Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas run down!!!

So hear we are again at that point in the year when we get to the Christmas count down. Tempers are rising energy levels are flagging shoppers are shopping and life goes on as it does. So whats going on in your life compared to last year??? What are you going to get rid of coming up to the summer solstice?? What do you want to encourage into your life in the coming year? Is it all very interesting? Christmas was always a time for me when life starts to take on a different scale of things. It is called the silly season down where I'm from as it's the time in the winter when reality is suspended and everyone lets their hair down, a time to reconnect with people and see whats good and not so good in your life, feel one year older -but not always necessarily wiser,..............As time goes on it shifts but it's certainly a time to reconnect with people, eat ,drink and be merry. Who ever merry is.

But this year as money is tight we all have to think about lots of other things as well........................what's important, what's not. Always a bit of an interesting one that.Do we really need more stuff? In some ways yes in some ways no. If you look at the Belfast shoppers you would certainnly think we do!!! and in alot of ways if you can't give at Christmas when can you give............?

Anyway lots of interesting things going on around and about the place.........join in the celebrations and participate in life after all it's going to be an interesting new year. You know it is.

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