Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Art College Degree Shows Belfast

At last it has happened, York steet is finally seeing the changes that have been implimented in the last while in the students work. No longer do you have to go around and search for any good work, which to be honest was the feeling in the last few years that I have looked is the feeling that I left with. You really get the feeling that there is a generation that are coming to their Art graduation with a professional manner and a strong body of work. It was so nice to go out and see the level of work on display. Painters that can paint, printmakers that can print, photographers under Paul Seawright that are excellent. It's a real breath of fresh air. 300 students out into the art/design market where is the market to sustain them ??? who is supporting them ??? creative industries is supposed to be saving the NI economy are you supporting it??

Shows on until 19th June go and have a look, even better go and support the local talent. Well done art college. Keep up the momentum. Go and see it

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