Wednesday, 13 January 2010


From this Saturday 16th Jan, TIPSA will be running drop in sessions for young people in the Cookstown and Magherafelt area from 11am until 2pm. Venues will vary between Cookstown and Magherafelt, and leaflets highlighting the service should be available from next week. Things are kicking off in the TIPSA office in Gortalowry House this Saturday where there will be DJ equipment and a games console as well as information and signposting for young people.

This initiative is based on funding TIPSA has recieved for implementing the Hidden Harm Action plan and we are using it to encourage young people who may be at risk of Hidden Harm to come along and perhaps use the opportunity to engage with services. However the emphasis is on informal diversonary activities and simply creating a safe and enjoyable space, where the coordinators will be on hand to provide info on a wide range of topics.

It is also hoped to invite other help agencies along on individual days, so if your organisation offers some service young people may wish to know more about feel free to let us know.

Hidden Harm basically refers to young people whose parents/ carers misuse alcohol and/ or other drugs and who may not be on the radar of any helping agencies. Leaflets will be distributed throughout the area targetting such young people and asking them to come along. They can make use of the facilities and will be under no obligation to discuss any issues they may have- it is simply about providing space, time and opportunity.

A number of different venues will be used with them being announced on the TIPSA website and listed on the leaflet, but for this Saturday it will be upstairs in the TIPSA office in Gortalowry House.

If you know any young people who may want to come along please let them know about it- we will be circulating posters as well when we get them approved, and if your organisation wants to have leaflets handed out or even be here in person then contact us.

Any questions or queries don't hesitate to get back to us! Please forward this e-mail to other relevant agencies and personnel since the key to this is ensuring as many young people at risk as possible hear about the service.

Updates will also be available on the latest news page of the TIPSA website, our Facebook fan page and our Twitter account (tipsamidulster).

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Eugene and Marty

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