Friday, 25 December 2009

food, food and more food

Something I am always asked is what do the french eat at Christmas? I cant speak for everyone but at my inlaws I ate today.

Champagne and olive cake (mother in law won prize for it at local competition)
foie gras and water cress with sweet toast with Juransson sweet white wine
Castrated cock (chapron) with cooked celery in a white sauce, chestnuts( instead of potatoes)with Chilled Chiroubles red wine
Cheese (five sorts)
Buche de Noel( a chocolate log) with Vino chocolato( chocolate flavoured red bordeaux)plus Chou a la creme
Coffee and Irish Christmas cake.

No wonder I needed a sleep afterwards.
Aparently the castrated cock_ as in male chicken makes it very tender and there are less nerves in the meat as the cock spends less stress trying to mate and chills out instead.Now there is an idea!

Blue sky today, nice to see. Crisp clear air.Joyeax noel. X chilling out now.

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