Saturday, 3 July 2010

Belfast is changing ;-)

How is it changing? We so many people have asked me this year what are you doing in July in your holidays and I just say well I'm staying in Belfast with a trip to Portaferry thrown in why is that ? well ok we had some riots last night but the city is really changing and there is a feeling of life about the place that does not require everyone to disapear over the July weekend to week to etc etc. Real progress is slow in life and you can see that all around the city little bits and pieces of things are shifting and changing. Late night Art is always fun and there seems to be a critical mass of people around who are doing interesting things and developing interesting linkages. the kind of linkages that make for contented change.

So Black Market on tomorrow as well as St Georges Market. Nice to have something else to go to on a SUnday.

Is Belfast Changing? Certainly being around the catherdral quarter as the Chair of Belfast Print Workshop I am always up and down and around the city centre as a result you really notice the difference in the people out and about. Anyway so what am I looking forward to? well Monday evening its the mooching photo mans opening at the waterfront I think it;'s at seven I was captured in one of his photos on a mooch around the Catherdral quarter. He really is a portrait photographer.. On Thursday it's the Engine Rooms Summer show opening and I have a piece in it so I suspect I will go there 7-9pm I'm showing a piece from my ebb and flow of East Belfast print collection and I think it makes for interesting viewing. Slightly tongue in cheek.

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