Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tonya McMullan in London

Henry Fry / Laura and Lauren / Tonya McMullan / Police and Thieves /Steve Perfect

Friday 26th March 2010,
6-11 pm

Interview Room
The Gym
Sergeant's Locker Room

The Old Police Station
114 Amersham Vale
London SE14 6LG



see the March issue of Dazed&Confused

Dirty Cop Friday 26.03.10

Welcome to the March's Dirty Cop Friday event where we have squeezed a night of performances and installation in spaces around the current exhibition, Police and Thieves. Exhibitions throughout the building.

Play, 2009, Laura and Lauren. Photography Lee Gentry.


Doors open 6pm:

8.30 - 9pm
Poetry performance by Henry Fry in the café

Slow Dance, an interactive performance by Laura and Lauren,
throughout the Old Police Station

Throughout the evening, 6-11pm

PoSt-Projects – Joint Departure, Marc Müller & Niels Staats.

Container I – Installation by Tonya McMullan

Container II – Live Drawing performance by Steve Perfect

Gym and Interview Room and Cells – Police and Thieves
Curated By Sue Cohen. Continues to 31st March 2010 :
Sue Cohen Hannah Westwood Mark Bell Jon Howe Alexander Small and Jonathan Alibone Des Kilfeather Razvan Anton Jenna Collins Annabel Tilley June Glass Jessica Piddock Ian Goncrarow Alessando Columano and Vikrah Kanshall Janet Brown Shona Davis and David Monaghan Andy Wicks Emma Macleod Ben Westwood Owen Bowden Greer MacKeogh

Henry Fry


Henry Fry is a poet, artist and general conversationalist who up and left the sticks to seek his fortune in the big city. That didn't work out, but maybe you can listen to him telling you what he's been up to since.

Laura and Lauren present ‘Slow Dance’, an interactive performance which encourages audience members to take an active role in the creation of the work by joining a performer in a romantic dance. Using headphones enables both participants to become detached from the space around them and therefore enjoy this unusual intimate encounter. After the dance, the participant will receive a calling card which acts as a reminder of the brief moment that was shared between the two individuals.

Tonya McMullan presents a site-specific installation in one of the shipping containers. Tonya develops ideas in an attempt to offer the viewer a clue or comment to the struggles people go through in their desires to win, achieve and progress. Based in Belfast Tonya works out of AD HOC studios and is co founder of echo.

Steve Perfect presents an evening of ‘Live Drawing’ within a shipping container in the operations yard. Steve’s work is concerned with drawing’s ‘loose’ connection to the reality of appearance and it’s relation to the interpretation and misinterpretation of meaning.

Police and Thieves will explore the dark side of existence, the experiences and actions that bestow the twists and turns of our human endurance. Work has been selected by an open submission process that presents images that explore the Law and its boundaries, the murky deeds of crime and its wider implications, the undercurrent of sinister events that run through all walks of life and social and personal histories that consider the difficulties that are present in the trials of everyday survival, culture and self expression. Opening Hours:12.00-5.30pm Tuesday-Sunday Monday’s appointment only. Admission: Free. Enquiries: Sue Cohen. Tel: 07931 536327. Supported By: Out of Nowhere Design.

Joint Departure explores the imaginative possibilities of imminent discovery. During their month-long residency Marc Müller and Niels Staats used the architecture at PoSt-projects as a temporary base/container for their explorations. Joint Departure will showcase the accumulated works produced during their residency. PoSt-projects will also be open for visitors during the weekend of 27 - 28 March, from 12 - 5pm

PoSt-projects is an artist-run project space situated in the basement of an old police station close to the New Cross rail link, in South East London. The project space functions as a temporary workspace facilitating six experimental art-projects a year.

Email for more information.
Artist studios available from £100/m. Also, permanent gallery space available.
Logo from an artwork by Eduardo Padilha. Re-mixed by Aeon Rose

The Old Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale, London SE14 6LG
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