Friday, 26 March 2010

Artist feels the love for Strangford

Strangford, 26 March 2010 - Local artist, Bronagh Lawson, is set to inject a dose of culture into the village as she launches her new exhibition "I love Strangford" on Saturday 3rd April at the Wild Strawberry gallery in Strangford.

The exhibition will showcase paintings and prints that reflect the talent of locally raised artist Bronagh Lawson who has been inspired by the unique beauty of the lough all her life. She feels that the location of the exhibition is paramount to the underlying message of her work:

“We are all products of our environment; luckily for me my family have deep connections with Portaferry and Strangford; the beauty of the Lough and the freshness of the air all contributed to my early socialisation. When working in very deprived areas of Belfast, I often pondered on how your environment affects your outlook, what the effect of the hidden and more obvious structures around us like the media we consume have on us; this exhibition brings together some works produced while discovering a visual language to express these inner observations.”

Bronagh’s work is situated in the long tradition of landscape painting, yet she pushes it into our own times and beyond. Not totally realistic, not totally abstract, she produces an emotional reading of the energy of the landscape, an internal rendering of the outside world. Each stroke mark is a sign directed straight from the inner workings of the artist mind, a primal interweaving of nature and nurture.

"I love Strangford" will be exhibiting at the Wild Strawberry gallery in Strangford, Co. Down, from 3rd April until 1st May 2010. Groups are welcome. Bronagh Lawson will attend the Opening on Saturday 3rd April and also deliver an artist talk on Wednesday 7th April at 2 pm in the gallery.

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