Monday, 11 April 2011


I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from my blog. I mean for not writing longer pieces to my blog.I have a small part on the left of my ccni site but just felt the need to write something longer after two months I have over 200 people on the creativechnageni site. They are starting to interact and people are starting to attend events that they had never come across before. It's a nice feeling to see people starting to link up. It's been interesting being on the other side as well, trying to get people to put what ever it is in the right places. We have been out filming again last week for late night art and managed to get around a different set of galleries. great to see so many familar faces and new people starting to get into the hang of support the visual arts.There are so many really amazing people at the moment in the Visual Art scene in NI that it seems such a shame to almost be ignoring them, which to me the mainstream media is almost doing. So If you are interested in finding out whats going on , on your door step join in the conversation great photos from Paul Moore, Tonya McMullan and David McClelland from Art in the Dark. Videos from last week online soon.

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