Tuesday, 16 February 2010

what is power?

As i ramble along the ramblas many things come into my head. Power what is it? Well I was a participant on a programme in Dublin a number of years ago called. POlicy Position and Power. It look at all three aspects of the decision making process and what it the difference between the three different areas.

Take power for instance, some people use it for power over it's the you do as I say kind of power,its very selfish kind of power. on a boardWhere others take the power with kind of power. The kind of power where you activate the inner desire in everyone to work alongside each other and work with each other. I know of an instance were someone was on a board, they used the power to bully and manipulate things for their own advantage. Once of the board and out of power they started to stir things up beacuse they felt powerless!!! even though there were still structures in place to be heard. Because they themselves had used their power to manipulate they though the next people on the board would be doing the same. So they started to spread rumours and tittle tattle. The funny thing is its just this sort of middle class rubbish that stops people sticking up for things in the first place.

Gossip, gossip, people who gossip usually do so as a way of trying to control information and other people. Out of a sence of person frustration of their own inability to feel that they have achieved the kind of standing they belive to be theres. However there is a wider issue at large. Scarce resources if there are few opportunities around the bullys always try and get there first. I'm thinking of writing a book called Karma business, go out and do good into the world see positives in all things and get the opportunities back tenfold.

Ive noticed someone else whos business is not going too well so they have started to bitch about other people because they cant see how that person could possibly be doing ok . There is a gender issue in it as well. Something about a women ?? when I have come across men who have issues with sucessful women it's usually because the models of women hood in their lives are not very balanced, the women in their lives have taken on a more worthy supportive role to the men around but this means when a strong women appears it doesnt quite fit with their sexist view of how the world should run. I should know as for many years I ran gender programmes and was named as a European gender specialist on behave of the Equal programme for my work with WINS or women into non traditional careers ran by Belfast City Council.I particularly liked to do the gender awareness training taking on both men and women and their views of what each sex should do. Great to tap away at the old stereotyping.

So anyone out there abusing their power? take a look at what is really behind it in your little head???A feeling of hurt perhaps? a kind of powerlessness? a feeling that life has passed you buy? NO time like the present!! to work on your karma.;-)

Funny what comes into your head when walking around Barcelona. Do something nice today and see the ripple effect.

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