that it was a lot of the thing that my mother in law does and habits I had changed since getting married.

Sent is another thing, the french invented perfume, they didn't like washing and the french court invented it . I once visited the perfume labs in Grasse in the South of France where they concoct their brews.In every French village there will be at least one perfume shop. Do you think that might work in Portaferry any time soon? The French have a very keen sense of smell I know is a sweeping generalisation but all any French person I know smells things before I do and knows the power of a good smell.

I remember my husband in Dublin being able to tell every women in the office the name of her perfume.They were very impressed but he said what do you expect, I'm french.

Chocolate now there is a thing, the french love dark chocolate. In the village where my in laws live there are four chocolate shops, that specialist chocolate shops with someone in them making the stuff, Not importing in dairy milk. I didn't understand the fuss about it but I know now my tastes have changed.When I eat milk chocolate it tastes like chewing fat. I remember something about during the war there was not enough co co so in the UK they added fat and milk and never went back. (But you would need to check that out). Small tasty things in moderation.

So anyway is where they live it was picked for retirement because it is the driest region in France and with health issues is good to be in the heat.Its all olive trees and lavender bushes.

While there I reconnected with a gallery in the village and I now have some of my china prints there. She is very interested in my sailing paintings so I think that might be their destination after Clotworthy. Anyway its still nice to be back in Belfast and you know what the sky is blue today and it's Thursday so that means it's late night Art. Lots of e mails to get through. Some interesting things going on over the next couple of weeks so I'll pass on the info. Bye for now.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Quote of the tomorrow

They can because they think they can

Quote of the tomorrow

They can because they think they can

Comedy on MOnday

Dont forget the comedy on Monday and if you go down becuae of the blogg do go and say hello to Andy for me and tell him I sent you. he's a great open minded guy , and who would have known a decendent of Alexander Graham Bell ( you know the guy who invented the telephone) would be doing a comedy night in the Spanard.

Oh the things our ancestors make us do.........................................

So quote of the day

Intelligence highly awakened is intuition which is the only true guide in life.


Opening a sucess

Well the annual festive show is open and ready for more customers, it was great to see everyone out last night enjoying the fruits of BPW members labour and I'd like to share something with you that a non member said to me, she said she has been to many different groups and tried to attend many different organisations while she has been in Northern ireland and she found that BPW is the only place that she has been actually welcomed with open arms and found all the people very friendly and open to have a chat and a discussion about anything.Particularly if your not from NI.

I think perhaps we loose sight of that we are over 70 members now and I would also say that we are a very well travelled and open minded bunch, hay not always but that's the thing about ego's sometimes the ego gets in the way.

It depends on your drama going on in your head, what exactly goes on in your head? So it was great to see some team work going on to get the show together and I would encourage you if you have not already to have a look and support the work of the artists and the workshop.

We are not a commercial gallery any profit does not go into an individuals hands it goes back into running the gallery. We take less commission that many of the commercial galleries because you know what it's hard making a living as a creative person in Northern Ireland particularly when you want to keep your creative integrity.

If you went to the Spanard last night I hope you enjoyed Terry Hooleys record collection, I think it's second to none.........................he's a special man.


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Shifting sands

Life is a funny thing really, one shift after another slowly towards something else. Thinking about the credit crunch how will it all pan out? Well some people do well and others will do badly and the worlds will go into another cycle but that's an opportunity for change anyway even if it's reluctant change. Change can always be good


Opening now,
the exhibition looks good lots of variety and great selection of Prints.

Somehow it all comes together.


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tomorrow night 7-9

So Struan has been working hard putting up the belfastprintworkshop exhibition and there is an interesting selection of Prints both framed and unframed.

Even gift certificates if your not sure what people will purchase.

A selection of prints have also been selected for Christmas cards and are available from the workshop...................

Interesting to see how peoples work has evolved over the year and great to see so many new members.

Maybe see you tomorrow night...bye for now. It's life drawing tonight.


From Place e list:

Launch of AAI Awards 08 in PLACE
4 Dec 08, 6pm

Grainne Hassett, Hassett Ducatez Architects
will launch the AAI Awards 08 in PLACE
with a talk about the medal winning
Brookfield Community Youth Centre and Crèche
Places are limited to 40 so please email to book a seat.

PLACE will stay open until 9pm on 4 Dec as part of Late Night Art
Launch of AAI Awards 08 in PLACE
4 Dec 08, 6pm

Grainne Hassett, Hassett Ducatez Architects
will launch the AAI Awards 08 in PLACE
with a talk about the medal winning
Brookfield Community Youth Centre and Crèche (see attached).

Places are limited to 40 so please email to book a seat.

Bronaghs comments.
I have to say that the pictures of the building look great and if every community building in NI had the same attention to detail it would be a better PLACE.

I heard that all the tickets for the art bus next week have already been allocated, and it's still a week to go which is great as it shows that it's starting to work but why not put on another bus??? ???? Just saying hello to all those in Strangford reading my blog and great that the local art society down there are coming up for the art bus next's grat to see what is going on all around.

Anu's Art opening next week Lisburn

Anushiya Sundaralingam New Works is opening next week at the Island Art Centre

Anu is a member of BPW and has been working hard over the last months getting her exhibition together.
When I look at the art you can almost hear a rustling of silk dresses with all the colours and vivid shapes. Every print is unique. As she does not edition........................

Opening night the 3rd check out for more details on exhibition run.

I have to say Anu when working on her prints has a very contented smile when working and that is reflected in her prints.........

Comedy on Monday night

So this Monday night Andy is going to be doing a bit of comedy at the Spanard from around 8.30. Nice bar, nice atmosphere bizarre sense of humour.

