Monday, 7 February 2011 launched

Well I was getting a bit fed up with the straight Blog format so I decided to widen things out a bit and have started a community site After setting it up I just thought I'd put some things in place to see what happens. the reason I put it together is that I'm fed up being on every galleries listings in greater Belfast and some of them dont send the info out in time while I always pass on the information people were starting to contact me to see what is going on in the Art world which was getting exhausting. I mean why cannot it be in one place so that if you just wanted to dip in and out of it you could see what was going on rather than having to register with every gallery.

So there you go CreativeChangeni is born where it will go is anyone's idea that will be up to it's members. Hopefully it will be complementary to all the fantastic newspaper coverage that Art gets in the local papers and magizines???? ( do you notice any, I dont) It's all just filled with social pages..................crap ,crap,crap, crap designed to get the people published in the magizines to buy the papers. Placed by PR companys. Money for old rope.

So It's been hectic since I launched it and there is a blog part on it as well I'm just working out if I keep this one going as well I mean I do have to sleep sometime.

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