Thursday, 1 May 2008

Why the future belongs to China

Ok so you have a country the size of the US with three times as many people on it the industry is going strong and fast, they are very hardworking and the younger generation you can see are the global MTV generation. Eager to speak English with you and happy to work hard.No wonder the US is worried. We hear alot about the down side os the energy consumption of the Chinese as they take on Western consumption but none of the positive ideas. Like their underground in Shganghai, all the tickets are plastic so they are recycled over and over. The babies all wear trousers with a split at the back so they just go to the loo freestyle. Think of all those nappies saved. It is a bit of a shock to see at first but there is a lot of logic in it. 

Yesterday we went to the art collage in HangZhou where their were lots of students training to be international level designers and artists,so the West will not be able to compete long in that field. It does make you wonder what N Ireland's and the West's economic future is as they already have the manufacturing base. At least you do not have to worry about anything you buy as it's all made in China.

Anyway today is a May bank holiday here as well and the whole county has 3 days off so it will be very busy out and about. We are off to a buddist temple as althought the country officially has no religion.You
can  瑟尔 it everywhere。


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