Thursday, 24 December 2009

Joyeaux Noel in France

So safely at the in laws what are the thoughts of France since last here. Well recession what recession? never seen so many people shopping in Paris. France is out of recession and you really notice people out shopping everywhere. Someone should Tell the house of Fraser to go to Printtemp, it might sort out some buying problems it has. It,s a bit like tights heaven. Beautiful clothes from all around the globe. On arrival in Nyons it was raining- thats never happened before and today we were out and about at the market, the smell of the food is enough to make you want to move here but at fifteen percent unemployment I dont think that is a good idea. Everyone is joyfully preparing for Christmas and as it,s France that means eating and eating lots of different things in small portions.

Oysters and champagne tonight a big meal is common on Christmas,eat,eat.I feel as if I have put on a stone already.There is a grey sky which is odd it,s usually a bit crisper. Hopefully we will see a blue sky soon......................................bye for now.

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