Monday, 17 May 2010

Create your own soul in clay

Glosna House: Create your own ‘Soul’ in clay
This workshop is an opportunity to reconnect and celebrate the relationship you have with your Soul. Using transpersonal skills, you will reconnect with your truly unique essence. You will manifest images and sensations from your inner world of wisdom to your outer world of physical reality and carve these personal visual references onto white clay spheres.

Glosna House retreat centre presents:

Create your own ‘Soul’ in clay

Saturday 29th May

9:30am to 5pm

This is a wonderfully creative, intuitive, sacred and enjoyable way to honour the uniqueness of who you are, while also opening up to the universal life energy that connects all things.

Your ‘Soul’ will act for you as a visual and physical reminder imbuing your life path with meaning and purpose.

‘Soul creating workshop’ is created and facilitated by Lucy Dolan. Lucy holds a BA in Ceramic Design. She is a trained Advanced Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki healer and is currently undergoing Transpersonal Training both experiential and practical.

There is no prior experience in working with clay required. Your personal soul sphere will be fired in a kiln turning the clay back to stone and then returned to you by post.

Please call Marie on 087 7693966


to confirm your place on this unique workshop

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