Rumour has it that food and drink is being layed on.

So what else would you be doing on a Monday night???? Coronation street is over by that time anyway.

now available in french


I'd just like to say hello or bonjour to the people who can now read my website in French. As you can see my written French is bad .ie it's actually English.

A little bit about something else that is on this Saturday At Lawrence Street Workshop

Botanic- ask anyone up there they will tell you where it is.

A Fun fair £3 in 12-5.

and so life goes on.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dont forget Thursday night

Opening of Object fo Desire at BPW

0pening night 7-9

Open up to 23 December


Work from over 70 artists

087 162 681 36

The phone number to call to support the Women Tec an organisation

I am current chair of. See it tonight on utv 5.30-6

If they get enough calls they get the funding to run the project called

"lock stock and spuds in a barrel"

Lines open until 12 o'clock tonight, you can call up to 10 times from each line.

Bye for now.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday morning

So are you ready for the week? Clear head, clear heart, clear mind? It's a busy life we all lead. I'd like to welcome my new readers in South Africa..........Hello;-) it was nice to hear from you after all this time.

Any chance someone will make a comment ? I'd just like to talk a but about gossip, what is it where does it come from?? Well someone told me that in an environment of fear gossip is king. We used to play a game called Chinese whispers, not very PC but interesting to think that's what it was called. In a group of 10 people or so would start a game one would say something and it would quickly go around the room and by the time it came around the other side of the room the gossip was totally different.

I see this happening in real life all the time. Someone says something it goes around the network by the time it comes out the other side it's totally changed. This can be very damaging especially when the first thing was untrue, it gets even worse in a climate of fear. You have to ask why?

Anyway its all about perception, did you get any nature at the weekend? I nice walk in the forest did me the world of good. I remember working in North Belfast and talking to someone who had grown up in the new lodge. We were talking about environment. I was saying that as a child coming into Belfast was a terrifying experience I remember coming in and wondering what there was no green and why were all the houses so close together. I got paniced when surrounded with so many people with so many eyes watching. The energy was so negative.

I loved Autumn in the countyside with the colour the leaves the smells the change of light. My friend from the new lodge said there were no trees there and her memory of Autumn was once having the opportunity to go up to Newcastle to the forest during Autumn and having the opportunity the only opportunity in her life to run among the trees and play in the leaves and fill herself with fresh air. Then we wonder why being brought up in the city and country is so different? We wonder why being brought up in different places in Northern Ireland is so different? You know what the same structures are still there, still in place there are still so many people growing up in seperate spaces, some positive, some negative all in the same way.

So in order to get through the week I made a big roast yesterday and roasted my first turnip of the season. As it's going to be a busy week I roasted all the vegtables that came with my organic food and I'll make the rest into a nice harty soup. Just bung it in the slow cooker with a bit of stock and there you go...............instance food for a week. Some people have said to me but I can't cook. Have we in our rush for equality forgotten just how faboulous it is to make a really good meal and feed everyone up ? Does instant Pizza really do the same thing? Eating is not just about feeding your face its about spending time reflecting, talking, the French have not forgotten about that have we?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

So it's Sunday evening

Sunday evening and time to plan the week, yet another busy one. Lot's of things on , Tuesday the Womenstec on UTV for the peoples millions. We need your vote but dont know the number to phone yet. The project is called lock stock and spuds in a barrel. did'nt get the Aisling award for best education project but it was nice to be nominated although a bit wierd when the awards themselves they ask the organisation to pay for attending the award. I suppose that's commerce for you.

Tuesday there is a talk on at OBG, Wednesday I'm training, Thursday night it's the opening of the BPW Festive show . The 70 + artists that are members have been doing lots of different work and there are some lovely prints being produced. If you have'nt been out to Antrim yet I do have some of the Chinese prints in the exhibition ................everyone tells me that they are better when you see them in real life than the photos and it's true there is something about seeing a print up close and personal. That you dont get on the web.

Friday well lets see if I get that far.

In between all that the sun rises and sets the wheels of life keep turning, the planets keep shifting and people continue to love, laugh ,hate, smile and all the other things that keep the world turning and have done for 100's of years. It would be nice if they did it with each others best interests at heart.

But the good old Belfast begrudgery always gets a look in............................. So anyway have you bought all your Christmas Presents yet? or as I suggested to someone have you made them? ;-)

So enjoy the week remember be positive.......................enjoy the daylight. ............................then put in 4 DEC in you diary as its night who would have belived there was so much art around it's great..

Saturday, 22 November 2008

William Crawley at the Ormeau Baths Gallery

Information post: for OBG e mail alerts
7pm, Free
Acclaimed BBC journalist and broadcaster, William Crawley will respond to our current exhibition, Roderick Buchanan (21st November 2008 – 31st January 2009), and explore some of the core themes of Buchanan’s work. Among his broadcasting work, he has presented ’William Crawley Meets…’ which involved face-to-face interviews with leading thinkers and social reformers from across the world, including the scientist Richard Dawkins, the writer and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg and the Bishop Gene Robinson. He is also the broadcaster for the prestigious ‘Blueprint’, natural history series as the centre-piece of the most ambitious multi-platform broadcasting project in the history of BBC Northern Ireland.
There will be an opportunity to walk around the exhibition after the talk and Refreshments will be provided
This event is expected to fill up fast so please phone 02890 321402 or email to reserve your place.

Lawson news

It's funny who has the same name?? I saw these shops all over China little convienience stores.

quote for tomorrow

The trouble with an overactive imagination is sometimes that is all it is.

Bronagh Lawson

quote of the day

Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions.

Gerald G Jampolsky
Love is letting go of fear.