Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Queens street studios under threat?

We invented Halloween is a five-channel installation recorded on Halloween night, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the artist’s family home in rural County Wexford. Each year a central activity of the night involves the artist’s mother dressing up in an improvised manner with anything that will disguise her identity, and calling to his granny’s house, which is next door. Prior to calling to the house we see his mother getting d ressed, with the aid of his sisters, who dress and undress her with layers of coats, socks, tights and plastic masks. The work, which involves long, hand-held takes, follows her along the road and into the grannies house. In both recordings she is unaware of her identity, thinking instead that she is one of her great grand children. Each of the five films finishes when his mother leaves the house, happy that she has fooled his granny once again.

Previously this work has only been presented as a three-channel work, however the artist has produced the five-channel version for the Catalyst show.


Catalyst Arts supports the campaign to save the Athletic Stores Building

Catalyst Arts would like to express its support for the campaign to save the Athletic Stores building on Queen Street, and invites Catalyst members to write to the Belfast planning office to express their concern that a planning application to demolish this building has been resubmitted. The future of buildings like Catalyst Arts and Queen Street Studio could be under threat if permission to demolish this historic building is granted.

You can register an objection to this application by writing to the planning service at this address:

Bedford House
16-22 Bedford St

The Application Number is: Z/2008/1258/DCA and the details of this application can be found at: http://explorer.planningni.gov.uk

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