Wednesday, 3 March 2010

you just have to figure out for yourself ?? Derry

As part of Women Building Bridges International Women’s Day celebrations IPOD Young Women’s Project is pleased to invite Duana McArdle to facilitate the seminar:

Below the radar- exploring the invisibility of young LGB women

The aim of this workshop is to explore issues facing young Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual women living in Northern Ireland and using recent research findings, increase awareness of how to reach young women who are less engaged and more invisible.

This workshop will help practitioners gain knowledge of recent research findings while at the same time think about how to improve practice to be more aware of young LGB women’s needs.

Findings from recent research “You just have to figure it out for yourself” authored by Duana McArdle will be disseminated.

This event will take place at The Women’s Centre, Guildhall Street, Tuesday 9th March at 10.00 – 12.00.

This seminar is for female youth workers, community workers and women interested in working with LGB young women.

If you wish to attend this event please contact or Tel 02871269898

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