Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Barcelona Hoy!

Raining in Barcelona, that's not happened before when I've been here at this time of the year, so that's climate change for you. I first notice all the shops have sales on that's not happened before at this time of the year so there is a recession on here as well. The people are happy enough eating and drinking. I just had a dander around yesterday funny how a city is. Nice to see some proper sculpture.

I was wondering something else about Belfast and N Ireland how would you make an impact on society in general ?? what small think would help really bring about change and what I can think off is for all those people who are pretending to help people as part of there job, if they actually helped people. Instead of pretending. Let me give you a for instance. You get money to develop an idea and help people moving on in their lives, you only pretend to do it, but still get the money.What if you really did it properly??? what then!what would NI actually look like? It's all about attitude. Be live that the people can change, believe that there are possibilities help them see a future and slowly at there own pace they will transform.
On another track
I was talking to someone about Karma the other week they said why was it that so many people came up to them and were nasty or wanted something of them? I commented that people were always giving me things, it happened last night as well. I was waiting in a q to go and eat someone asked if it was a nice restaurant, I commented that It was a nice place to stay, but hadn't eaten there as it was always booked and in Barcelona that's a good sign. At the end of the mans meal he came over and gave me half a bottle of wine as he said it was a good recommendation and he was never going to drink it all. Things like this happen all the time to me, random strangers give me things...............................I was thinking also about learning some people are trapped in a cycle of the same thing happening over and over and over again. Do they ever stop to think?I know I've had difficulties with it in the past why do I seem to be having the same relationship over and over and over again? (its been a long time since I sorted that one out) Why is it that people keep taking advantage of me? why do people steal from me? why do people make things up about me?I particularly like that last one it ties in with something else I was talking to someone about.

Who are you asking for advice?????? lets say your a man trying to figure out how to have a balanced relationship with someone, you want a balanced relationship you think you may have found someone you can finally be honest with. But you cant quite figure her out, you never tell her how you feel because you don't know how. So you ask other men for advice. You ask a married man who has been married for years and was thinking of divorcing his own wife because he married his wife loving her then she settled into wife-hood and became a shadow. You ask a man who has only ever loved one women, you ask other men , one who treats women like something he wants to scrape off his shoe. Disposable. Only good for 2 things , and one of them is administration. You quite like that idea because it means you can get the nice bits from a women and ignore the rest. Now who else do you ask??? you ask everyone except for the women herself and other men who have balanced relationships.You take solace in other peoples negative views of balanced relationships and continue on in the same cycle..............................................never letting on how you really feel. Never taking the risk, because of who you asked for advice. Easier to continue on with the same cycle............................................
Life is interesting is it not? now I'm away out into the world to try and give good Karma. ;-) What about you? Be still, think.

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