Monday, 21 June 2010

sun in Belfast

Doesnt life look different with the sunshine? Its been very hot over the last few days and everything looks different with the lights on.Down in beautiful Stranford lough over the weekend and didnt feel the need to be anywhere else. The mood is optimistic and everyone is looking forward to having a few days off soon. Friday evening down in the catherdral quarter is starting to be that friday feeling kind of place especially in the Sunshine. Nice to see Belfast moving on. You do notice alot of tourists around the place and generally is interesting to be about the city.

So hope you had a nice summer solstice the onlt thing is the light changes again from now on...........but dont lets think of that yet. Just enjoy the sun and enjoy the change in mood.

What I have noticed about Belfast is that alot of people seem to be staying around for July, another change in the normalisation of the provience.

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