Friday, 14 May 2010

who wants to learn woodcut?

BPW Print Making Classes 2010
April-June 2010
Weekend Courses

1-day courses- more accessible to those just wanting a taster, using techniques that can produce good results in 1 day
£50 per person

Sat 24th April or Sat 29th May
10am- 4pm
max 6 pupils

Sun 25th April or Sun 30th May
10am- 4pm
max 6 pupils

Mono print screen print
Sat 1st May or Sat 5th June
10am- 4pm
max 6 pupils

Drypoint on Perspex
Sun 2nd May or Sun 6th June
10am- 4pm
max 6 pupils

Intensive weekend courses

3-day courses- ran over 3 weekends
Multi plate photo intaglio

£150 per person
Saturday 8th May
Sunday 16th May
Saturday 22nd May
max 6 pupils
10am- 3pm

Gives pupils a good overview of photo intaglio and allows experimentation with multi colour/ texture layers.
Will tie in with the course offered at DAS

Overview of etching (multi- plate)

£150 per person
Sunday 9th May
Saturday 15th May
Sunday 23rd May
max 6 pupils
10am- 3pm

Working on 2 plates each to achieve multi colour/ texture plates. Covering all aspects of etching on copper plates.

Evening Courses
April-June 2010

Overview of screen-printing

8 weeks 1 night a week
6pm- 9pm
Wed 28th April- Wed 16th June

Sorry, this course is now fully booked!

£160 per person max 6 pupils
This caters for everyone, from the novice to the experienced. This course will start with basic paper stencils and finish by producing a four-colour separation print. Will tie in with the course held at DAS.

Preparing digital images for printmaking.
In collaboration with Digital Art Studios (DAS) to be held in Queen Street Studios.
One evening on:
Tues 4th May or Tues 18th May
6pm- 9pm
£35 per person
Please Contact DAS for Bookings at
Tel: 028 90 312900

3hr sessions
£35 per person
max 5 pupils

A three-hour course in which artists can learn how to prepare images for screen-printing and other photographic printmaking techniques.
The session will cover preparing four colour separations, posterisation & making a half tone. Students can bring one photograph to scan in and work on. At the end of the session each student will have prepared one A4 positive for screen-printing or photo intaglio, one colour and a set for four colour separation.
Students enrolled on the screen-printing or photo intaglio course can then print their full colour images
Basic computer skills required.

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